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Is There a Covid-19 Collusion Delusion, Con Job, Casedemic, Shell Game of Disease Data Deception?

Is there a Covid-19 Collusion Delusion, a Hoax, Con Job or game of disease data deception going on? Is America being lied to thru medical scientists and the media not connecting the dots of data about Covid-19 tests, cases and deaths attributed to Covid-19 and the flu?

Let’s take a deep dive on the Covid-19 con job on America and the world. Read this article to the end to see the COMPLETE picture of the CON JOB. There’s a TON to reveal and paint the whole picture. I’ll start with some interesting questions and build to the obvious conclusion that the Covid-19 disease is not a REAL pandemic threat, but rather a tool to deceive many Americans into fear and compliance under unwarranted, unconstitutional edicts from governors and mayors across America, most of which are Democrat controlled.

WebMD shares in a post that 200,000 people are hospitalized each year on average for the flu, while the CDC statesCDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2019–2020 season was moderate with an estimated 38 million people sick with flu, 18 million visits to a health care provider for flu, 400,000 hospitalizations for flu, and 22,000 flu deaths.”

Now we do know that in the 2017-18 flu was much more severe as according to a CDC report that states “CDC estimates that influenza was associated with 45 million illnesses, 21 million medical visits, 810,000 hospitalizations, and 61,000 deaths during the 2017–2018 influenza season.”

Also WebMD shares that 5-20% of people get the flu every year. The CDC states 3-11% of people get the flu every year. That’s quite a variance. Which by the way, in 2017-2018 flu season the CDC numbers say 13.6% of people got the flu.

That gives us some foundational data on the flu in America.

Let’s take the median of say 10% on average get the flu. So, 330 million people in America X 10% = 33 million. This number is dead center between the CDC data from the 2017-18 flu season where 45 million were infected and the 2019-2020 flu season where only 22 million were estimated to have had the flu.

And current testing data is showing a near 10% positivity test rating for Covid-19. Many more people are getting tested now because they have the flu and because they want to know they don’t have Covid-19 so they can visit with friends and family.

An article by Reuters says the CDC has stated on their website the following in regards to Covid-19 testing.

“Two kinds of tests are available for COVID-19: viral tests and antibody tests. A viral test tells you if you have a current infection. An antibody test might tell you if you had a past infection.”

The CDC says there is a chance that antibody testing may produce a positive result if you have antibodies from another virus from the coronavirus family, such as the common cold. Some milder coronaviruses can cause illnesses like the common cold, while others cause more severe illnesses like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The COVID-19 viral test tells patients whether they have a current infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Users are equating the information on COVID-19 antibody testing to viral COVID-19 testing, which is false.”

This Reuters article in sharing CDC data makes it clear that Antibody tests can produce false positives when a patient actually had a related coronavirus or a common influenza. And let’s keep in mind the Medical Examiner determines the cause of death recorded on the death certificate. The question is if the antibody tests are inaccurate and the patient may never had a viral PCR Covid-19 test, but the antibody test showed positive for Covid-19, then the a death could be incorrectly attributed to Covid-19 versus a common flu or other related coronavirus the patient actually died with.

And there appears to be ample proof that PCR tests for viral infection may produce false positives. Read this article and search for yourself about the reliability of the PCR tests. Them being very accurate is definitely in question.

And I’ll note that according to the CDC 94% of those dying with Covid-19 had other causes of death listed on their death certificates, 90% of those dying with Covid-19 were age 75+ and had an average of 2.6 other causes of death. And did you know that the average age of those dying with Covid-19 was age 78, the same as the average life expectancy of Americans.

The fact that the Virus tests can produce a positive result from the common flu would point to that many of the deaths attributed to those dying with the Virus were actually the flu virus.

