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Mainstream Media, Social, Search is a Megaphone for Left-Wing News Narrative Network

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The mainstream media, I'm naming the News Narrative Network, has moved much further to the Left in 2020 and shows no sign of stopping. The Left-Wing Media is simply a pawn, a megaphone to broadcast the narrative of the Left. The really big problem is that the Left-Wing news media now controls over 90% of news creation. This of course includes the likes of the NY Times and Washington Post and numerous others. Charlie Kirk calls them the Activist media. Very appropriate.

And as if MSM dominance were not bad enough, Big Tech and Online Commerce is controlled by companies that are owned or run by those with far-Left views. Indeed the Left’s reach, content creation and censorship or news flow capabilities may be 10X or greater than Conservative or Right-Wing News media.

Worse, Big Tech Social Media and Search companies and the Left-Wing news media consider themselves arbiters of the Truth. Ironically, we understand that is the farthest thing from the Truth. Granted, their censorship and blocking or Conservative content they say they “Fact Check”, but most often their sources are also completely biased to the opinion of the Left or contain no facts whatsoever. They basically censor or delete posts or content of stories that conflict with their narrative. Andy their automation and AI and person powered censorship, oops, Fact-Checking (Truth checking) platform is growing in greater capacity every year.

The Left platforms will even move to completely close or freeze accounts of content producers that are flagged as outside the Left Narrative. They do control free speech on their platforms, yet they not acting like publishers in biased censorship of Conservative content? Well the Publisher vs. Platform battle may eventually head to Supreme Court, as Congress has not sufficiently passed legislation to block this censorship of which most news media distribution flows through. And I'm adding this next paragraph to this article today, October 15, as this week's censoring by Social Media PLATFORMS only adds to this article published on Monday, October 12.

This Week's Tech Censorship

1. New York Post article about Hunter Biden's emails from his laptop.

2. CDC study showing 70-85% of those getting the Virus wore masks all the time or most all the time.

3. White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany's Twitter account being locked.

Let’s be honest though, it could be much worse. Our site exists, to help keep the Left from officially controlling all news media and free speech being banned as Truth. Conservative voices on Social Media platforms may soon face being shut down altogether if the Dems win this election and take the Senate.

And it does not end there! The Entertainment Industry is all aboard the Left-Wing train too! From celebrities to Netflix, they extend the broadcast of the Left’s narrative. “Stay safe. Stay Distanced. Stay Home. Wear a mask to prevent the spread.” And “Black Lives Matter.” BLM. Inc. the organization behind the Black Lives Matter movement is really a self-proclaimed Marxist Organization founded by pro LGBQT people that practice in the occult, follow guidance of demons and threaten to burn down America if their demands are not met. They are a clear proxy of the Left and what they support. This organization and movement does not care about unborn black lives or police black lives. Just go say “All Lives Matter” to them in a protest. That does not end well.

And of course, the Democratic Party leverages this Mainstream News Narrative Media and BLM organization and movement. And this year and now more than ever with our election looming, the Left voice is booming. And the gloves are being pulled off with disinformation of every story related to politics and this election. It’s BLACK and WHITE difference in news reporting between Fox News and news coverage networks like Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Larry Elder or Ben Shapiro. Both versions of the Left-Wing and Right-Wing Media cannot be TRUE. And now more than ever the Left-wing media in moving farther Left is full of more lies and twisting of the Truth, even outright story creation to frame Republican representatives and President Trump.

If the Left-Wing media, Big Tech and Entertainment are not countered and called out for every lie or great distortion of facts in reporting they deliver, then we may lose our freedom, our Republic, our Constitution. If Biden wins, if the Democrats gain the Senate, our country will become full blown Communist, Fascist, Christian and Jewish persecuting state.

So what are Conservative Patriots to do against such a Leftist Propaganda Machine?

