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Will Cults of Covid-19, Socialism, Created by Deception of Left and Satan, Destroy America?

America, it’s Constitution and the rights therein that grant us life, liberty, freedom, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness has been under attack in 2020. The True War is not what most people think is happening. The enemy is not whom most think the enemy is. The weapon of the True enemy is the Great Deception taking place in America. The War is one of misinformation, false narratives, constant manipulation and censoring of Conservative media, mocking of the Truth by the Left-Wing News Media, Big Tech, Social Media, Liberal universities, Democrats and Hollywood. Such is all seamlessly aligned under the banner of The Left.

The True War is one of Good vs. Evil, of Truth vs. Lies. If you are content with being fooled and believe Truth cannot be known about important things, then stop reading now. You’ll continue to be deceived. I pray your pride won’t stop you.

How did this happen? How is it possible that there is so much black and white disagreement on important issues?

How could the Left be so seamlessly aligned? Is there an organizer or planner behind all this madness?

We know both can’t be true or wrong on many issues. Right?

Some will say that both sides are corrupt, but there has been a move toward Truth and integrity on the Right and a move to more corruption and lies on the Left. There’s no perfect politician (LOL!), nor person. BTW, if you’ve yet to read my article from last week about the topic of corruption in politics via Left-Wing News Media and Big Tech, read it now.

Have all the lies and fear mongering by the Left many Americans brainwashed to create hybrid Cults of Covid-19, Socialism, Peace and Safety. Will these Cults Destroy America by enabling Socialism and lies to flourish? Is there Hope to stop them?

Before digging into this, I’d like to share that Democrats, the writers of Left-Wing media, the propagators of false news and fictional narratives are not the True Enemy as they are but pawns of Satan that need salvation by Jesus. With their sinful nature being ruled by Satan, their hearts and minds are deceived of Truth and believe the lies of Satan and promote and even defend them. This does not mean that God does not love them, just as the rest of us. God does not want anyone to perish, but all to come to reconciliation through Jesus. While this is not easy to not see these people as the True Enemy, we must remember they are simply, greatly deceived and are pawns of Satan and the Left. What they write and promote supports evil. This is really what we are opposing and trying to shed the light on these lies originated by Satan and Demons or Fallen Angels. If we can expose their lies to reveal the Truth, then perhaps we can share the gospel Truth with them as well and they will be saved from their sins and end their enslavement to sin and Satan.

OK. Let’s take a deep dive. Buckle in. And SPOILER ALERT, the Good Guys ALWAYS win in the end. 😊 Be sure and read this article through until the end as you would a chapter in a book to gain all that I’m saying that requires sharing foundational knowledge to arrive at new conclusions, questions that need answering and to clearly expose the lies and corruption being pushed upon the world and America to deceive them.

A few weeks ago I posted an article how Covid-19 is less lethal and dangerous for those under age 75 than driving a car.

How is this?

Ninety percent of those dying with Covid-19 were age 75+ and had average of 2.6 other causes of death. That leaves just 10% of those dying with Covid-19 under age 75. So as of a few days ago about 225,000 in America had died with Covid-19. 10% of 225,000 is 22,500. There are 2 million plus auto accidents a year in America, 38,000 people die from those accidents. So even a full year of those dying with Covid-19 under age 75, would still be less than the total number of those that die each year from auto accidents. Are you still driving a car?

What could of possibly driven such a massive change of behavior on a worldwide basis (for the most part) over a virus that kills less people than car accidents every year? And with the 2 million plus car accidents every year in America, 41% of are injured, some very seriously, some may never walk again, run again or be in pain for years or life.

I just shared good news with you. If you do not fear driving a car and you are under age 70 and in just OK health, you do not need to fear Covid-19 any more than driving a car or than the common flu.

This is one such example of our society acting in great irrationality.

The fact that many to most Americans and the world have blindly believed and trusted the media and the government on this is literally pure madness. Yet we must ask why is it working? Why have we not all returned to normal with no more mask mandates to enter stores, to shop for groceries, to have kids go to school, to work or when flying on a plane, riding on a train or bus?

Is Coivd-19 really that dangerous to the general public?

No it is not. It is a threat to end the lives of the elderly and very ill. The older one is the more dangerous it is. Most of us die in our 70’s and 80’s. The average of those dying with Covid-19 in age 78. This is the same age as the average life expectancy of Americans.

We’ve heard reported that near 40% of those dying with Covid-19 deaths from March-May were elderly people living in nursing homes.

