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The Red and Blue Pills of American Politics, Media, Religion and Culture

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Have too many Americans taken the wrong pill thus keeping them asleep, ignorant of what is really happening in American Politics, Media, Religion and Culture that are now greatly dividing our land? Is this battle a political battle or spiritual battle or are the two now near seamlessly one and the same?

Let’s examine these questions, put the pieces of the puzzle together to discover if and how America can survive this great divide and gain return to civility and harmony.

First, allow me to paint the background of a larger picture behind the massive change we are seeing in America, in the world in the past few decades. This will better illustrate my story and set the stage for future articles as well.

The movie The Matrix came out in on March 31, 1999 and for many changed how we view reality. Well, at least a possible reality apart from the commonly accepted story as the Bible tells us. Nevertheless, the movie did open ours eyes to a possible future mankind was moving toward. It did represent at best a spiritual symbolic reality and at worst a deception of there being no God. Could a terrible technology run world where people are enslaved to the system of the world, which is deceived from true reality where people are living in a “Dream World” where people believe is the real world? This was the reality of the world in the movie the Matrix. Does such a reality exist in our world? I believe it does, though it is not run by technology so much at it is powered by deceiving people from the Physical World we live in that is temporal and the Spiritual World that is unseen and eternal. I believe this world is divided by Truth and Goodness and Lies and Evil. What we are seeing in world is the evil powers, fallen angels of the Spiritual World battling the True Believers in God and Angels still is obedience and service to God. This battle is seen playing out in our world now more transparently than perhaps ever before.

Before I dig deeper upon this, let’s examine the rapid change technology in our world and ask if a Matrix like Technocracy is possible to take place here upon Earth in the not too distant future.

To look forward let’s look back.

At the close of 1999, there were less than 250,000 people online. I first went on the Internet in December of 1995. The first page I visited was Yahoo. 😊 I was just getting started working in world of technology and tech startups and had just sold restaurant accounts for my first tech startup a restaurant delivery service. At the close of 1995 there were only 16 million people using the Internet. Today there are 4.57 billion people online.

Our world has greatly changed from the late 1990’s where it took 5-50 seconds to load a static web page with few images and text via a PC or Mac ONLY, to today with video streaming any movie or video in real-time or live on our mobile phones from most anywhere.

Technology has changed the world and how news stories are covered live, articles are posted in minutes to hours after the event. News is circulated by Social Media in just minutes thereafter to reach the whole globe. And the pace of change is accelerating rapidly. Social Media and Big Tech amplify news distribution up to 100X. When Big Tech and Social Media censor news they shut down this massive distribution. When they leverage their News Media Propaganda Megaphone, they use it for blasting out Leftist narratives. Read my story on this very topic.

Today, linking cloud computing with Blockchain technology and software middleware to one’s body thru an implanted chip and one’s DNA and even one’s brain are all now in reach now or in a few short years. Could the world exist in a Matrix-like world or one controlled by a New World Order government? Could it be moving to one more like the one in the movie Elysium? Or could it be moving full speed, on target toward the world the Bible speaks about in the Last Days in the books of Daniel, Matthew, Revelation and other books of how the world would look like just before the return of Jesus in the Rapture and the horrific Great Tribulation to follow? This will include a form of Technocracy and a One-World Government and Religion under rule of one person, the AntiChrist, but this will be short lived and not likely approach the level of the Matrix.

I’ll dig deeper in this article on this topic and even deeper in a future post. The bottom line is, in the past few decades our world has drastically changed thru technology and the cultural, religious and political changes have been transformed along with it all. And in the near future the world will drastically change and become nefariously run by a global government and one deceptive ruler.

The question now is, have you taken the Red Pill to wake up to see Reality or the Blue Pill to stay asleep, in ignorance, in Deception. Let’s dive in to so you may know better what each is.

I’ll try to make clear exactly what taking the Red pill and Blue mean in our world.

