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There’s a Time for Everything Under the Sun

There’s a time for everything, the book of Ecclesiastes shares in the Bible. Joe Biden chose to reference this verse quoted above as the theme to kick off to his false coronation on the Saturday after the election. This was based upon the Left-Wing media’s claim to have won the election. The media has ZERO say in who wins elections. State legislatures certify election results. If state legislatures certify election results despite there being 1,000’s of fraud affidavits filed citing election fraud or very suspicious behavior around the election and the over 11,000 and growing accounts of election fraud or suspicious behavior happening in regards to the election, then they will be complicit in the fraud.

Now this, in regards to state legislatures certifying fraud-filled elections, could be true even if the federal courts or US Supreme Court rules that the evidence presented of election fraud does not make a case that mass election fraud occurring. It is possible that the federal judges or US Supreme Court could fail to rule to remove the hundreds of thousands of illegal and fraudulent votes cast via mail-in ballot fraud, dead people voting and people illegally voting from out of state. And it is possible for up to millions of votes for President Trump that may very well have been deleted or switched to Joe Biden from citizens that voted for President Trump will not be reversed if the evidence is not clearly shown or the judges rule unjustly.

Bottom line is, if the election fraud that does appear to exist in mass is not justly ruled upon, then we may soon see a very Dark Winter that Joe Biden referred to in one of the debates with President Trump.

Yes I know he was referring to many more deaths from Covid-19, but I am taking the liberty to parlay it to be code for the Left, the Dems, Satan to usher in a greater darkness of tyranny and evil upon America and the world.

There is a time for everything under the Sun. God-willing, there is soon a time for JUSTICE. Hopefully there’s soon a time for mass voter fraud to be exposed, just election results to be revealed and President Trump to begin his second term. There may then be a time of civil unrest by the Left, but it should be summarily be put down quickly as justice will reign, vs. the corruption that has grown out of control and unchecked in politics and governing in America. This will be followed by another time of Great Awakening.

This will produce a time of healing, not just a farce of a statement by a lying politician and news media that falsely claims he has won an election.

And though this time may be but a few months, years or even decades of America remaining free, it could all happen to spark a Great Revival and Great Awakening, amidst a great time of seeing justice reign. And eventually the rapture of Believers to meet Jesus in the sky, then to Heaven. I know this may not all happen, yet it very well could in the next few months to years. This is what I would prefer to see happen, yet it is God that has plans that we may not fully understand. We must remember that God appoints rulers and takes other down. The question is as to why God does such. We do have examples of why God does this in the Bible.

In the Old Testament the Bible often shares about Kings being Good or being evil or wicked. It is also clear in the Bible that God blesses the reign of Good Kings and evil kings are allowed to gain power when God’s people are worshipping false gods and embracing their evil practices such as sacrificing babies on a wicked alter to their false gods.

Where are we today in America? Specifically where is the Church in America today?

Are people that call themselves Christians supporting evil people, their evil practices and false gods?

I would firmly say yes. Any that voted for Joe Biden voted in support of murdering babies up until a baby being born, teaching Islam in schools, for people proclaiming and practicing gay and lesbian lifestyles to have the right to work in churches that stand with Bible scripture that declares such is an abomination to the Lord. Voting for Biden/Harris was voting for Socialism/Communism that places the State as the ultimately authority and as god. Any that speak out against the Socialist State will suffer and possibly be put to death. Of course God is sovereign and can protect Christians from harm under such tyrannical rule, but it is possible God could allow evil rulers to rule America because Believers humbled not and did not prayers in repentance of their wicked ways. See image below to see all that voting for Biden-Harris supported.

On the other hand, are there enough Americans walking closely with the Lord in Truth thru abiding in scripture and being filled with the Holy Spirit to daily renew their minds, so as to see through the lies and the evil plans of Satan being pushed through the Left-Wing media, many Democratic representatives, Hollywood actors, university professors and even false or pastors not taking a stand against the evil that is and will be brought upon America if Biden/Harris win and the Dems gain control of the Senate?

Now the stark reality of a Joe Biden “Dark Winter” may come to pass in some measure of evil over America. Why would God allow such to happen?

Maybe more people would be saved, more would come to repentance through allowing evil rulers in our land. Maybe that is what it would take for Believers to humble themselves and repent of their wicked ways?

And remember Bible prophecy declares that there will be a very short time during the 7-year Great Tribulation where God’s allows Satan to rule the Earth under a global government, global commerce system and global religion. I’ll revisit this in closing. It may be possible that Joe Biden will win if evidence of election fraud is ignored by corrupt judges and foolish state legislatures that certify fraud-filled election results and even those that cast their electoral votes for a fraudulent winners Biden/Harris.

If this happens, I do believe it’s only because Christians did not fully repent of their wicked ways and humble themselves in prayer of repentance so God may actually heal our land. Again, we must remember that it is not man that appoints leaders and takes others down, but it is God. He is in control.

The behavior of Believers directly affects if God blesses a land or curses it. If Biden does win, we may see a time of great evil, oppressive, tyrannical rule like America has never known and has only been known in Fascist, Socialist/Communist States once they take over.