There’s 15-50 million people in America that get the flu every year. With just a very small percentage of Virus antibody tests producing positive results from having the common flu, this could easily account for 50% of those dying with Covid-19. Let’s do that math. We know the flu season started in October and have seen also a significant rise in Covid-19 positive cases too. Along with this. Covid-19 testing has increased by 40-50% since July as well. I’ll dig into that in detail in a bit. Right now I’m trying to point out that if just a small portion of the Covid-19 antigen tests are producing positive results for having had other coronaviruses or the common flu, the spike we are seeing in the Covid-19 cases and deaths could be partially responsible. After all with 5 million a month getting the flu and getting tested for Covid-19 could spike the total false positives for cases and deaths attributed to Covid-19. However, to be clear, I’m not saying this is a huge contributor to the rise of cases and deaths. I just wanted to make this point first.

Let’s talk about Covid-19 and Governor Newsom’s strategy to slow the spread of Covid-19.

On August 28 Governor Newsom switched the Covid-19 monitoring to focus on cases and reopening certain businesses and schools based upon the percent of Covid-19 cases reported by each county population. Deaths or hospitalizations was not a key barometer to track. Hmm? Why not? Are those not key indicators of a TRUE and REAL pandemic threat?

A Mercury News article from August 28 shared the following.

"The state specifically excluded a green level, Newsom said, “because we don’t believe there’s a green light that says go back to the way things were.”

So, we know some false positives can be produced by antigen Covid-19 tests from the common flu and we are now in flu season in the past few weeks. We have also seen flu cases rise in direct correlation to flu season. Hmm? Now again, this is not the key reason Covid-19 cases are now rising. It is increased testing. I’ll get into that in a minute.

After all, in our crazy world no one gets the flu anymore. If you’ve got a cough, fever, runny nose and congestion in the chest it may just be the Covid-19, right? And now many are getting tested for both PCR and Antigen Covid-19 tests so they can know if they have Covid-19 or have had Covid-19. They are doing so because they want to go to Thanksgiving dinner and because the flu season is here and so are symptoms that are much like the common flu.

Now let’s look at Covid-19 testing volume in America. You’ll find this interesting.

Let’s look at data from the Covid Tracking Project. Here’s a link to their site. You can find testing, cases, deaths and hospitalization data there. It’s the best site I could find in regarding to finding parsed out and daily data for all 2020.

Through the Covid Tracking Project you can see summary of PCR tests (not Antigen tests), cases, hospitalizations, deaths and recovered day by day for all of 2020. Note that no Covid-19 Antigen testing data is available. Hmm? Why not? This though I do believe when a positive result of an Antigen test is produced it adds to the total positive Covid-19 cases. This would serve as a partial reason as to why Covid-19 deaths are only near half of July’s peak. This though Covid-19 cases are up by more than 2X right now.

So I’d like to point out here some key data correlations.

First, Covid-19 PCR testing in America is at all-time highs. See tests by 15-16 Day period averages for past few months showing daily Virus tests in America.

Nov 1-15 – 1.41 Million/Day

Oct 16-30 - 1.19 Million/Day

Oct 1-15 - 1 Million/Day

Sept 16-30 - .988 Million/Day

Sept 1-15 - .8 Million/Day

August 16-31 - .797 Million/Day

August 1-15 - .813 Million/Day

You can see about a 20% increase in Covid-19 PCR tests in last two weeks of September, another near 20% increase of Covid-19 PCR tests in the last two weeks of October, and yet another in the first two weeks of November.

Now let’s compare this to Covid-19 Cases and Deaths during these same 3-months. And keep in mind, the flu season starts as early last two weeks of September in colder states and in October in most all states. So as Virus cases are rising in the past two weeks and we must remember Covid-19 Antigen tests can produce positive results from influenza.

CDC data shows Covid-19 cases from October 1 to October 30 have more than doubled from 46,400 on October 1 to nearly 98,859 on October 30.

So, there was a near 100% rise in Covid-19 cases in October and near a 20% rise in Covid-19 PCR tests in the last two weeks of October. And flu season began in full swing in most all the country by mid-October.