The CDC data says the SURVIVAL RATE from Covid-19 is …

99.997% for ages 0-19

99.8% for ages 20-49

99.5% for ages 50-69

94.6% for ages 70+

The survival rate for auto accidents is 99.39%. This includes those of all ages.

We saw President Trump, age 74, recover in days. It’s not like he’s not been under stress. He does appear to be in good health, but not even great health, weight wise. Yet he recovered quickly. Granted he received medicine and medical care that perhaps are not available to all Americans just yet, but why couldn’t that be the case soon or in 2021?

So why the need for vaccines?

I know the president and much of the world has been pushing for a vaccine, but if President Trump at age 74 and in only OK health and tremendous stress can recover in less than a week, why can’t most all Americans with treatments like President Trump received? Why do we need to rush to market a vaccine for a virus that is killing less than auto accidents and not much more than a bad flu year?

And then there is the question as to the credibility of the Covid-19 being a true pandemic killer of people with only 6% of deaths being attributed to be the sole cause of death. And then there’s the fact that 90% of those dying with Covid-19 are age 75+ and had average of 2.6 other causes of death, of which in many people would have likely killed them in days, weeks, months or a few years anyways.

Let me ask you this. Is Covid-19 a respecter of persons?

Does it not infect equally those at great risk of dying and those below age 65-70 and in good or decent health? It spreads unbiased right? Yes, I’ve heard of and read studies saying that kids are not spreading Covid-19 and certainly not dying from it, with rare exception with about the same likelihood as dying in a car accident. So, though only just over 9,000,000 cases of Covid-19 have been reported, I’m sure there’s many more Americans that have been infected that were asymptomatic and never thought to go get tested or had no need to head to the hospital.

If it spreads anywhere near like the flu, it likely reached 5-20% of the population. There’s been tests in some cities with Covid-19 antibody tests revealing that 10% or even as high as 20% of people, like in New York City were infected with Covid-19, of which most all recovered, with the exception of many in nursing homes in NYC where near half of those dying with Covid-19 occurred. The point I’m trying to make here is that what if many to most of those dying with Covid-19 actually were going to die in weeks to months anyways from them being very sick due to cancer?

There are about 600,000 people that die each year from cancer every year. Of those in stage 4 cancer, most of them die. How many are in stage 4 every year that die out of those 600,000? How many underwent radiation treatments that sent their immune system down and then got the flu or an infection and died? How many in 2020 got Covid-19 and also had stage 3-4 cancer and/or just had radiation treatment that weakened their immune system that died with Covid?

So, what if 10-20% of the country has been infected with Covid-19? Let’s do some simple math. Let’s say that just 10% of those with stage 4 cancer were very ill or just had Chemo treatments, thus making these people very vulnerable to Covid-19 killing them. Let’s say that just 10% of the 500,000 to date in 2020 that were projected to die from cancer in 2020 have died with Covid-19. That’s 50,000 people dying with Covid-19 that would have died without Covid-19. Was Covid-19 simply not the thing that ended their lives a few weeks, months or years early? My mom in early February of 2013 was diagnosed with stage 4 and aggressive brain cancer. The surgeon that removed her tumor told my family that she’d have 3-4 months to live, with maybe 1-2 months of feeling OK until the tumor grew back and ended her life. What if Covid-19 was around in Spring of 2013 and she got it. She died on June 10, 2013, but she may have died weeks to months earlier had she got infected with Covid-19. She would have died with Covid-19 or without Covid-19. If she died with Covid-19, one of the causes of death listed would or might have been Covid-19 on her death certificate.

I know of a family friend that died of cancer too a year later. He too, had Covid-19 been around and got infected with it would have died with Covid-19 and become a statistic, a Covid-19 casualty.

How about you? You know of anyone that died of cancer this year with Covid-19 or died of cancer and would have died with Covid-19, but they were going to die anyways?

And there’s 2.8 million people that die every year from old age, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more. So many will die from there disease or poor health conditions even if they did not catch Covid-19 or a bad flu. Even if only 10% of those that die in 2020 catch Covid-19, it’s likely they would have died anyways and simply died with Covid-19 or died a few weeks to months or perhaps years sooner. Remember most that are dying with Covid-19 are over 80-years old and in very bad health. The survival rate for those over 70 years old is over 95% for those catching Covid-19. And just last week it was reported that the CDC shared that 51,000 people died from heart attacks and died with Covid-19. Would not most all of these have died anyways? Well, maybe not? If Covid-19 was not around perhaps only half as many of those 55,000 would have died because they would have actually gone to the hospital with early symptoms of having a heart attack.