Before doing this, I recall from Matrix 3 that NEO, actor Keanu Reeves, meets with the architect, the creator of the Matrix near the end of the movie series. If you've not seen this movie before or not recently, you should watch this short 5 minute clip (caution, there is some foul language here). You'll see how our world is playing out right now in going along with the narrative, the script, the false reality and lies of the Matrix (from the Left and the Satan vs. the True Eternal Reality as told of in the Bible), all made possible by simply refusing to search for Truth, Knowledge and ultimately taking the Red pill or simply by saying YES to Jesus. Alas most people remain asleep with the Blue pill. It's sad and yet peaceful in knowing the Truth of what is happening in our world, vs. walking in deception. That is if you've taken have accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord. If you have, then I urge you to go deeper in your walk with Him to discover the Truth by taking the Red Pill. This means going all in on seeking, Knowledge, Truth, Reality, Wisdom and what is Good and of God. Of course, we see in part now and will not see in full until we are in Heaven, but it's very intriguing to learn more about the world and creation God has made. It provides great discernment and Knowledge. Keep reading and I'll share what I've learned. :)

First the Blue Pill. The Blue means you roll along with the world and it’s ways, it’s values, it’s cultural changes. You don’t always question the government. You do not know for sure what is true in religion, politics, media or entertainment. And you may not care or even think why is it important to know Truth, You may even question if it is possible to know Truth or if it even exists. Yet with this state of mind, you enter into Deception and depart from Truth. By not earnestly seeking Truth, you are assured at being deceived.

I’ll expound on how this is happening. The Red Pill represents NOT going with the flow of the World, what it says is OK, good, true, fun or convenient or politically correct. It takes a course that follows Truth, embraces God, embraces what it Good and Just. The Red Pill is embracing an earnest pursuit of Truth and the reality of knowing that if one does not diligently, on a daily basis seek after Truth in all things, one will be actively deceived by the World and by the Devil. Yes, the Devil. In using the movie the Matrix, I thought it quite appropriately provided an analogy for what is happening in our world. That reality being one of Truth vs. Deception. This is the Red Pill vs the Blue Pill. This does follow the lines of the Republican Red and Democratic Blue parties to a T, but often is not far off now, more than ever. In the past few decades we have seen a further and further move Left by the Democratic Party and just in the past decade we have seen a move farther Right in the Republican Party. This is especially true in the past few years and even more so in 2020 for both parties. The black and white differences between what the Democratic Party and Republican Party now represent is starkly clear. The same is mirrored in the media and culture too. The Democratic Party stands for …

· Legally murdering babies in the womb

· Being Anti-God of the Bible, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Traditional Family

· Islam and it being taught in schools

· Unlimited genders and any form of sexuality

· Socialism which always in the end bankrupts a country and devalues its currency

· Communism which turns government into the ruler of people and their lives

· Their morality and truth are relative, not absolute and is subjective to each person’s opinion

