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Innovation to Save Our Nation

America is facing some very BIG PROBLEMS.

If we fail to solve them, our Free Republic will cease to exist.


Babies Murdered in Mother's Wome

Democratic Marxist/Socialist Party

BLM, Inc. and Antifa Causing Chaos and are serving as proxies for the Dems/The Left's/Globalist's Agenda

The Left-Wing Mainstream Media

Propaganda Megaphone

Election Fraud

The World Economic Forum Proposed Great Debt Reset

Censorship of Conservative Content on Social and Search PLATFORMS

Fake Climate Crisis

BIG MONEY in Politics

Income Inequality

Churches, Schools, Small Businesses Shut Down, Go Bankrupt While Walmat, CostCo See Record Sales

MEDICAL TRYRANNY via State/Local Governments Ignoring Constitution

Freedom of Choice in Schools and Funding for Home/Private Schooling

The Economic Cost of Covid and Big Rise of Lives Lost Directly Tied to Covid-19 with Drastically Increased Suicides, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Obesity, Homelessness and Early Screening for Cancer or Heart Disease

Federal Debt/Deficit Spending and Federal Reserving QE Infinity Money Printing = Dollar Devaluation and Potentially Hyperinflation


Coming Soon!

Visit the Original CRU site built in 2013 that shared several solutions. We'll be still behind many of these ideas with some refinement and add new solutions to meet our big new problems needing to be addressed to save our Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, Under God.

Of course we see that a REVIVAL may very well be the only way to save America at this late stage of decline of America moving towards Godless and Marxist philosophies. And we all need Jesus to be free eternally from sin. Having Jesus in one's heart can work to keep from being deceived by Satan and the lies of the Left. We must not conform to the pattern of this world, but be renewed each day thru prayer to God, thru a passionate pursuit of Truth by reading the Bible, hearing sound Biblical teaching and  thru the Holy Spirit revealing Truth.

Beyond REVIVAL and exposing the lies of Satan to deceive both Believers and and non-believers in Jesus, CRU will serve as an educational platform. This will be thru it's own posts and solutions and also Patriot Partners teaching and educational and enriching spiritual messages focused on waking up Christians the the pressing need to be close to God and to stand up for America remaining a Constitutional Republic. This all needs to be done to SAVE our country and keep it from being decimated by the Left which are working to make our Constitution and God's Morality to no longer be the rightful foundation law of the land.

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