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Is America Soon to Be Attacked by China and Russia? Will Ezekiel 38-39 Prophecy Soon Be Fulfilled?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This article was sparked by an article shared by a friend that shares how US military Naval Carriers are being positioned off shores of the West and East coasts of America and massive troop and cargo planes are being deployed to Nellis Air Force Base, which is just 7-miles from Las Vegas, CA.

Can I confirm any of this? Not likely, but nevertheless, it could be happening and if not already happening, why could and should not such be taking place at a time in America where mass election fraud has taken place to fraudulently tally votes for Joe Biden and steal them from President Trump. And the Left-Wing Mainstream media and the Democratic Party have been rolling right along in accepting the reported election results. This despite stacks of affidavits and testimonies to the sky reporting of election fraud taking place in all key battleground states. And corrupt state judges, governors and elections officials have been busy about hurriedly certifying their county and state election results, even on the days of hearings of testimonies of fraud being heard by state legislatures. Whom BTW, is the sole and final authority to certify elections and cast electoral college votes for President and Vice President.

Months ago, and several times on Social Media in past years, I said that China and Russia could attack us when we were busy being divided as a nation. This being thru the UN under the guise that Dems say Trump is attempting to launch Dictatorship. This is absurd! This would not the case if President Trump orders Martial Law to hold military tribunals to investigate election fraud. This could happen If SCOTUS does not justly rule on election fraud. Yes, I’m saying the fraud is so massive and statistical improbabilities so high that there is no way the election was not stolen.

Have you watched or listened to the dozen plus hours of public testimony before state legislatures of election fraud in swing states? Have you seen the many videos sharing of statistical anomalies impossibly happening in the middle of the night on November 4, where millions of votes were added to Joe Biden while very few were added to President Trump? 10’s of millions of Americans saw these testimonies of eye-witnesses that also provided affidavits.

There are so many accounts of fraud! It’s unbelievable and unacceptable! 10’s of millions of Americans will never accept or stand for the illegal votes cast to stand. The US Supreme Court is wise to accept this conclusion and take serious the ramifications of not justly ruling upon the massive amounts of election fraud that took place and overturned the true winner of the election Donald J Trump and that of several more seats in state and federal elections. The new State of Texas lawsuit filed directly to the US Supreme Court against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia is perhaps a game-changer. There has been obvious voter disenfranchisement by citizens across the nation because these states not only allowed election fraud to take place, but also did not follow their own state election laws or even violated Constitutional law in their elections and actions. Because of such, this lawsuit could very well flip the election, rightfully, to President Trump. This may not happen quickly and the case could take weeks until the US Supreme Court renders a ruling on this lawsuit, where more states are reported to soon be joining this lawsuit and President Trump has already agreed to join the lawsuit as well. I’ll be writing an article this afternoon with more details on this breaking story.

When things seem too good to be true, most all people ignore such. Often for sound reasoning, but not always. And when something is too bad to be true, why are many Americans ignoring the stacks of evidence, 10,000+ affidavits, the completely insecure of design of our election process that sets up elections for massive fraud to take place?

Now, most of the talk before the election was that America would fall by its own demise by voting in Socialism/Communism. This was even a bit of propaganda in retrospect of the massive election fraud, That is, a majority of Americans clearly are fed up with the lies, lockdowns, small business, schools and church shutdowns all over a virus that is less lethal to those under age 70-75 than is driving a car.

While some were saying an attack by China and Russia could happen at a time when America was busy being divided, that did not appear as very likely at all. With 2020 Hindsight Vision (pub intended) with the Dems having executed a coup to steal the election through election poll workers, election officials an even Secretary of States and local District Attorneys and judges being complicit to commit or ignore fraud having taken place in all key battleground states via mail-in ballots and electronic voting machines.

Did you know that numerous people have shared their dreams of America under siege and attack by Chinese and Russian soldiers. Read some accounts of such dreams here at Endtime Dream and Vision’s website. Even I have had two dreams in the past two years regarding nuclear missile attacks on California in cities Southern and Northern California. One such dream projected for an attack on LA and Bay Area not far from Christmas time. I was not given a year. Plus if you have not read my December 2nd article about “December Signs in the Skies” that possibly could correlate with sacred events or political events here on Earth, read this too as it could be quite relevant too. I will say this is purely speculation, yet I believe I do make an interesting case for such and I share about how God has undeniably worked in my life through numbers to point to future events and confirm milestone past events in my own life. I share too about my 2020 Vision I had some 20 years ago in the year 2,000.

OK, off the tangent and back on subject.

After Election Day, in seeing all the massive election fraud happening against Trump, my logic (maybe the Holy Spirit?) directed me that if the election fraud was exposed and but NOT justly ruled upon by the US Supreme Court, that the backup plan for the nefarious Left/Dems/Globalists might just have to be a military attack and coup.