And in the first two weeks of November there was also 20% rise in PCR Covi-19 tests and the number of Covid-19 cases grew from 74,236 cases on November 1st to 135,187 cases on November 15th. That’s about an 82% increase. And the cases are rising even more in the past few days to more than double from the beginning of November in the daily rise of cases.

BTW, I could not locate data on percent of false positive tests for PCR or Antigen Covid-19 testing.

Don’t you find this interesting?

Yet if there are an average of 33 million people that get the flu every year and the CDC says Covid-19 Antigen tests can test positive from having influenza, when the flu season starts would not those 5 million or so flu cases happening every month greatly impact the number of false positive Covid-19 Antigen tests and increase the overall Covid-19 tests performed by people that want to know if they had Covid-19 tests?

Yes and yes, right?

But wait there’s more! 😊

Medicare does get paid more for hospitalizations testing positive with Covid-19 infections.

I discovered in a May 1 press release by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) distributed “$12 billion to facilities admitting large numbers of COVID-19 patients and $10 billion to providers in rural areas, who are already working on narrow margins.”

And beyond this $22 billion, the HHS had already approved by Congress another $75 billion.

And as shared in a Denver Post article on May 20, made it clear funds being distributed is for hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients, not for when Covid-19 is listed as one of the causes of death. The article states the following.

“In most cases, Kelly said, patients with COVID-19 are dying at hospitals, so medical examiners often are not directly involved in ruling the cause of death.

Under the CARES Act, the government will pay hospitals 20% more for Medicare patients with COVID-19.

These payments are for Medicare patients with the disease who are hospitalized, and doesn’t change based on whether someone is discharged or dies. They also do not cover those who seek medical care for the coronavirus at emergency rooms and are not admitted for hospital stays, said Julie Lonborg, senior vice president of the Colorado Hospital Association.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that the total amount of payments to U.S. hospitals for treating uninsured patients during the pandemic could range from $13.9 billion to $41.8 billion.

The foundation found that the average Medicare payment to hospitals for respiratory infections in 2017 ranged from $13,297 to $40,218, depending on the severity of the illness.

In Colorado, Medicare reimbursement typically equates to 70 cents per dollar for the cost of care provided to a patient. Under the CARES Act, the reimbursement increases to 84 cents per dollar for care for COVID-19 patients, Lonborg said.”

### - End of Denver Post quote from their article.

There are 20% higher Medicare reimbursements being paid out to hospitals for treating COVID patients and we know there the Covid-19 Antigen tests can produce false positive results for Covid-19 when the patient only has the flu or another coronavirus.

To be clear, I’m not insinuating hospitals are wrongfully recording patients with COVID to get paid more. It’s just that some of those positive COVID tests were false. Yet that would not keep the hospital from collecting 20% more from the $97 billion set aside to pay hospitals in treating Covid-19 patients.

OK, so that wraps it up on my analysis of Covid-19 and tests and in comparing Covid-19 and the possible impact to death totals and positive case totals as a result of the flu and faulty testing.

And in the last 3 years, have there not been some pretty nasty flu viruses going around? I know in 2018 I had a virus where I got intense flu symptoms for a few days, a very congested chest and brutal cough that lasted for weeks, even months. And last November of 2019 I got a really bad flu with deep congestion that almost went into my lungs. I had a horrible cough for 1-2 weeks. Could this flu in November been Covid-19? Don’t know? I may get tested soon to discover if I did and so I may visit relatives that may be a risk and lessen their concerns I could have Covid-19. The fact is my flu in 2018 was much worse and my cough lasted longer. I went to doctors for both I believe and believe they prescribed ZPak.

Now on to the next key point of discussion on the Covid-19 con job or Collusion Delusion.

First I’ll share some incredibly eye-opening data was recently revealed in a story reported by One America News Network. They reported the CDC now says 51,000 deaths in 2020 attributed to the Virus were actually from heart attacks. See link below.