Heart disease is huge killer! One in four people, 655,000 a year die from heart disease. So that 55,000 that died with Covid-19 to date, 5/6 of the way thru 2020 is not far off my using a 10% infection of rate of the general population with Covid-19.

So clearly, it’s very possible, even probable that 50% or more of those dying with Covid-19 may have had stage 4 cancer, had other serious diseases and were 75-95 years old. All combined their diseases and old age were going to kill them quickly in say a car accident, medical surgery, got an infection, just had Chemo or they would died weeks to months to a few years earlier because they got Covid-19. The common flu kills 20,000 to 40,000 most every year that are over 65 and have serious health conditions.

Is Covid-19 the true killer of the 225,000 plus that have died with Covid-19? My thesis above seem to point to the vast majority of the deaths of Covid-19 were by people that would have died from old age and cancer, heart attacks or other diseases like diabetes or obesity. Where’s all the articles pointing out such? Maybe they are out there and I’ve not read them?

So was and is Covid-19 being used as a tool to control people and give government more power? Does it have a Cult-like following?

Absolutely and without question. The Left-Wing media is constantly fear mongering and pushing the same message of a big-time pandemic threat. They are ignoring the real CDC data as I’ve shared here in this article and past articles. They are ignoring that Covid-19 is mainly only lethal to those over 70 and with serious health conditions.

A CDC study showed that 71% of those testing positive for Covid-19 wore masks all the time and 14% wore masks most of the time. Yet this was censored by the media and framed as Fake-News. Read more about this at the end of my last article here. And see the link of Dr. Fauci’s 60 Minutes interview and much more there too. Despite the avalanche of evidence that Covid-19 in not a real pandemic threat to all but the elderly and very ill, people are simply being overwhelmed by the fear mongering being pushed out thru the media that controls 85% plus of the media reach. The Left-Wing’s news narratives are lockstep with each other and the far-Left Democrats are leveraging this to siege unwarranted, unconstitutional power thru this fake emergency threat of Covid-19.

It’s sad to watch.

Read all my articles to gain a complete picture of what the Left is doing to deceive America, crash it’s economy, and blame President Trump for the deaths of those dying with the Covid-19. It’s all a coordinated plan organized by Satan.

So let’s move on to the Cult of Socialism.

Socialism is a mouse trap and always leads to death unless you are setting traps and placing cheese for the government.

Socialism always fails and always is sold on being better than what exists. It always sprouts out of chaos and controversy.

With Socialism the government becomes God and provider of the people. Socialism kills economies and currencies.

Socialist springs out of crafty lies to an ignorant, misinformed, often tired, worried, fearful and hungry people.

Socialism is anti-God, anti-Traditional Family, anti-Capitalism anti-Freedom, pro-abortion, anti-religion for the State becomes God and arbiter of Truth and Justice. Socialism works actively to deceive people with media propaganda.

Socialism gains power executing plan of division and of misinformation that is pushed by leaders and the media.

Socialism is a lie and form of government that Satan has used over and over again in various forms and covers to take control of people and countries since Plato first espoused the legendary Utopian Society of Atlantis.

Socialism’s close cousin is Communism and Socialism usually grows into full blown Communism. Both have roots in Marxism which serve as their manifesto or foundation to displace God and freedom with Government and enslavement.

Socialism becomes like a religion and way of life that is not to be questioned without risking one’s freedom or life itself.

Socialism at its best enslaves people to work for the government doing whatever they tell you and it tells you how to live your life, where you can live, what you can buy or own, when and where you can vacation and if you can have a family.

Socialism at its worst is living in a Fascist State that murders citizens into the millions or even 10’s of millions for not obeying the mandates of the government. Had enough yet?

That’s just what’s off the top of my mind in a few minutes. Got an hour? Want to have your eyes opened about the evils of Socialism by one of the great historians and experts on this subject?

Watch this amazing sermon by William J. Federer given this past weekend at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.

Socialism has been preached in liberal universities across the land as the solution for income inequality and inequities America and the world faces. Much of Gen Y and Z believes Socialism is the form of government that America should be under. The Left-Wing Media and Big Tech and Social Media all are biased to support progressive policies and Socialism. They favor Universal Basic Income. This though it would devalue our dollar and create double-digit inflation to hyperinflation. It would eliminate meaning in work other than to eat and have a home and clothing. Socialist governments become the biggest employer, if not the proxy employer of all workers as all businesses that exist must submit to often nefarious mandates of the government to just stay open, or avoid in many of the more mature or most evil Socialist governments, to not be dragged out to concentration camps, punished or killed in the streets for disobedience.

