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Dems Ready to Vote for Bill to get America High to Pave Path for Universal Basic Income, Free Pizza

Yes, that’s right! The Democrat Party has sponsored a bill to decriminalize marijuana across America. That House vote may happen today or next week. We also know the Democratic Party wants to pass legislation to provide Universal Basic Income.

We’ve seen a planned destruction of America’s freedom and economy in 2020 via means Rogue Governors acting like Kings and issuing orders based upon Covid-19 being an actual emergency.

I’ve written a few articles and posted many a times as to how Covid-19 is a Pandemic Hoax created to leverage tyrannical power for the Democratic Party. I won’t dive into that here all over again.

And how have their nefarious plans worked so very well to dupe America into closing down schools, businesses and churches. Only Satan could produce and organize such a devious plan for the Left-Wing Media, Big Tech and the Democrat Party to execute upon. And has not such devious plans not been carried out before in China, in Cuba? Read an article about this very topic published by the Epoch Times and watch a video about a story of 2 Cuban Americans as kids escaped Communism’s rollout in Cuba by Castro.

We’ve seen millions of small businesses across America shut down and many to most will never reopen. And now we are seeing a second wave of fear-mongering propaganda being pushed by the Left-Wing Media, Democratic Governors and asleep or RINO Governors and mayors. The businesses that shut down now will likely never reopen.

Why are small retail businesses and restaurants being ordered to close while grocery stores, liquor stores, strip clubs and CBD stores remain wide-open?

Churches, though protected by the First Amendment of OUR Constitution to freely practice religion, have had to fight in court the right to remain open. Those churches that have fully open have faced big fines and intense scrutiny from the county health departments. All where’s the huge outbreaks of Covid-19 spreading from churches gathering in the hundreds to thousands per service without Social Distancing or mask wearing at dozens of churches that have fully reopened since May 31 or this Summer? Do not think the media would not love to report on this.

And do not think that many big corporate retail brands are not suffering too! In getting my last haircut at a nationwide chain store I asked my stylist how much business was down from a year ago. She said 50%. And just google to learn of the dozens of retail brands that have shut doors or closed many stores.

Who is benefitting most from lockdowns and shutdown of small businesses? Amazon, Walmart, CostCo, Facebook and Google are certainly benefiting big time from them. Is this in the least bit fair? And are not the owners of all these companies clearly in support of the Democratic Party or their Progressive-Left policies which are in direct opposition to those of Conservative Republicans and Americans?

Oh and of course Rogue Governors too! Read my article from yesterday on this topic and how the police and citizens should respond to their unwarranted and unconstitutional edicts.

As of today, there are still 10.7 million more people out of work now than before Covid-19 hit.

And how many more millions of small business owners lost their business and income too? Is that another 5-10 million? And now with more lockdowns and shutdowns of businesses are we now going to see another 5-10 million permanently out of work?

Joe Biden has already stated he wants 100-days of mask-mandates. Yet masks simply do not work. The science behind this is indisputable. Watch this video with Dr. Simone Gold about how masks work to keep the virus from spreading as well as a keeping sand thrown at a chain linked fence from going through it.

And remember back in March of this year when Dr. Fauci, before he became a full on political pawn owned by the Left-Wing media, the Globalists and the Democratic Party, shared on 60 Minutes that masks simply won’t do much to stop Covid-19 from spreading, but may only make people feel more safe in a pandemic? Watch this video. I believe what happened to Dr. Fauci was the Leftist mob and Globalists made him an offer he could not refuse.

The more people are out of work and lose their small business income, the more opportunity for the Democratic Party and/or Big Government has to step in and fill the need of income with Universal Basic Income. And what better way than more lockdowns and shutdowns of small businesses?

And now we have the House Democrats wanting to pass a bill to legalize marijuana.


I’ve watched in my life of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s as a kid and in the 90’s, 2000’s and still today so many lives ruined from those becoming addicted to smoking pot. It not only destroys the intelligence of people. Marijuana kills the desire to have any goals or to work hard or fulfill dreams. I am told it actually stops people’s brains from actually dreaming while they sleep. And it certainly makes those who smoke pot to have the munchies. That is to want to devour pizza or snack food like there is no tomorrow. Many pot smokers want to do nothing but play video games and watch pro sports sponsoring BLM. Inc, a Marxist organization that is aligned in support of Planned Parenthood to murder babies in their mother’s womb.

I first-hand witnessed the debauchery caused by smoking pot every day in a year I spent at a public university (before attending Azusa Pacific University) in 1986-87. In the first month or two one of my roommates smoked pot every day and literally stacked empty pizza boxes to the ceiling near the front door. I do not believe he often went to class and he did not return for the second semester. He played video games, watched movies and sports all day long. Sometimes he ordered out for Chinese food. That was about as creative as he was. But I’m pretty sure he always had food delivered!

The perfectly planned storm of Satan is still being executed by the Left-Wing Media, Dems and Big Tech. A only way out (I see now) of their plans to turn America into a Socialist, then nefarious Communist State is to see the massive election fraud justly ruled upon or the legal Constitutional process followed and the GOP rightly voting for the election to be overturned to see President Trump be the winner of the election and begin a 2nd term in January or by March 4th, 2021. If not, we may need another Great Revival and another Great Awakening to see America restored to being the land of the Brave and Free. Read my post on the this very topic.

We all need to be praying individually, in humility, for God to forgive us our wicked ways and to see justice done in our elections. If we have not justice in our elections, there may soon be little justice, freedom or prosperity in America. Well, at least for the everyday, middle-class class citizen or below. Many Americans with money in stock market, invested in Big Tech and Amazon are doing quite well and may continue to prosper so long as they submit to the unlawful, anti-Constitutional and tyrannical Democratic rule.

If we fail to speak out against tyranny and the evil plans of the Left-Wing media and Big Tech that covers for them and censors Conservative opinion and the Democratic Party that clearly wants to dismantle our Constitution, then we shall soon lose our Constitutional rights and be forced to fight for our freedom once again. I pray 2020 or 2021 does not equal 1776. Surely 2020 has been equal to 1984 and 2021 is shaping up for being more fictionally retro living like in 1984 than we dare imagine. We must take back our country or lose it to nefarious Globalists and Dems that at pawns to Satan and his plans to bring on a One-World Government, Religion and Commerce/Economy system.

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