And know that I have performed some analysis of my own about diseases and correlations to deaths with Covid-19.

This is perhaps the most eye-opening point I’m going to make in this article.

I’ll get into that shortly.

First, let’s review what we know about data from the CDC. CDC data shows that those over age 70 that catch the virus have a 95% survival rate. And 90% of those dying with the virus are age 75+ and had average of 2.6 other causes of death. The average age of those dying with the virus are age 78, the same age as average life expectancy.

The CDC data survival rate from Covid-19 is …

99.997% for ages 0-19

99.8% for ages 20-49

99.5% for ages 50-69

94.6% for ages 70+

Overall, 94% of those dying with the virus had one or several more serious health conditions that would have killed most in weeks to months to at most a couple of years anyways.

It appears that near 10% of Americans are testing positive for Covid-19 right now. It is not beyond wild speculation that 10% of Americans have been at one point infected with Covid-19 in 2020. After all there are now 11.6 million cases reported and it’s likely that still 2/3 of Americans have yet to be tested for Covid-19. So that would project out to near 33 million Covid-19 cases in America. That is about 10% of the population of America.

Remember 600,000 people every year die from cancer. If they caught the virus with stage 4 cancer, they may have been only days to weeks or months from dying from cancer. They would be listed as one of the Covid-19 deaths we see now just over 250,000 deaths in 2020.

My mom died of brain cancer in 2013. We knew she had 3-4 months to live. If she did not get cancer then but in 2020 and caught the virus, she may have died a few weeks early with the virus listed as one of the causes of death. She would have been age 79.

I know of another family friend with a like story.

Do you know of anyone with a like story?

If 10% of those dying with cancer are catching the virus and they die a few weeks to months early, then 60,000 that would have died anyways in 2020 from cancer, are now counted in the virus death total.

650,000 people die from heart disease every year.

10% x 650,000 = 65,000 dying with Covid-19 that would most likely died this year anyways.

480,000 die every year from lung disease.

10% x 480,000 = 48,000 dying with Covid-19 that most likely would have died this year anyways.

That’s just the top three diseases and we have a total of 183,000 people that likely died from one of those three top killers of Americans, but also had Covid-19 listed on their death certificate as a cause of death too.

2.8 million die every year in America. Their average age is 78. Most of them were already very ill with advanced disease.

2.8 million X 10% infected with the virus = 280,000

America is on pace to see near 300,000 die with the Covid-19 And we know 94% of those were already very ill with another disease. 90% of those over age 75 and with 2.6 other causes of death.

Are you seeing the pattern here? Is the Covid-19 Con Job, Collusion Delusion not now obvious?

And don’t be fooled by stories claiming that average deaths are up by 300,000. That’s a lie. All those stories give no basis on how they computed this. I challenge you to go ahead and try to find current total deaths to date in 2020 in America. I searched on multiple search engines and only found data thru Q1-2020 on the CDC site.

The Covid-19 death and case numbers are updated daily and found in a 3-second search.

Why aren’t the total death numbers to date in 2020 available?

What have they to hide?

The Truth is, is that Covid-19 is no true pandemic threat.

Next topic, vaccines.

Vaccines are claiming to be 95% effective.

What is the true value of these vaccines?

It seems like the immune system is handling the Covid-19 quite well for those under age 70. Again 90% of those dying with the virus are age 75+ and already very ill. There’s already a 94.6% survival rate of the virus for those over age 70.

And remember some dying with Covi-19 are in their late 80’s and 90’s. We don’t live forever. Anything beyond age 78 is a gift from God. Many don’t make it to age 70 or 75.

And suicides and drug and alcohol overdoses are up big time. I compared to previous years and it appears that there will be 20,000 to 30,000 more deaths by suicide and from drug and alcohol deaths in 2020 than in an average year.

And how many more will die in 2021-22 from not getting early cancer screenings in 2020?

How many families have been decimated due to losing their jobs or small businesses in 2020? 10 million? 20 million?