The Republican Party stands for …

Our Constitutional rights and the freedom, liberty and justice it provides as the foundation of our country to speak freely, to worship God freely, for the right to own guns to protect our families and if necessary to put down a government that attempts to abolish or ignore our Constitution that it nd God grant us our rights to own right to own property, to pursue happiness, to live life under freedom, under God, without having the government tell us how to live our lives. The Republican Party loves America and the freedom, independence and liberty our Constitution works to guarantee. The Republican Party also stands for Justice and peace and safety established by good and just and Biblically moral laws that are most regularly enforced. The Republican Party stands for believing the God of the Bible is the One, True God. The further the Democratic Party moves Left and embraces lies and Socialism, Communism, Draconian edicts via the guise of the Emergency Powers Act over a virus that is no more lethal than auto accidents to those under age 65-70, the more the True and best Republicans will stand firm in rejecting these lies and the misinformation and news narratives the Left has created to discredit President Trump and other Republicans. Even this week we are seeing ample evidence being presented that serves to prove the Democratic Left is working diligently to deceive Americans. This week alone we have seen Big Tech and Social Media censor a New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s emails found on his laptop computer, the CDC study showing that 70-85% of those infected with Covid-19 wore masks all the time or most of the time and Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary having her Twitter account locked. So far I’ve covered just the surface of what’s really going on. Let’s dig deeper to see the Truth which the Red Pill reveals and the Blue Pill as it actively works to deceive or keep people from seeing the Truth, of the deception of the Left as fed by, as led by Satan himself. So are you ready to take the Red Pill? Satan, AKA the Devil is truly behind a good part of the evil we are seeing in our world and in America today. He is behind much of the lies and deception we are seeing this this world. Perhaps the first and greatest deception the Devil pulls over people is making them believe he does not exist, to believe he is not exactly what the Bible tells us he is. The Bible tells us the Devil is the Father of Lies and he has been granted limited authority to rule in this world. The Bible first tells us about Satan deceiving Adam and Eve in the Bible. The Blue Pill keeps people from embracing this Truth from the Bible. In the time of Jesus, the Devil spurred Jewish Pharisees to attack and question the authority of Jesus and seeing Him for what He truly was and is their Messiah, their Savior they were and are still seeking. The Devil even pushed these Pharisees, the teachers of the Jewish Law to call for Jesus to be put to death on the cross. And thru this God used the evil efforts of Satan and man to accomplish His mission of dying on the cross so any that believe in Jesus may be saved from their sins. God is Good and great!

And today the Devil is working to take over and lead the whole world. He will soon rule, but it’ll will only be for a few short years as allowed by God. The Bible says it will happen. The Bible speaks of the Satan as being the “Lawless One”. Do you see lawlessness growing today?

The Bible says Satan will create a Great Deception to deceive the whole world, except those that believe in Jesus and know God’s word about the End Times and the soon coming Great Tribulation. The Bible says the Rapture of Believers to Heaven will happen just before the 7-year period of Great Tribulation on the Earth. In the last 3.5 years of the Great Tribulation the AntiChrist, Satan possessing a man, will lead a global government. This AntiChrist will force all to receive a Mark of the Beast on their right hand or forehead to be able to buy or sell anything. All that take the Mark will be forced to worship the image of the Beast. All that receive the Mark cannot be forgiven their sins by the One, True, Holy and Just God of the Bible. All that reject the Mark will be killed or must hide and survive until the end of the 7-year Great Tribulation when Jesus returns with all the Saints to conquer the AntiChrist and all his demons (1/3 of fallen angels) and the armies of man in the Valley of Armageddon as they approach to attack Jerusalem and Israel.

But wait there’s more. 😊

Since the Garden of Eden and the fall of mankind into sin, we have all inherited a sinful nature. This sinful nature makes us easily be given over to greed, lust, envy, pride, selfishness and doing evil and bad things. It also makes us more susceptible to being deceived by lies from Satan and people. The sinful nature in us has us in outright REBELLION to God, to the Creator of all people, all life and that exists in our physical world and unseen spiritual world.

Our sinful nature and Satan make us rebel from the Truth of the Bible and Truth in general. This rebellion against God has no limits. We see it when people embrace lies, embrace evil, embrace irrationality that defies science and math and facts. People have so rebelled they have turned to embrace unnatural relations with the same sex and to distort gender altogether. Though clearly there are only men and woman, man has rebelled in saying people can be any form of sex they claim to be.