Socialism is sold by narrative of big problem with the status quo that is so wrong that only Socialism can be there to save the day. This is cheese in a mouse trap and Socialism is sold as cheese without a trap ever being seen. Like historian William J. Federer has said, it’s like selling a new tooth paste in starting with the question “Oh you are still using that old toothpaste that removes your tooth enamel?” And they go on to sell Socialism as the tooth paste that will leave your teeth white and clean without damaging your teeth at all.

Left-Wing media and universities and Democratic Socialists, you know like the NAZI party in 1930’s Germany, are now our Democratic Party leaders and the lead pushers of Socialism. Kamala Harris, if Joe Biden is elected president, would most likely take over as president for Joe in weeks to months after Joe takes office, even perhaps before February, 2021.

Kamala Harris makes Hillary Clinton look like a puppy. She’s younger and the furthest Left politician in the Senate. The Democratic Party chose Kamala Harris for this very reason. The current Democratic Party is one that is bent on FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING America into a Socialist, Fascist, Surveillance State. They will LOCKDOWN America again to crash its economy again. They want as many small businesses to be put out of business as possible. They want as many Americans as possible to be unemployed and dependent on the government for income and eventually food and any freedom or liberty will be granted only by following their nefarious dictates.

With surveillance technology already listening in on our phones and Smart TV and devices, an evil state can hear your conversations and track your location to within a meter or two. Ever wonder why 6-feet Social Distancing? Will the virus not spread past 7-feet? Maybe it is just because it’s easier for contract tracing to detect in real-time people in a given home, business or place. And now Big Tech may track your conversation to push ads to you, but the Fascist Socialists will use this technology to track you and arrest you for speaking out against the state or being in places or with people you are not supposed to. Think this could not take place? It already is in Communist China with their Social Credit System and accompanying technology to track people in place. It’s just like 1984’s Big Brother. Yes, 2021 in America could become the world of 1984 if Democrats win.

And even if they lose, they are threatening to discredit the victory to Trump and even fight in the streets as we saw over the Summer, only likely much worse in Democratic controlled states. Just today I heard Charlie Kirk share that Left-Wing media he expects not to cover President Trump winning the election on evening of November 3rd. This is even if it’s a landslide victory. They will dispute this outcome and maybe not even report the actual results to America. Remember the Left-Wing news media controls 7X the reach over Fox News alone (Prager U). And then there’s Big Tech censorship of Conservative News and top voices. Search filters out and places last news stories by Conservative or Right-Wing media and Voices. Social Media PLATFORMS have and will completely block or post as “Fact-Checked False” news stories just because of some tiny, immaterial error in Conservative media reporting or make up an entirely untrue or unwarranted reason to block news articles that goes against the narratives of the Left-Wing news media and Democratic Party. The Left-Wing Media is a propaganda megaphone for the Democratic Party and Globalists agenda, which are coordinated by Satan. In summary, I do believe the Democratic Party has moved farther and father Left and has truly become the DEMONIC Party. I know this is a strong statement, but just take a look at all they support and all they are against and tell me I’m wrong. If you are reading this and have solely or mainly read only Left-Wing News, have not read my articles or do not follow or have heard the teachings of pastors and news sources I share on this site as Patriot Partners, you are or mayu very well be greatly deceived of the evil they stand for and try to hide from voters and citizens.

Want to know who is part of the Left-Wing Media? Take a look below and read my recent article about the political corruption of the Left-Wing Media and Big Tech.

Is Socialism a Cult?

Indeed, and then some. It will someday bloom into the global government of the Antichrist (Satan possessing a man). Even now Satan is using the fake pandemic threat to gain control over people’s behavior and giving governors unwarranted, unconstitutional power to state governors, the media, Big Tech PLATFORMS. People are really being deceived by the Left-Wing Media and liberal universities telling lies about the founding of America and our Constitution. They share not that America and our Constitution was founded through prayer by founding fathers that were Christians and held Biblical values.

Revisionism is a big tool of the Left and Satan not only in politics, but also in religion. The lies being told are many and are being used to divide America and bring her down or under the Democrats or the Leftist/ Globalists ruled by Satan. Do you know that all world religions are false and are created by Satan and his Fallen Angels that rebelled against God?