What about the social and emotional and relational cost of not spending time with family and friends or working with people in person?

How much longer until America wakes up to the lies being pushed on us all by the Left-Wing media, Dems and so called scientists or health experts that ignore the real data, the real science as I have shared?

This is Medical Tyranny. Covid-19 is nothing more than a fear-mongering tool, without any true science behind it, that nefarious Dem governors and mayors have used to implement unwarranted, unconstitutional powers on the basis of Covid-19 being an actual pandemic, when it is not!

Driving a car is more lethal and harmful than the virus is to those under age 70.

10% of those dying w/ virus under age 75 = 25,000

The average number of people that die every year in America from auto accident is 38,000. And 41% of people are injured in those accidents. Some of those never walk again or suffer in pain or disability for months, years or life.

Most of those catching Covid-19 do not get serious symptoms. Many do not even know they had it. I’ve had flus in 2018 and 2019 that were horrible for days and had a cough and congestion that held on for weeks, one even for 2-3 months.

It’s all a con job my friends!

Covid-19 by any other name, without the mass push by the media and Dems to make us think it’s the next Black Plague, would just be another bad flu season.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Now, we are almost done. I’ve just got a bit more of Truth to share with you from charts about the current case and death counts from in America and Europe. This will complete the picture of the Covid-19 Con Job and point to the Covid-19 strategies I’ve already shared in past articles here about how Sweden provides a clear route to fully reopen and return to living a normal life before Covid-19. And in case I forget, I want to point out that perhaps the end conclusion here is that Covid-19 is not the killer that mass media claims it to be and that it may be best to simply realize that there is no avoiding the eventual catching of Covid-19.

And that this most often the symptoms are light and only truly lethal or very harmful to the elderly and already very ill. Maybe we just have to march on thru as we always have and live our lives or we may be living under tyrannical lockdowns and mask mandates for no real reason. And as shared in past articles, there’s proof from CDC studies and testimony from Dr Fauci and others that face masks simply won’t stop the spread of Covid-19.

So let's take a quick examination of CDC charts on Covid-19 deaths and cases.

New York City

You know, where there was the highest spread in America of Covid-19? If you recall the packed city stayed open longer and Governor Cuomo ordered Senior Citizens into nursing homes though they were infected with Covid-19. It’s been reported that near half of those that died with Covid-19 were those in nursing homes or Senior Care facilities. To date 33,607 deaths have been ATTRIBUTED to Covid-19. What is not highlighted is that the CDC data says that 90% of people in America dying with Covid-19 are age 75+ and had average of 2.6 other causes of death. The average age of those dying with Covid-19 in age 78, the same age as life expectancy in America.

Now look at the chart below of American Covid-19 cases. Notice how the cases across America are rising well over 2X from peak cases in July? This though mask mandates in public and stores and public transit exist in most all states across America. Did masks work? I’d say an absolutely NOT!

See below the CDC graph of Covid-19 deaths in New York City. See how the cases are spiking back up, but only to about 40% of their peak in April? Why do you think the cases are down so dramatically in NYC? And, is not testing readily more available now then in April? More tests will invariably produce more positive test results and cases. Right? Hmm?

OK, so now in NYC, what is the impact of the 40% rise in cases to July’s peak in terms of those dying with Covid-19? Compare the deaths that happened in April to the number of cases and deaths now. The cases, though spiking by up to 40% of July’s peak are not resulting in mass deaths attributed to Covid-19. The percent of cases may have actually been much higher in NYC in April than testing showed. Reports from May and June I recall showed that New York City had a 20% positive test rate for Covid-19. And now with NYC having an inverse reaction to spike in cases as compared to much of the rest of the country, does this not make you think? Maybe NYC achieved Herd Immunity or at least most of the way. And maybe the deaths are down from near 10% in April to near .6% now? Maybe the those elderly and sick are staying quarantined from the general public? Maybe our hospitals know much better how to deal with the virus than in April? And remember this does not change that 90% of those dying with Covid-19 are age 75+ and have 2-3 other causes of death besides Covid-19.

