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Letter to the President Regarding Insecurity of Our Election Process & Solution for Secure Elections

Dear President Trump, November 23, 2020 I support you. Keep going on prosecution of election fraud. Do not cede. And please hear about my solution to hold secure, transparent and accurate vote recounts (or counting of votes in a revote). This solution, that can be quickly implemented across key battleground states or all of America needs to be heard from you to circulated by your 72 million of those that voted for you (We really know it was more like 80 million that voted for you).

Yes we need to keep gaining evidence of election fraud, but honestly I’m doubting that SCOTUS will rule justly or that the GOP can be counted on to cast electoral votes rightly for you to gain over 270 votes or via the 12th Amendment. We need to expose how corrupt and vulnerable our election system is to voter fraud and show them how we can quickly, securely, transparently and accurately recount votes or count votes in new elections. This needs to happen ASAP before recounts produce fraudulent results again.

This solution providing a secure and transparent recount of votes or in new elections is vital to having just and fair elections. How can Americans possibly know that current recounts are in any way secure and just? And without America trusting in our elections how can there ever be justice or trust in our government in any way? How can there be peace in America without secure and just elections? And we need to insist on Voter ID too! Only living, breathing US Citizens should be voting once. Tens of millions of Americans have watched videos showing proof that Dominion Voting Systems software can easily be used to commit voter fraud. And same with mail-in ballots. And what about the hundreds of thousands of votes suddenly gained by Biden from 3 AM to 5 AM on November 4th? Our Constitution and justice will be gone if there are not fair and just counting of the votes. Without such our nation will likely enter another Civil War. This is what needs to be pleaded to the US Supreme Court and all of America. SCOTUS must be confronted with this reality.

If Biden is allowed to win thru election fraud there will be a permanent Dark Winter. America will be ruled by a Fascist, Communist Surveillance State that will persecute Christians and Jews in every way and even lock them away or worse. You know such has happened before.

Without a secure, transparent and accurate system to recount of all votes by hand (by paper ballots), we will not have a just and fair election. We cannot trust the voting systems we have in place.

My background is in inventing payment and Identity Theft solutions to end or near completely stop fraud.

Here’s my summary of my solution that is executable within weeks, before end of 2020.

1. Conduct vote counting by paper ballots only.

2. Air Livestream video of each paper ballot being tallied.

3. Have in-person and multiple auditors manually tally votes.

On a daily basis independent audit teams will review a 2nd time the recorded livestream and tally the votes again. The public livestream and vote tally software for each state and each district would be made available online for use by anyone with a website or email account to use and tally their own counts of the voting.

What works in Vegas, in this case, should not stay in Vegas, but be used to save America.

Simply by you proposing my solution to America to take place in recounts all key battleground states or whole new elections will extinguish all the people saying there was no mass voter fraud that occurred in our elections.

Read the full article about this solution published on November 10 with execution strategy and budget to implement here. Thank you for your honorable service to America, standing against abortion, for freedom, for our Constitution and for Israel.

May God Bless America Again and fully restore her to see FREEDOM Reign, Under God, WITH Justice and your second term as President. Randy Smith


Please share this letter, this idea as how to quickly, securely, transparently and accurately recount votes or count votes in a revote in battleground states or all across America. Please follow Citizens ReUnited on Facebook or Twitter and refer others to do the same. :)

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