Satan has created religions and scientific theories that hold no basis whatsoever to fact or science, deny God’s existence and depart from all rationality and logic so as to deceive people from True reality. Many believe these lies because they satisfy our sinful nature that is in rebellion to God and Truth. Our sinful nature rationalizes our actions that are greedy, lustful, selfish and envious. Our sinful nature makes us believe the lies of the Left as originated by Satan himself to divide people, to conquer people, to dominate people and this world and to keep them from knowing or embracing the saving knowledge of the gospel. Our sinful nature rationalizes lies we tell. Our sinful nature fights Truth, the Truth of the Bible with all its might. Yet in the end the reality is the Bible is the True Word of God. In the end, after we die, we all will meet God in Heaven and face judgement for our rebellion to God. Only Believers in Jesus will escape judgement. But God knew before our creation, that given our Free Will He granted us to choose Good or Evil that makes our Love real and our hate real, our actions, thoughts and decisions real, that we would rebel against God, our Creator and against the Truth. Yet even before we were created in the image of God, He had a plan to save us from our sin and our sinful nature. This plan He had to enact to abide in His very nature of being a God of Love, Grace, Mercy, Justice and Holiness (being without any sin or doing any wrong thing). And to fulfill His Love and maintain Justice, His Grace and Mercy were extended to all of mankind thru Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to pay for our sins.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” John 3:16 “Though he was God,[a] he did not think of equality with God as something to cling to. 7 Instead, he gave up his divine privileges[b]; he took the humble position of a slave[c] and was born as a human being. When he appeared in human form,[d] 8 he humbled himself in obedience to God and died a criminal’s death on a cross.

9 Therefore, God elevated him to the place of highest honor and gave him the name above all other names, 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue declare that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians 2:6-11

So reality is, if you embrace the Truth it shall set you free. When you embrace Jesus the Holy Spirit will enter your heart and cleanse your heart from sin. The Holy Spirit will lead you into Truth and will replace a spirit of fear with a spirit of Faith in God, without fear. Walking with Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit means you have Hope, Joy, Peace and Love in your heart. Accepting Jesus will transform your heart and your life and your perspective to see Reality and Truth. You will know your eternal destination is Eternal Life in Heaven with Jesus.

This world now divided by the Devil’s schemes to deceive and divide are powerful if you know not Jesus and walk not with Him. However if you embrace Jesus and love God and your neighbor and your great country that God has beset you in, you will walk in Knowledge and Truth and Love and Mercy and Grace for others as God has for us.

We must not forget that people that are acting evil or lying are deceived by Satan and are fully enslaved to sin and their sinful nature. Everyone needs Jesus to save them from the many deceptions by Satan to keep us from the saving Truth of the Good News of the Gospel. We must remember that people that are greatly deceived are not our true enemy, but Satan is. We may hate their actions, but realize and remember they are acting as such because they are in rebellion to God and need Jesus. At one point in time, all that believe in Jesus did not believe in Jesus and were still in rebellion to Jesus. We may have been seeking Jesus or Truth, which is a mystery of blessing by which God grants to men, but at some point we all decide to believe in Jesus or deny His gracious gift to us of forgiveness and salvation from our sins.

We must remember or first admit … for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23

We must remember that the battle we face is a spiritual battle for the lives of all people. Satan wants to bring down as many people to Hell as possible. His tools are lies, fictional stories, great deceptions to keep people from the Truth of the Bible of salvation thru Jesus.

Indeed, the battle being waged in our world for control of it, for control of America is a spiritual battle, one that is directly running in conjunction with and parallel to the political battle we see. Below is a graphic detailing in shorter order what is really happening in our world, in America.

Now, you must know the complete Truth about facing God after we die. The Truth is that if we die without accepting Jesus as Savior from our sins, we will die eternally. This means we will not enter Heaven or be forgiven our sins by God. No amount of good works we may have done will pay for our sins. Only the Good Work of Jesus on the cross, whom is the Son of God, will save us from our sins. If we have rejected God’s loving gift to pay for our sins, we then must pay the price for our sins. We will die eternally. There will be eternal regret and eternal anguish and suffering over rejecting Jesus, over not believing your friends, your family, your co-workers that shared this Truth of the gospel of Good News I am sharing with you now.

To conclude, everyone needs Jesus. The Truth provided by taking the Red Pill of embracing the Word of God, embracing Jesus for salvation, does not only far surpass the so called bliss of the Blue Pill, it reveals the deception, the false stories of the taking the Blue Pill as delivered by Satan so as to keep you dead in your sins so that when you die you will not rise anew, with a new Eternal Body and home in Heaven. The Devil hates you and his evil plan is to keep you deceived so you will not believe in Jesus, give God the glory for all the great things He as done and enter the Kingdom of God.