But wait! There’s more!

Let’s look at the Covid-19 cases and deaths now as compared to July when they peaked in America.

You can see the rise in cases has dramatically increased for the past five weeks, but the deaths in the past few weeks are nowhere near those in July. It appears that our hospitals know much better how to handle the virus now. True, there may have been a much higher spread of the virus in July and there appears to be about 40% more testing being done now. The rise in cases is dramatic at near 3X over the peak in Summer, yet the number of deaths is down by near a 1/3. Not going to run the exact math here but the reality is the lethal threat of the virus, though cases are up 3X, the deaths are way down.

And there’s more! 😊

Let’s look at Florida which fully reopened on September 25th and has not since had mask mandates or Social Distancing requirements is restaurants or retail. I believe many school districts are fully reopen as well without mask or Social Distancing mandates.

Hmm? Their cases and deaths look just like New York City? The cases are near half of July peak and the deaths are only a 1/3 of July peak and have gone down by 50% in the past 7-weeks since mostly reopening the state. And this though Florida has the 5th highest average age of residents in America at age 42.2 years old. The average age of Americans is 38.2 years old. What is happening here? Maybe people are protecting those at risk and the rest going on to live their lives. Maybe many more had the virus than we thought? Maybe those catching Covid-19 are mostly under 70 and in decent health and so they are experiencing light symptoms and their bodies immune system is handling Covid-19 just fine?

And maybe because Covid-19, I’ve read is so much like other coronaviruses and even the common flu that many of us have all had in the past 5-50 years so our immune system does not have far to adapt to handle Covid-19 that is not much different? This is called T-Cell Immunity. Google for yourself.

And lastly let’s look at Sweden, the country that used Social Distancing only, no mask mandates, no lockdowns or shut down of schools and only very limited restrictions on businesses being open.

Quite interestingly, the cases are up over 3X, but testing was also up 2X as of 3 weeks ago according the Statistica. Maybe the tests are up by 3X now? More importantly, though Sweden’s cases are rising, the deaths are dropping again fast to back near zero daily.

And one more key thought.

The rise in cases, paired with lower deaths in Sweden, America, everywhere might also be due to Anti-Gen testing being done to see if a person has had the virus in the past. This would still produce a positive test result and be listed as a new case. Am I wrong? I could be, but I could be right and this might explain a lot.

And lastly, let’s look at Sweden’s European neighbors that are locking down and mask mandating again over Covid-19.

Here’s Germany. Notice the cases are up near 350% over the former peak in March.

Notice how the deaths are only back up to match peaks in March. I believe this may be for a few reasons. First, they were opened back up a bit this Summer and then cases started rising again. But why the increased deaths? This could be due to Germany having an older population whose average age is 45.9 years old vs say Sweden’s average age that is 40.9 and America that is 38.2 years old and only has seen a rebound of deaths to near 50% of July’s peak, this though cases are up over 2X from July’s peak.

I could go over France and Italy but their strategy of lockdowns and mask mandates is much the same as Germany and the cases and deaths appear the same too. The UK appears much the same as America and had like Covid-19 strategy and their average age is 40 years old as compared to America’s 38.2 years old.

So now you may have hopefully had your eyes opened about the Truth that Covid-19 is a FAKE PANDEMIC THREAT, and is certainly NOT the mass murderer the media has made it out to be in order to use it as fear-mongering for Democrat and RINO governors and mayors to gain unwarranted, unconstitutional power and wield it over their citizens in tyrannical manner.

I could share more. :) Please share this article.

Please follow CitizensReUnited on Facebook, Twitter and share about our site with friends, family, co-workers, whomever needs to hear this message or can benefit from what our site offers and expresses.

Together our small voices may become ONE BIG VOICE to SAVE America.

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