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Covid-19 is Pearl Harbor of 2020, Enabled By Fake News, Pushing Fake Pandemic Threat, to Wield Power

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

79 years ago today on December 7, 1941 Japan ruthlessly attacked America’s Navy in Pearl Harbor and killed 2,008 Navy personnel, 109 Marines, 218 Army service members and 68 civilians. They did so while still pretending to be carrying out peace negotiations. They did so in part out of a desire to become part a global empire and to control the East, in part because the world was being swept up in war and in part because Japan was running out of oil of which America supplied near 80% thereof. None of those were good reasons to attack America and declare war on America.

TO BE CLEAR, we owe our freedom to those that died and served in World War 2 and to all the Americans and other nations that banded together to fight the evil of Germany and Japan. Without their courage and great sacrifice, NONE OF US WOULD EVEN EXIST, let alone have a free country to live in that we have all been blessed by to grow up in.

YET NOW, OUR FREEDOM, OUR Constitutional Republic is under attack. And this time the attack was and is much more nefarious than that of Japan in World War 2.

The Japanese attack was a surprise mainly because our armed forces were not on HIGH-ALERT. We knew Japan might have been planning an attack and though we lost track of their naval fleet, orders were not given to deploy the fleet to sea.


It was thought torpedoes could not be used in the shallow bay of Pearl Harbor.

And though radar did catch massive blips on the screen of the approaching Japanese attack, it was incorrectly thought of as our own planes coming from the mainland. It was simply not yet trusted to be accurate.

So last Fall, if you recall, China and America were in Trade-Agreement talks when the talks broke down. President Trump ominously gave a speech on October or November warning of something big to come. What did he know, we may never know, but the case could be easily made that harsh words were exchanged by President Trump and China.

And then came the mysterious virus that supposedly escaped a bio-lab in Wuhan China last November. Thus began the Covid-19 Pandemic that has changed the world for the worse in 2020.

Yet what if the true threat is NOT Covid-19, nor currently China, but rather the Democratic Party, Left-Wing Media, Big Tech and Globalist Billionaires all seeking more power and to bring down America and turn her into first a Socialist, then Fascist, Communist, Surveillance State that is ready to hand over to a Global Government run by Satan. Indeed, is not Satan the REAL ENEMY?

Satan is the Father of Lies and Deception and Lawlessness. Have we not seen much of this in 2020? Will we not see much more of this in 2021? And are not the Left-Wing Media, the Democratic Party, Big Tech and Leftist/Globalist billionaires busy hating Christians, Conservatives, God, America, Freedom, Family, Small Businesses, Independence, OUR CONSTITUTION and the leader thereof President Trump?

Did not the Left/Dems/Media/Globalists begin setting up this attack with President Obama? Read my story from a few weeks back about how America is the Strongman of the World and how the Left/Dems/Media/Globalist have been attacking President Trump since he came down the golden escalator in 2015 when he announced he was running for president.

While on this topic, President Trump has proven to be Patriot President we voted for. He has seen through the election fraud and lies from the Left-Wing Media and the Democratic Party. He stands fighting for OUR freedom so America may remain free.

If we are to survive as a free nation, a Constitutional Republic, by the People, of the People and for the People we must all stand for freedom. We must endure and fight and speak out and be bold and courageous as all those that have served in our armed forces and still serve. We may not have to take up arms or risk our lives just yet, but certainly we must stand in protest to the tyranny over our land being directed by mostly Democratic Governors and RINOs. The Democratic Governors, mayors cannot be allowed to continue with tyranny of lockdowns, small business, school and shutdowns and requiring Americans to wear masks and Social Distance most everywhere for little good reason other than to gain power over us and control us.

We must not concede the election for it was wrongly won by Joe Biden by means of fraud and cheating. If the US Supreme Court and the state legislatures fail to rule justly on the stacks of evidence and affidavits to the sky, we must protest all the more until the rightfully elected president begins his second term of office and those that committed the treasonous crimes of election fraud against America are fully prosecuted and receive their due judgement. Be it through the US Supreme Court of military tribunals if necessary, justice must be delivered or there will no longer be much justice in America, not much freedom or liberty, but mostly tyranny, most especially against Patriots, Christians and Jews.

