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Is America Destined for Civil War If Election Fraud is Not Justly Ruled Upon?

With the state of things in America, is Civil War Inevitable?

Unless the election fraud is ruled upon justly, then YES Civil War is very likely.


Millions to tens of millions of Americans have now heard dozens of eye-witness testimonies of election fraud or very suspicious behavior to take place in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan.

All such testimony is to date being summarily ignored by these state’s Judicial system, Governors, Attorney Generals and Secretaries of State as they have moved to certify elections and overlook the 100’s to 1000’s of affidavits per key battleground states. This makes a mockery of our voting and our Constitutional Republic. There is a very-large contingent of citizens that love America, love God and OUR Constitution. These citizens will simply not stand to see such injustice done. And without justice in elections, there can no longer be justice under any government that enabled or allows for such to stand. Patriotic citizens of America know this and will take a stand to defend our freedom and liberty for ourselves and our kids.

Now, there is hope because OUR Constitution clearly states that state legislatures certify elections and cast the Electoral College votes that determine the election of the President of the United States. The news media, nor do Governors, Judges, Attorney Generals or Secretaries of State have any power to make election results OFFICIAL or to have final authority to certify election results.

OUR Constitution clearly states that until one candidate receives 270 Electoral College votes, no candidate is declared the President-Elect. So, to be clear, any media that states that Joe Biden is the President-Elect is outright lying to you, lying to all of America and all the world.

How could one ever possibly trust this media or these government representatives, election officials or judges?

How could any citizen ever trust government officials that move to certify elections, while on the same day ignore hearings with dozens of testimonies of mass voter fraud, election interference or very, very suspicious behavior, data irregularities and even impossibilities taking place in their states?

Is our government not one of “Of the People, By The People and For the People”? Is it not one of due process of law? Is not OUR Constitution the law of the land?

And just today Fox News reported that AG Barr stated “the Justice Department has not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, despite claims by President Trump and his campaign’s legal team.”

So, what is likely to happen in the coming weeks?

I’ll try to quickly go through possibilities.

First, since the state legislatures hold the primary keys to certifying the presidential election and casting Electoral College votes, let’s take a look at which party holds majority in each state legislature.

Arizona – Republican Party

Nevada – Democratic Party

Wisconsin - Republican Party

Michigan - Republican Party

Pennsylvania - Republican Party

North Carolina - Republican Party

Georgia - Republican Party

With 5 out of 6 key battleground states the GOP holds majority in state legislatures. The GOP legislatures may choose to not certify election by December 8th and withhold their electoral college votes due on December 14. If neither candidate receives 270 or more electoral college votes, then the 12th Amendment would decide the election with one vote from each state in the House.

This is looking like a very real possibility of happening unless the US Supreme Court makes rulings on fraud that would overturn the election results before December 14 or orders a revote in battleground states or nationwide.

With the 12th Amendment determining the presidential election outcome, each state gets one vote for President and one for Vice President. This vote is conducted by US House representatives. To be clear, this means that Wyoming and Alaska have the same voting power as California, Florida, Texas or New York. This quite literally levels the playing field for all states. This is the law of the US Constitution. It cannot be changed without an Amendment to the Constitution.

According to the website, the in US House of Representatives the “Republicans hold a 26-23 edge, with one tie in Pennsylvania.” This is quite an advantage for the GOP and path to re-elect President Trump. If there is a tie in the voting of the 12th Amendment, the US Senate decides. Right now, the GOP has a significant advantage there too with a 53-45 advantage over Democrats.

Though this is our election process as stated in OUR Constitution (and my brief summary thereof), it would be much better if the US Supreme Court rules there was mass amounts of voter fraud in battleground states to overturn the current projected results.

And ultimately the maybe best solution not yet mentioned, that would provide best hope for PEACE in our land and just and fair elections, would be for a whole new election, with paper only ballots, with every vote counted by hand under scrutiny and transparency of a public livestream, independent auditors and multiple media organizations tallying the votes as well. Voter ID should absolutely be required and only absentee ballots (no mail-in ballots) should be granted only after a stepped up voter and citizen Identity authentication screening process before mailing out any Absentee Ballots. And voter rolls need to be cleaned up as well.

Can all this be done before January 20, 2021?

Absolutely. If not, we need to see a delay in the transition of presidential power to accommodate for such happening.

Read my article posted on Nov 10th, a few days after I came up with the idea to deploy Vegas casino security to make elections secure, transparent and accurately counted.

Why is this so important to see this happen?

