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Dems Using a “Normalization” Strategy Deployed in Marxist Revolutions. Biden is not President-Elect.

This is the Dems using their puppet media. This is a "Normalization" technique used in Marxist/Socialist/Communist revolutions. They are using the media as a propaganda tool to make people think he has actually become President-Elect. The media in America has zero authority to call an election, nor do Joe Biden or Kamala Harris have the authority to claim they have won. What they actually have done is on the edge of insurrection.

This image was shared by Facebook group American Patriot.

There are no official or certified election results in.

President Trump has not conceded the election.

And there are thousands of reports of election fraud and actual evidence that election fraud has taken place, at minimum in key battleground states, if not across all of America.

The DOJ and state authorities are busy examining all the reports of election fraud. This will take a couple of weeks at minimum. Then the evidence will be presented to the court. And then and only then will a recount of legal votes take place, minus the illegal votes.

After a recount, most likely by hand counting paper ballots, the real and fair election results will be revealed. If this all happens prior to December 14, 2020, then state legislatures will certify the election results and cast their electoral votes for President. If the courts have not ruled or have clearly ignored real evidence of election fraud, the state legislatures do have the option to cast their electoral votes for their own party. This is what the Constitution grants. The Republican state legislatures control 6 of 7 the key battleground state houses (Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina) and they hold majority in 30 of the state legislatures, while the Democrats only control 19. The Dems would lose the election if this took place.

The President just tweeted this.

Do you really think the President would tweet such exact figures without having ample proof this has happened?

There are so many accounts of voter fraud reported that it would literally take me hours just to properly list all I know of. I’m sure you’ve seen and heard of many videos and articles and news reports showing or declaring such as well. If you’ve not seen such reports of election fraud, you need to follow CitizensReUnited’s Facebook page here.

We need Congressional investigations and public questioning of Dominion Voting Systems executives, expert witnesses that already knew of the vulnerability of their software to being hacked or used to change the results votes from one candidate to another or delete votes for one candidate or another. And state election officials and witnesses to fraud taking place in our election also need to testify.

If the election is won by cheating, which is TREASON, there will be no justice and the Dems will do anything they want. They will pass any law they want. They will abolish the Constitution and all our rights. America will be turned in a Democratic, Fascist, Socialist, Dystopian State.

Christians and Conservatives will be attacked first and foremost. All those opposing the state will be rounded up and who knows what they might do. Think this is not possible? It happened with Communist Soviet Union and China and 10's of millions were murdered for NOT OBEYING the state. And do not think that after they round up the Christians, Jews and Trump supporters that they will not step up their tyranny to command absolute obedience to the state and issue laws so very evil that even moderates would be forced to not OBEY the state or join in the evil acts of the state.

Now, we know the Bible says that Satan, AKA the AntiChrist, will during the time of the 70th Week of Daniel, in the 7-Year Great Tribulation, set up a One-World Government, Religion and Economic System that will force ALL to receive a Mark of the Beast on their right hand and forehead to be able to buy or sell anything. Everyone that receives the Mark will also be required to worship the Beast as well. All those that accept this Mark, the Bible says, cannot be forgiven their sins by God the Father. All that reject the Mark, will be killed, many beheaded. Any not murdered for not taking the Mark will have to hide for until the time of the end of the Great Tribulation when Jesus returns with all the Saints from Heaven to conquer all the armies of man and Satan approaching Israel to attack her in the Valley of Armageddon. Now, those that survive may survive physically, but spiritually they will still remain dead if they have failed to receive Jesus as Savior to pay for their sins.

Wake up and get off the sidelines or our freedom may soon disappear. Of course, I may be one of the first to go. Hopefully, me disappearing will happen because of the rapture of the Church not because of nefarious, lying Dems taking over. BTW, this does appear it could happen any day, week or month now.

Be praying daily for the election fraud to be clearly revealed so the judges may rule to remove all illegal votes before a recount or even hold new election. And also pray a just and secure way to recount the votes or those to be counted in new elections, is adopted and implemented in all of America or in the least in Republican controlled state legislatures that set the election laws and rules of conducting elections. Have you read about my solution to provide for secure, just and transparent recounting of votes? Read about my solution here.

Next steps, please follow CitizensReUnited on Facebook, Twitter and share about our site with friends, family, co-workers, whomever needs to hear this message or can benefit from what our site offers and expresses.

Together our small voices may become ONE BIG VOICE to SAVE America.

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