America is at war. Like with Pearl Harbor in WW2, America was and is being attacked by an enemy that was not easily seen on radar at first glance. The attack was so well planned and coordinated it could have only been originated by Satan. He is one that works in the dark, in obscurity to work devious and evil schemes. And he is the one that the Bible says will lead the world in a global government, religion and commerce system. Are we not already seeing all such being set up now for a Great Reset? I will be writing on this topic soon. For now it is clearly seen the agenda of the World Economic Forum as being the agenda to set up a New World Order for the AntiChrist (Satan possessing a man) to rule the world AFTER the Rapture of the Church. All such is but days, weeks, months or years away. We do not know the day, not the hour, but all the signs of the times say all such is very close.

Only in controlling most all the news and social media and Big Tech PLATFORMS could this attack have been pulled off. We’ve known the Left-Wing media has dominated the media for decades, but in the past few years and most especially in 2020, they have become more and more corrupt and purely are a proxy platform for the Democratic Party than ever before or ever thought possible.

Well, maybe not ever before imagined, just never thought possible in America. I’m referencing the novel 1984 and how it has or is about to come fully a reality in America. Yet most of America has been lulled to sleep by entertainment, freedom and liberty and unmatched prosperity. Most Americans simply took for granted freedom and were spiritually asleep as well.

2021 may just equal 1776 if America is to become like 1984. Of course what happens is truly up to the Lord. God sets up Kings and takes downs others. The key question to ask is why God does so. Has the Church in America become Lukewarm? Has it been polluted by the ways of the world? Has it failed to walk closely with God and rather embraced the evils of the world and Satan? I believe much of the Church has. We need to repent now and turn from our wicked ways or the Lord may place Joe Biden as our president to give us tyranny and persecution so great that we finally humble ourselves and do repent. I’d much prefer we be humble and repent now and fully return to embrace Jesus with all our hearts and minds and soul and love our neighbor as ourselves, without having to live under tyranny, but rather under freedom and liberty under a second term with President Trump. Yes, the outcome of the election may yet be determined by Christians and their willingness to serve the Lord and walk closely with Him, this enabling such to see thru the lies and the darkness of the Evil One.

Those of us awake, both politically and spiritually in the past few years or decades quickly saw through the lies of the media about Covid-19. Last March or early April I posted about Covid-19 not being a real pandemic threat and even a hoax of a virus. I posted on a Social Media network that “The Sky was Falling” as I called out the lying media and their fake news. I was viciously attacked and after several thousand views in less than 24-hours, I decided to take the post down. I kept posting about the topic and sharing the Truth that the Left-Wing news media was censoring Conservatives and Truth and they would publish articles in opposition to True Science and Real Data from the CDC.

Not much has changed to today, except that we have much more evidence and data about Covid-19 that clearly exposes it is NOT a REAL pandemic threat. I’ve shared much about this in past articles and provided ample proof thereof. You know, for example how driving a car is more lethal to those under age 70-75 than the virus is. Read this article. And I’ve written several more on this topic.

Any and all measures taken to date regarding Covid-19 are purely unwarranted and unconstitutional. Covid-19 is being leveraged to gain unwarranted and unconstitutional power by Governors and mayors.

Sadly since last Spring it has been obvious the Virus and most all that Left media prints is simply a coordinated narrative used to attack our Constitution and our freedom and rights therein guaranteed. They tried impeaching the President using the fake Russian Collusion Delusion as well. When that did not work, the Left/Dems/Globalists deployed Covid-19 to unleash fear and panic across America. ☹

Covid-19 has been promoted by the Left-Wing new media as a very dangerous and lethal pandemic. Did you know that if the Spanish Flu happened in 2020 it would have already killed 100-200 million people!

The news media produced the fear-mongering propaganda about Covid-19 (and still is) to send people into lockdowns and shutting down of their businesses. To date millions of small businesses have been shut down that may never reopen and over 10 million are still out of work than before Covid-19 hit. Many governors and mayors across America have since claimed emergency powers to wield power like they were Kings and royalty.

On that topic, Governors have no army and thanks to our sheriffs departments for not enforcing the unwarranted and unconstitutional edicts they have issued regarding Covid-19.

Of course, since Covid-19 is little more than a bad flu bug. Yet the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and BIG TECH SOCIAL AND SEARCH that control 85-95% of the global news media content and distribution, has made it to be the worst pandemic, maybe ever. Nothing could be further from the Truth. The Truth is, the Left Media, Big Tech and the Democratic leaders are out to deceive and destroy America.