We’d also see immediately under a Biden/Harris administration, a push to make legal nationwide to legally murder babies up until birth. Free Speech will be under attack. Speaking Truth about Jesus and all other false religions will become hate speech and maybe even a criminal act. Speaking truth against radical Left politicians will be considered a crime. Islam and unlimited gender types will be taught in schools. Mask mandates, lockdowns, shut down of restaurants, schools and churches all for a fake pandemic threat will be ordered. Christians and those that vocally supported President Trump will be targeted for great attacks. Contact Tracing via mobile phones will be added to control people. Eventually a Social Credit System like in China will be implemented to attempt to control most all of citizens behavior. Now, if the injustice of fraud in elections is ignored by judges and state legislatures, there may not just be some civil unrest, but a civil war to have justice happen and for our Constitutional Republic to be restored. This would be the only way to avoid the above and restore the Constitution as law of our land and for freedom to once again reign under a government of the People, by the People and for the People.

True Christians and real Americans will be free from having to follow any of the unwarranted, nefarious and unconstitutional laws or edicts under a Biden and eventually and quickly a Kamala Harris administration (It disgusts me to just type that) that attempts to abolish our Constitution. We will keep meeting for church, having Bible studies in homes and living our lives under freedom, under the law of the land of the Constitution, under God’s Biblical laws of morality and God’s mandates, not those of men and a Socialist/Communist State under false authority. We would still see another great revival and Great Awakening, it just would be a much tougher time in which to live. Come the close of 2020 we should have a more clear picture or 2020 Vision of what our future will hold next. This is the Vision God gave me about 20 years ago about the phrase “2020 Vision”. That in the year 2002, the End Times would be clearly seen as us being in the midst of them and that the Rapture of the Church and the Great Tribulation to follow not long thereafter were all imminent. And as God is showing me now, that Truth and Evil are more clearly seen than ever before. And as proof thereof as many are calling what is Evil, good and what is Good, evil.

Are they not ever than more than before? Or at least since the days of Noah or Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah? And to be clear, the political divide we are seeing in America is a Spiritual Divide. The Spiritual war is led by Satan the Father of lies and lawlessness. He’s using his pawn Left-Wing mainstream media as a propaganda megaphone to spread lies and brainwash many Americans from the Truth. Big Tech search and social censor or fact-check Conservative news and voices that stand opposed to the Left-Wing media and Dems false narratives. This all has been done to gain more control over citizens, this despite all such being unconstitutional.

This will be followed by the awful time of the 7-Year Great Tribulation where the AntiChrist, AKA Satan or the Devil possessing a man, will take charge of the whole world in a global government, thru a global commerce system and a global religion.

Read book of Revelation in Bible. You don’t want to be here for this. Most all people in the world will die and suffer greatly during the Great Tribulation.

And during the time of the Great Tribulation ALL will be REQUIRED to accept the Mark of the Beast to be able to buy or sell anything (Revelation 13). Those that receive the Mark of the Beast will also be required to worship the Image of the Beast. Any that take the Mark of the Beast, the Bible states, shall not be forgiven their sins by the One True God of the Bible and suffer in the wrath of God due for Satan and his fellow fallen angels or demons (Revelation 14). All those that reject the Mark shall be put to death, some will be beheaded (Revelation 20:14) and the will have to hide, run and somehow surviving the time of the 7-year Great Tribulation. That is until the Lord pours out wrath on the all the armies of man and Satan as described in the Bible (Revelation 16) as happening in the Valley of Armageddon.

Now, please have grace upon me for trying to quickly and SIMPLY explain the book of Revelation and a BIT of Bible prophecy regarding the time of the Great Tribulation, as I am simply trying to give a summary of what will soon happen in the time of the 7-Year Great Tribulation as shared about in Isaiah 53:1-12; Daniel 9:26; Luke 23, other books of prophecy and as fulfilled in the book of Revelation. Read an article on this very topic here. And also seek for prophecy at or watch/listen any of our Patriot Partner pastors that teach Bible prophecy listed on our site and share their sermons on YouTube and as I share here on out site.

Do realize this.

No one will ever regret having accepted Jesus as Savior to pay for their sins. And all that reject Jesus as Savior will forever regret rejecting Jesus as their Savior.

And know that no one will enter Heaven or be forgiven their sins through their own good works, but only through believing that Jesus died and rose again and through repentance of sins to God so the sacrifice Jesus made thru His Love may cleanse us from our sins. The One, True God of the Bible is a God of Love and also of Justice. God is Holy and without any sin. Only Jesus dying on the cross for our sins pays for our injustice against God, our sins against God and makes us Holy as God Father and His Son Jesus are Holy. And God gave us the Holy Spirit to reside in our hearts and minds so we may have comfort, peace, joy, feel the Love of God, know God’s will for our lives and discern Truth from lies.

Look up, believe in Jesus, as He is returning soon. Until then, let us pray that His Kingdom come, His will be done on Earth as in Heaven. Please follow CitizensReUnited on Facebook, Twitter and share about our site with friends, family, co-workers, whomever needs to hear this message or can benefit from what our site offers and expresses.

Together our small voices may become ONE BIG VOICE to SAVE America.

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