The narratives being sold by the Left/Satan are so very intertwined and against God that they are a religion of belief onto itself. Socialism/Communism may the foundational form of government or the forerunner for the coming One-World government, religion and economy under the rule of the AntiChrist in the Great Tribulation as kicked off by Daniel 9:27’s confirmation of an agreement by the AntiChrist between Israel and many nations.

So can America overcome the Hybrid Cults of Covid-19, Socialism and Peace and Safety that the world wants and is willing to give up most any amount of freedom to get?

Yes, but only for a short while. Even if President Trump is reelected and we see our freedom restored and even if we se a great revival and millions saved, it will only be for a few short months or years or at the most decades until the global government run by the Antichrist, told about in the Bible, will come into being. This time is for evangelism and to bring into fullness many into the Kingdom of God. There are way too many signs of the times that point to fulfillment of Bible prophecy to be fulfilled in the Great Tribulation or just before it and just after the Rapture of the Church.

The Good and Great News for Believer in Jesus is that no matter what happens is that Jesus has His eyes on us and we are the Bride of Christ. Rapture may happen at any time and ripe is the time for Rapture and abundant the time to spread the gospel to save many.

I do not believe many of us in America will see horribly difficult trials and persecution before the Rapture. I could be wrong, but pray I am not. We may see much worse times than we are seeing now, even if President Trump wins. Why? The Devil never sleeps and the Left are passionately diligent in their rebellion to God and because of their deception they walk in they will non-stop work against that which is Good, Right, True and Just and of God.

What we will most assuredly see if the Dems win this week or President Trump does not start his second term on time after being duly elected is chaos and even an insurrection backed by the Democratic Party and pushed as a good thing by the Left-Wing Media. We could see people dying in the streets. We could see great trials, tribulation and tough times. Yet if the Lord is on our side, we cannot, we will not suffer or die without the permission of our Lord God. So we can move boldly in faith against evil.

We must use our Constitutional rights now or lose these rights in the future. Our founding fathers and God Himself gave us our Constitution so we may have a government by the people and for the people. If we fail to see America as our government in which the leaders thereof are acting to destroy altogether our Constitution and freedom and liberty that has made America great and blessed, then we will not have such a form of government much longer. If We the People fail to heed the call of our founding fathers as follows as listed below in excerpts from our Declaration of Independence, we will certainly lose our country?

Excerpts from the Declaration of Independence

July 4th, 1776

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another . . . We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed . . . That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness . . . But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Are we not at such crossroads once again? It's time to take action! If we do not, we may regaining our country through a second civil war or revolutionary war.

Yet is that really in the will of God?

Would it not be much better to see a great revival in the land to save our country and save many millions eternally? Of course this could happen with our without a second term by President Trump or even by Vice President Pence taking over if need be.

So our choice appears to be on this eve of election day, do we choose a Socialist Democratic Dystopia or choose LIfe, Liberty, Freedom in voting for President Trump and Republicans? I see we must humble ourselves and pray today and in coming days and weeks and months so much greater than ever before just to have a hope to return to freedom and the great country our nation once was and to save many thru keeping our churches open and our rights to free speech still active. And are we not already upon the very end of the times of the End, just before the start of the Great Tribulation?

And I must now add a post I made this past weekend about the time in which we live, a pivot point in history with our election coming Tuesday. This post I believe wraps us well what we are facing and with what I’ve shared here. As we are now near the eve of the of what surely will forever radically and quickly alter our nation, send it into ruin via chaos even civil war, a restoration and even great revival in our land or even the Rapture of the Church (Believers in an instant be transformed and taken home to Heaven). I surely do not know what is to happen. God does, we do not. All we can do is act upon what we know and be prepared for any outcome. We surely should seek the Lord on such and be doing what God would want us to do.

There is but one way to be prepared for what is yet to come, no matter what happens this Tuesday and in days and weeks to follow.

We must first and foremost believe in Jesus and love God. Without Jesus in our hearts we are not only deceived, we will be greatly deceived of the Truth and as to what is actually happening in our world and as to what is all of our main purpose in this world, which is to first be reconciled with God and get to know Him.

With Jesus in our hearts we also gain Hope, Peace, Joy and Love fills our hearts and minds. From there we are called to be ready to share the reason for why we have this Hope within us.

To start, the Bible shares we were created by God, in the image of God. We were created with a free will which makes our love real and all our actions have real meaning. Otherwise we’d be but robots. Right? What would be our purpose? We’d be just characters in a video game. Right?

So Good is what God says is Good and Evil is what God says is evil. All such is found in the Bible.