And the Truth is there is a pandemic in our land! Suicides and drug and alcohol overdose are way up! They are even killing many more than Covid-19 alone! Let me show you the math.

90% of those dying with Covid-19 are age 75+ and had average of 2.6 other causes of death. This means that of the 280,000 or so deaths ATTRIBUTED to Covid-19 in America that only about 28,000 were by those under age 75. And we know that about 6% of the those dying with Covid-19, had Covid-19 as the sole cause of death. That’s less only 1,680 deaths in all of America. Nearly twice as many babies are aborted every day in America. 36,000 die in America in auto accidents. And how many more will die from cancer or heart disease not dealt with at an early stage due to Covid-19 lockdowns?

I just watched a video by Curtis Bowers over the weekend that due to Covid-19 crashing economies worldwide, that in coming year or years it is estimated that 130 million will die from starvation, poverty, other diseases and not receiving medication to be healed from them. That’s near 100 times the ATTRIBUTED DEATHS of Covid-19.

And to conclude, If 300,000+ die with Covid-19 in 2020, let us consider that most all those dying with Covid-19 would have likely died from cancer (kills 600K every year), heart disease (kills 650K every year). In all about 2.8 million people die every year in America and the average life expectancy of Americans is age 78, the same age as Covid-19. Did you know that roughly 5-20% of Americans get the flu every year? Well what if about 10-15% of Americans caught Covid-19? What if 10-15% of the 280,000 Americans that die every year caught Covid-19 and thus they died with Covid-19? That 280 million to 420,000 million Americans. And BTW, where are all the flu cases and deaths ATTRIBUTED TO THE FLU? Maybe simply, the testing are showing Covid-19 POSTIVE for the flu. Maybe Covid-19 is simply just another bad flu? Of course those at risk and those visiting them should take caution is so doing to not spread this bad flu, but the rest of us must get on with living life.

And one more thing. Buried deep with the CDC site is a PDF file showing that the total deaths in America are on pace to be average in total. In other words, there's not going to be an extra 300,000 deaths due to Covid-19.

And the virus was simply the first strategy to wage war. We then were hit with election fraud and the Left-Wing Media, Dems, Big Tech and even the DOJ and Department of Homeland Security said “This was the most secure election ever and there is no widespread election or voter fraud.” This despite over 10,000 affidavits, direct testimony by dozens in public hearings before state legislatures and videos and data impossibilities in vote swings early in the morning of November 4. This all in several key battleground states.

Our nation is completely corrupt. Let’s be praying the US Supreme Court Justices rules justly about election fraud. Let’s also be praying that the GOP state legislatures in states where 10’s to 100’s of thousands of votes were apparently added to Joe Biden and taken away from President Trump, will not certify the election or cast their electoral college votes for Joe Biden, but rather rightly for President Trump.

Unless more of America wakes up from its slumber, America may fall, may be taken over by a well-planned coup. All such being executed through deception by Dems and, Left-Wing Media and Big Tech.

Unless Christian Americans, that have not been walking closely with God are humble, no longer walk in pride and blindness, repent of their wicked ways, America will be under siege and may very well lose the war for OUR FREEDOM.

Without freedom, what do we have but tyranny? Are you OK with that? What about your kids? What about their freedom? What about standing for Truth, Justice and Righteousness? If we fail to do so now, we may soon have none of such later. If we fail to fight for OUR FREEDOM now, we will soon lose it.

Take action today! Join our cause to unify Conservative and Christian Americans to SAVE America.

Very soon, God-willing, we will be launching our own Social Network. The time is long overdue for Conservatives and Christians to have their own Social Media Network. The site will be focused on connecting Patriotic Conservatives and Believers in Jesus in fellowship and faith and to work together to SAVE America. Check out our summary page about our Social Network and sign up to be on our waiting list.

We hope to launch the site within a week or two! It will be free to join for the first 1,000 members!

We are also soon launching a Crowdfunding Campaign! We will be selling T-shirts and caps with some really cool Patriotic themes. And you reading this article will be our leaders of the CitizensReUnited and our soon to be launched Social Media Network. You can be the ones to introduce it to all of America!

With the funds raised from selling t-shirts, caps and small contributions, the minimal, low cost to launch this the Social Media Network will be covered and we’ll have money for press releases and marketing to quickly expand this grassroots effort to take part in saving America from the nefarious Socialists/Communists.

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