You see Satan first rebelled against God, this though he was created wonderfully and was the leader of the worship in Heaven. He thought he could ascend the Throne of the God Most High and take His place, but the Devil is the greatest fool and liar of all-time. Do not believe his lies. Be freed from them and your sin by believing in Jesus and you will gain a whole new abundant life starting the second you say YES to Jesus and repent of your sins before God the Father in prayer. And you will gain the “Blessed Hope” and a "Peace that surpasses understanding" in knowing not only that when you die you will go to Heaven, that God is in control and has a wonderful plan for your life, that you are a child of a God, that Jesus loves you and died for you, but you will also gain the Hope of the soon return of Jesus for His Churh, His Believers in the Rapture to bypass the soon coming Great Tribulation and spend that time in Heaven with Jesus.

So, with all the evil, all the lies, all the great deceptive narratives and chaos happening in America and the World and knowing that Jesus will soon return, yet we know not exactly when Jesus will return. We must have the heart of God to spread the message of the gospel of the Good News of the Bible. We must remember that God does not want any to perish, but all to gain Eternal Life thru Jesus. So until Jesus returns we must walk closely with Him to be in Knowledge and Truth. And we must be looking to share the Good News with all that God brings into our path. And we should do well to remember that those that believe in Jesus will no longer walk in darkness, but in the Light, in Truth and Knowledge to see through the lies of Satan. When people become Believers in Jesus the Holy Spirit will work in their heart to have new desires to love their neighbor and to do justly, to love mercy and grace and justice. Their hearts and minds will be transformed to be a new creation. They will no longer be in rebellion to God, but in harmony with God. Granted, no Christian is perfect and all still sin some or a lot, but their salvation is not based upon their own good works, but that only of Jesus. And with many a Believers in Jesus sharing the Good News of salvation through Jesus, will not our nation be blessed? If a great revival happens, another Great Awakening happens will America not be restored to her former glory and all the blessing and freedom and liberty be restored as well? Of course this may be only for a short few months, years or decades until Jesus comes to take His Believers to Heaven before the Great Tribulation, but this time will be a wonderful time, full of blessing and Good and grace upon America. It may be our last stand. Let’s make it an incredible one to give glory to God by sharing God’s word so many may be saved.

Without freedom of speech, without freedom to freely worship God in our lives and at church how then will we live? How will the gospel get out? Will freedom reign or evil and chaos and a Fascist, Socialist or Communist government reign?

Of course if God allows such to happen, we are called to find our hope in Jesus and make the most of what God grants us, but do you really want to live under the oppression of evil rulers over America? Do you want such for our kids and/or grandkids

As for me and my house I prefer to stand boldly for God and our Free Republic and Constitution that honors God and grants people freedom that they already have been given by God. For me I prefer to stand for what is Good, Right, Just, Loving and True until the Lord takes us home. I’d rather stand up for preserving what has made America great and what has blessed our nation. I’d rather hit a walk off homerun in this bottom of the ninth inning to win the game or simply send it into extra innings to keep sharing the gospel so more may be saved.

“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.2 Chronicles 7:14

This verse is mentioned in the Old Testament and is addressed to the people of Israel in those times. Yet are Believers not God’s people? Have we all walked as we should have most all the time? Have we something to repent of? Do we need to humble ourselves and do this first before we can expect to see God fulfill this in America, in our own lives?

Yes to all questions for me.

Are you ready to join us in battle to SAVE America and win as many people as possible to Christ?

If YES, let’s get to work.

First, PLEASE follow Citizens ReUnited on Facebook, Twitter and share about our site with friends, family, co-workers, whomever needs to hear this message or can benefit from what our site offers and expresses.

Together our small voices may become one BIG VOICE to SAVE America.

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