Remember the Dems leaders like Nancy Pelosi stated they would do whatever it takes to remove President Trump from office, even fumigate him from the White House. And seeing how they are clearly aligned with Communist China and the United Nations in many ways and have overtly expressed such before and after the election, why wouldn’t they collude as such? And also don’t forget the censored New York Post articles about Hunter Biden emails, that also includes apparently names Joe Biden in payouts in deals with China and Russia. And if they are willing to cheat to win the election, then why wouldn’t they collude to help bring down America in any way? Consider that if the Dems lose and Trump wins, will not justice be done against those committing treason via election fraud, the Russian Collusion hoax and attempt to impeach President Trump over such and the Hunter/Joe Biden China and Russia cash outs revealed on Hunter’s laptop?

And consider that, under President Trump over the next 4-years, the tariffs for China would go up and the volume of imports to America from China would go down as manufacturing moves back to America and to Mexico. Under a strong Constitutional Republic controlled America under President Trump, Israel is very favored.

Did you know that Israel has been busy building a natural gas pipeline to Greece, which will connect to Europe? That is very challenging to Russia’s dominance of natural gas to Europe.

Iran has called America the “Great Satan” and Israel the “Little Satan” and it has stated it wants to destroy Israel and America. Could this be setting up Ezekiel 38-39 and Isaiah 17 to be happening very soon?

Is America not more than busy with protecting its own borders and will soon be working to gain stability after election is resolved or not resolved?

Would the actions of having Navy Fleet, strategically positioned off our shores, troops being brought home before Christmas (to be then redeployed after Christmas or the New Year) and troops being on high alert or actively deployed domestically, not severely limit America’s ability to respond to help Israel against potential attack by Russia, Iran and Turkey (Ezekiel 38-39)?

And yes, just like in Ezekiel 38-39 written some 2,500 years ago about a time in the last days, Russia, Iran and Turkey are allies. There are abundant spoils or oil and natural gas reserves just discovered in past decade by Israel. And with oil and natural gas resources diminishing or being very expensive to mine in Russia, Iran Turkey, could this not be another reason to attack Israel?

Of course, behind all this is Satan and his plans to destroy Israel. In his demented thinking, if he can remove Israel off the face of the Earth, then Bible prophecy cannot come to pass. That is crazy!

In Ezekiel 38-39 clearly Saudi Arabia and other nations (the Merchants of Tarshish and the Young Lions thereof (could be UK and America) only ask if Russia, Iran, Turkey and a couple other nations are marching through Syria to attack Israel to gain a bounty or spoils. It is clear these nations do not or cannot respond to help Israel. Yet it matters not because God Himself steps in and destroys most all the armies lining up to attack Israel. God will make it clear to the world that the God of Israel is real and is the God of the Bible and the God of Israel and the Jewish people and Christians. Still, most of the world will ignore such, as most have done so in the past and more than ever currently are ignoring potentially prophetic events on Earth or are blind as to what is really happening in our world.

And under President Trump, America’s oil supply has made America energy independent. America is still the “Strong Man” of the world under President Trump. Read my article on this topic from last month.

Our military has been revitalized in the past 4-years. Under President Trump there has been relative peace in the world. This may change in the near future as the plans of wicked people and nations in the world (controlled by Satan) may fail via a coup to take over America through election fraud and perhaps soon in civil war or insurrection to succeed from the union in California, Oregon, Washington, New York and perhaps a few other states. The Left/Dems/Globalists are determined to bring down America or turn her into a Communist, Fascist State via Dems winning election and control of the Senate, then moving to abolish OUR Constitution and all our rights therein.

Now, just as God will defend Israel from their attackers in Ezekiel 38-39, God could do such to defend America. The question is will He if we are attacked by China and Russia? Will God allow election fraud to be unjustly ruled upon? Why would God allow such to happen?

Maybe the answer to my next questions will answer my prior questions. Has America walked away from God and embraced sin and Satan and the corrupt ways of this world? Have Christians in mass done such too? If so, God may rightly, under His discretion and just decision, hand America over to be judged, over to a debased mind. God may allow America to be taken over by evil rulers or destroyed altogether in war or be put in disarray in civil war over election fraud not being justly ruled upon and the Virus being leveraged to engage tyranny by governors.

Many Americans are waking up now and are ignoring the unwarranted and unconstitutional edicts from rogue governors and rather are following Constitution and using their Citizen rights.

Will Believers humble themselves and repent to God in prayer and action to depart from their wicked ways and return to standing for Godly values and His Plans and Ways?

Could this still determine the outcome of the election and fate of America for the next few weeks, months or years?

Remember the Bible states that God sets up leaders of nations and takes others down. We may have a say in that (or not), but ultimately God is sovereign, completely just and thankfully, works all things together for Good for those that love God.

And also remember that in Matthew 24 and several places in the Bible it is stated that when we see such things happening on the Earth to look up for our redemption draws near. That is the Rapture of the True Believers, will take place soon. This will most likely before the Ezekiel 38-39 war. And to be clear, the Rapture of the Church to meet Jesus in the sky (as He said He would return just as He left) and then Heaven is certainly before the 7-Year Tribulation, for the Bible declares that is a time of which God will pour out wrath on the Earth on those that rejected Jesus as their Savior and Lord and did not embrace His loving gift of sacrifice on the cross to pay for our sins.

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