First silence, apathy empowers the Left and their evil schemes. If Conservatives, Patriots, Christians and Jewish brothers and sisters fail to speak out against the lies of the Left and their plans to turn America into a Socialist, Marxist State, then such may happen. Silence, apathy may make one complicit. If every Constitutional Conservative spoke out against the lies of the Left, they would be stopped dead in their tracks. Yet this is not happening. While the Conservative media is doing an incredible job to call expose the lies, the tactics, the illegal and unconstitutional actions of the Left, but will it be enough? I believe every inch will count. Of course we should be in prayer too about all this. For the battle is spiritual. What we see playing out in the politics of the Left is a manifestation of their spiritual views and obedience to their spiritual higher powers. They are indeed in rebellion to God and the Truth about any and all things. They are pawns for Satan’s plans to crash America, send it into chaos and turn it into a Communist State. We know too Bible prophecy states that in the Last Days a global government will be set up by Satan and he will for a very short time rule this One-World Government or New World Order. Though this will eventually happen, Christians and Jews must not side with this evil, but stand opposed to it. Just because the world is heading in one direction, off a cliff, does not mean we should be lemmings and join their fall and not call out their lies. So what’s the best thing we can do?

First, those on the Left need Jesus. We all need Jesus to be saved from out sins, but also to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to discern Truth from lies. Jesus himself said “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” John 16:13

So sharing the gospel with friends and family and co-workers and on Social Media are all ways to bring people to saving faith in Jesus. Of course our walk and how we communicate should be a beacon to people to gain hope, joy, peace, Truth and Knowledge.

The bottom line is people need Jesus as their Savior! They need to walk with God and not in rebellion to Him or in concert with the lies of the Left and Satan that has slipped into the Church. When people truly know Jesus and are walking with Him they see thru the lies of Satan and his media empire of the Left. The families of those that walk with Jesus, with God are blessed, the neighborhood is blessed, the country and world are blessed. Beyond that, as Patriots, we can be join together as one here on and our future Fellowship Connect App and site. We can support our Patriot Partners too! And by Patriot Partners joining our cause and platform in supporting us and promoting our site and cause as a rallying point to unify for freedom, under God and our Constitution, could Conservative, Christian and Jewish Americans not be better united than ever to defeat the Left and spark another Great Awakening, a great revival and restoration of our land? Can we not once again unify like during WW2 to defeat our foreign enemies seeking to destroy us. And cannot once gain America be teaching the Bible in schools and truly again be One Nation Under God as we were after WW2? Is all such not possible? My Bible says all things are possible with God. And will God not relent the apparent judgement upon our land if we humble ourselves, repent of our wicked ways and turn to love God, His moral laws, His ways and embrace Jesus as Savior and Lord? Our site, our articles are all written with the mission, the objective to accomplish all such as mentioned in previous paragraphs for the Good of our country. I for one have accrued much of my knowledge from the Honorary Patriot Partners listed on our site. They espouse the values, the kindred mission we have here. So sharing our content, following us on Social Media, reading and viewing our Honorary Patriot Partners content and videos and following them too on Social Media is our plan, our foundation to unite together and be informed, to be on the same page.

And when Honorary Patriot Partners become Official Patriot Partners by simply promoting on their site and participating in our fundraising efforts with our sister site, everyone wins much more than ever before. With such a tight knit Judeo-Christian and Conservative Community will not America and the Church be more united than ever? Will it not make the world a better place that rejoices to see America embrace God in full again?

With such will the world not be blessed, the poor and oppressed be given hope and food and shelter and comfort that we take for granted? Covid-19 may be attributed to kill up to 2 million people in a year worldwide, yet 18 million a year still die from starvation or from diseases that have a $1 medicinal cure. Where’s all the love and emergency for them? Should not those that love God seek to minister to their neighbor and also to those poor across the world? Are they too not people created in the image of God? Are we to forget how fortunate we are to be born in America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? American’s do give more to fight poverty and spread the Good News of the gospel worldwide than any other people or nation, yet are we really doing as much as we can or should? Why can’t Christians and Jews be known for compassion for all hurting, homeless and hungry? Will many more not come to Jesus, right relationship with God? OK, enough soap box time. LOL! Let’s move forward together to SAVE America and SAVE as many friends, family, co-workers and neighbors as we can before Jesus returns or we head to Heaven. If you like this article, PLEASE follow Citizens ReUnited on Facebook, Twitter and share about our site with friends, family, co-workers, whomever needs to hear this message or can benefit from what our site offers and expresses.

Together our small voices may become one BIG VOICE to SAVE America.

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