First, without a secure, transparent and accurate system of counting votes, there will be no trust in the results. The trust in our elections clearly no longer exists for most citizens. And did you know the state legislatures can rewrite their election laws, even now and call for a revote or other measures such as audit or secure, transparent and accurate system to recount votes?

Next the Left-Wing media parading Joe Biden around as President-Elect for a couple of months only to legally overturn the election results through Constitutional law, will undoubtedly produce anger and confusion by those voted for Joe Biden. This is not valid anger or confusion. This is due to their ignorance of our Constitutional law and believing the lies of the Left-Wing, Activist media, that is clearly a pawn, a proxy for the Democrat Party agenda.

Should the US Supreme Court rule there was mass election fraud, enough thereof to overturn the election, this is justice at work. Without just and fair elections, we cannot have a Constitutional Republic, but only a Banana Republic.

The check and balance system invented by our Founding Fathers in giving the state legislatures the power to certify elections, control the election process and to cast votes for the electoral college to determine the next President is one that is very genius. It was also one demanded by the states so the Federal Government would not obtain absolute power.

Following the election process of the Constitution may very well work to rightly re-elect President Trump to a second term. The founders designed the Electoral College system, after praying and receiving inspiration to God, to give state congressional representatives this very power to override injustice when the state Executive and Judicial branches of government or even the US Supreme Court fails to rule justly when election fraud is summarily dismissed. Will we soon see what happens.

Let’s hope and pray it all works out well. Let’s be praying that election fraud is clearly exposed and justly ruled upon by the US Supreme Court.

Let’s pray the state legislatures act with honor, wisdom and courage to do the right and just thing. If they fail to do so and the election is allowed to be unfairly won by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, then at risk is peace in our nation. At risk is a civil war in the very near future. At risk is our future freedom and liberty for all. No longer can we take for granted the freedom and prosperity we grew up in America. If we fail to stand now and earn our freedom and liberty, our kids may never see or know what we had. And if President Trump lose the election due to election fraud being unjustly ruled upon or corrupt, turncoat Republicans act with cowardice and without integrity or courage, at risk will be millions of lives in fighting a civil war. And even then, we may never regain what we had.

To conclude, if President Trump prevails to start a second term, there may be some serious rioting, but I see that quickly being put down.

If Biden-Harris somehow take office on Jan 20, 2021 or at some later date, The United States of America as a Constitutional Republic may be done. The Progressive Left Democrats, such as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and many other Democrats have made it clear they want to LOCKDOWN America over a virus that for those under age 75 is less lethal than driving a car. They want to take away our guns, to end our free speech, to end our right to freely worship our God and to turn our country into a Socialist, then Communist, then Fascist Surveillance State.

There may soon come a point in time where we will be forced to choose our side and take a stand. Better yet to break your silence now. We must all speak up loud for all people to hear, for God to hear in prayer for what is Good, Right, Just and True. The cost now is much less to pay than if civil war comes.

How many must die, how many lives be disrupted, how many must suffer and go hungry? What cost must be paid before peace is attained?

And are we not already at war? Has America not been under a Spiritual, Demonic attack that has surfaced through the corrupt activity, the lies from the Left-Wing media to deceive America in 2020 and since 2015? Has this not happened through the misinformation by the media and censoring or true CDC health data about Covid-19, about election fraud and our very Constitutional election process?

America needs is to get beyond its pride. We need to repent of our wicked ways and be humble before each other and before God. If we fail to do this and embrace what is best, Good, Right, True and Just, we shall have little of such left in America. We may very well be judged as a nation and may never recover.

Now, no matter what happens, Believers in Jesus have hope in Jesus. This does not mean God will not allow things to get very ugly in America and for our country to be destroyed, Christians to be greatly persecuted, before the Rapture happens. On the other hand, Jesus may come any, day, week, month or year. We know we are drawing ever so close, but we cannot call it though the signs say it is near.

Scripture does state that God works all things together for good for those that love Jesus. And remember God sets up leaders and takes others down. God has his plans and purposes behind it all. And God does not want any to perish. God still has a wonderful plan for your life and mine. The One, True God of the Bible, is a God of justice. Will we see God’s justice be done on Earth as it is in Heaven? That’s up to God.

Yet …

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Yes, this was a promise to the Jewish people. Yet are Christians not children of God. Is our hope not in the Lord? Is our Salvation not thru Jesus? Did not Jesus tell us to pray and ask that God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven?

All rhetorical questions there.

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