Next we are called by Jesus to love our neighbor as ourselves and this includes sharing the Good News of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. We only need to believe in Jesus to be saved, forgiven our sins.

Well, at this pivot point of history of all the world, I’ve got some very good news if you know Jesus. No matter whom wins the election, though you know my hope and the reasons why, God will take good care of you.

Be it God’s will He grants us a few more years of peace and restoration of freedom and even a great revival in our land or if God allows judgement and great persecution of Christians and Jews in our land, such is all God’s plans. Yet because God loves us so much and does not want any to perish, even after the election you will still have chance to embrace Jesus as Savior. This is true unless of course you die before then.

There will come a time when believing in Jesus will Cost you your life, but I believe that will not likely happen unless you accept Jesus in the Great Tribulation and not before the Rapture of the Church to Heaven.

Today in watching 3 distinct messages, sermons is what brought me to post such today.

The first was a call to ignore politics but to focus on that our Kingdom is in Heaven, not Earth. This church really never does talk about politics or prophecy, nor does it make a stand on either. This though we are in perhaps the most critical pivot point in history with both.

Next was a message of history of the evil governments of our world and how they killed 10’s of millions and ruled with great tyranny via the gaining power thru the false Utopian promises of Socialism. This is what we are facing with the Democratic Party.

And lastly was a message about Elijah and how he stood up against the false prophets that worshipped the false god of Baal. (BTW, they sacrificed children to this false god.)

To briefly recount this story told in 1 Kings 18-19, Ahab was an evil King and Elijah was perhaps the last remaining good and true prophet. Elijah summoned all the false prophets of Baal to the top of Mt Carmel. He asked of them let’s see whom is the real God. Elijah proposed they each call upon their god or God to send down fire and consume one of the sacrifices of bulls. The false prophets tried as they may, all morning long to get their god to send fire upon their sacrifice but could not. Elijah even mocked them as they could not do it. Then Elijah with one call in asking God once, fire come down and consumed his bull and sacrifice offering. And not only that he had all 450 of the false prophets killed right after. The story picks up in 1 Kings 19 below.

“Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and how (A)he had killed all the prophets with the sword. 2 Then Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah, saying, (B)“So may the gods do to me and more also, if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by this time tomorrow.” 3 Then he was afraid, and he arose and ran for his life”

This is where the key point of my sharing of this story unfolds. And my telling here is a summary of the 3rd sermon by pastor JD Farag.

Here with the slaying of the false prophets, Elijah had hoped that Israel would repent of their evil worship of false gods and return to worshipping the One True Lord God of Israel. Yet Jezebel, Ahab’s wife was evil and King Ahab had no backbone.

Elijah was sorrowful and wanted to end his life but God had other plans for Israel and for him. Elijah was righteous and God took Elijah home to Heaven soon after this.

Now if Trump does not win and somehow Biden (Ahab) and Jezebel (Kamala Harris) take over our land, perhaps it may be the end of America and the 7-year Great Tribulation will start right after. But, I do believe with all the signs in our world that point to us being on the verge of the Rapture, might not it happen very soon?

If Trump wins and great restoration of freedom and a great revival may happen in our land. Yet we may also still see great chaos even with a Trump win and civil war.

If Biden/Harris win we will most likely see great evil thrust upon our land. Even then we know God will look out for us, yet we must admit we could see great persecution before the Rapture does take place before the Great Tribulation. Though I’d expect it to be not too long a time of trials or suffering for the Church is His Bride and He loves us.

So, I believe the first message is not worth much, while the second message is likely one of the best I’ve ever heard in regards to the evils of Socialism and the wickedness of evil rulers. I’d say you must watch it. For no matter God’s will, we are always called to support that which God calls Good, Right, Just and True. And if we are wanting to keep freedom for us and our kids, then we must vote our Biblical values and what candidates support and whom they are today. We must remember we are all sinners in placing our votes too.

Here’s the link to second message.

And the link to the 3rd message. I only gave a quick summary. You should hear it yourself and read 1 Kings 18-19.

In conclusion about all we are seeing that is evil that is happening in our world, the political war we are seeing is the Spiritual war of deception by Satan. The pawns of Satan are the Left-Wing media, Liberal universities, far Left Democrats, Hollywood and most that do not know Jesus or whom do not earnestly seek Truth, but stop short thereof due to pride and the deception by Satan in making Christians think that Truth in most all things cannot be known. While this is partly true, Truth about important things God makes such information available to those whom earnestly and diligently seek it.

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