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Why the KEY to Unlocking Our Future Freedom is Revival

Receiving the Keys

Knowing truth, having love for thy neighbor, understanding the importance of a have a free society and free republic are all obtained thru embracing Jesus, reading the Bible and listening to the Holy Spirit.

The division we see in our nation is due to the sinful nature of man running wild and unchecked. With making Jesus your Savior one gains the ability to love others like never before. One is set free from from sin and set free from the lies of this world set on making people slaves to it. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would not just be a great comforter, but also would lead us into Truth.

Yet even once saved by grace through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for us all, we must walk closely with Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit, walk by faith, by making the Word of God the foundation of our lives. With such we will be transformed by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God in our hearts and minds. We will not be conformed to the patter of this world, but have our mind renewed to be like Christ and be in His will for our lives.

Sadly most in our nation have walked away from God. They are even in rebellion to God. And sadly also many of those professing to be Christians are not walking in the Spirit of the Lord or in obedience to His Word or His will. Our sinful nature is always going to battle against our new nature born in Christ. Such makes us selfish, power hungry, greedy, irrational and deceived and devoid of the Truth, of Knowledge and Wisdom. This is what we are seeing today. It is because of this that we are seeing the great evil, lawlessness, chaos and great deception upon our land.


This is why we need a REVIVAL now. It must start with the Church. We must humble ourselves and repent of our wicked ways. If we do so God may restore our land as Christians truly honor the Lord in all they do and share the gospel and the whole Word of God, including painting the picture of the times of which we now live, the last of the LAST DAYS. To fully understand the Bible and the full and complete message to His Believers, we must understand how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled today or on the verge of so doing. Indeed we are seeing the signs that Jesus and of Old and New Covenant prophets said would be in the End Times of the Last Days just before the start of the 7-year Great Tribulation and more importantly the rapture of the Church just prior to that.

In conclusion, FREEDOM is powered by our God-given rights having the liberty to be exercised. Such was expressed our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The culture of the America at the time just before, during and after our revolution was in majority a Christian one. It was one that believed the God of the Bible was the God of All. With such America's founding documents were drafted with focus on freedom and liberty for all. Of course the original Constitution and Bill or Rights were incomplete in terms of equality for blacks and and woman.


In 1776, slavery and unequal rights for woman was commonplace, the norm. Many Americans wanted to abolish slavery from the start. Yet we had to start somewhere, lest be overpowered altogether by the tyranny of England. America, if it never began as it did, might never have seen slavery become outlawed in America and go on to influence most of the world to also abolish slavery too. America and it's credibility to it's people and the world was made real, trustworthy when it fought one of the most deadly civil wars ever. Even then of course the battle for true equality and racism was not done. Americans in mass had to truly love their neighbor as themselves. The color of one's skin should never have anything to do with that. In the 1960's Martin Luther King Jr. showed us the way to truly peaceful protesting for truly equal rights for blacks. And though he was killed for this cause, his work actually succeeded. Most of America by the 1980's was truly no longer taught racism or saw it practiced. America was in a period of renaissance of equal rights for black people and woman in the workplace.


Now, let us not forget that in the 1960's began a great revival of people returning back to God. Pastors like Chuck Smith, the pastor of Calvary Chapel and Billy Graham were part of a great revival in the 1960's and 1970's through crusades and evangelism events at church. Millions of Americans returned to embrace God. I firmly believe the great change for equality in America had it's foundation set in this revival and sparked this Great Awakening. And even today, the works of equal rights and erasing racism in the hearts and minds of most Americans is still at work. Most Americans are truly not racists and give equal, due respect to woman. 

Yet what we are facing today is a Spiritual War. It's a war of our sinful nature against the lies of this world and the conforming to the culture of this world as has been demented by the Devil and his devious plans. And also the Spiritual War is being waged by The Left. These are those deceived by Satan. They are waging a war against that which is Good, Right, True and Just. In order for us to win this war people must know the Truth and be empowered to see through the lies of the Left and as told by Satan about God and our Constitutional Republic. In order for us to win we must humble ourselves and repent of our wicked and selfish ways of conforming to the pattern of this world and our sinful nature. If we fail to return to loving our neighbor as ourself, we will lose this war of winning over people to Jesus and to save our Free Republic. Only with a great revival does our country have a chance to be saved. Only it can change the hearts and minds of people to move beyond hate, beyond the lies of Satan as propagated through the Leftist pawns of the mainstream media and Big Tech and Social Media PLATFORMS. They are deceived of what it Good, Right, True and Just because they believe the lie and conform to the pattern of this world and obeying the wants and passions of the sinful nature.


The only way to overcome the wickedness of our own hearts is through the filling of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. This only comes thru accepting Jesus as Savior and then committing to walk closely with God. With such people can be transformed completely and quickly to see the Truth, to love thy neighbor as thyself and to love the morality and will of God that has made clear in the Bible. Christians spreading the gospel and the Hope, Love, Joy and Peace that comes with believing in Jesus gives is what needs to happen. When such happens people's lives and perspectives are radically changed for the better, for Good. If enough hearts and minds are changed by believing in Jesus our country may yet be saved and judgement upon our nation may be relented for a short time until the prophecy of the time of the end is fulfilled and the Chruch is raptured home to Heaven until we return with Jesus to reign over the Earth for 1,000 years.

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