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Could Sweden’s Social Distancing Covid-19 Strategy Quickly Flatline Virus Deaths in America Too?

Sweden’s strategy to combat Covid-19 was very different from most all other nations, including America. Sweden’s main strategy was Social Distancing. Sweden has been near flatlined in Covid-19 deaths for nearly 90-days.

Sweden’s strategy worked better than perhaps all other strategies to combat Covid-19 deployed by America and the world.

Sweden used Social Distancing, no masks or lockdowns, kept schools and businesses open. They are now fully open, like pre-Covid-19 w/out masks and very little Social Distancing.

While most European countries are now dealing with second wave of Covid-19 and locking down, issuing mask mandates and seeing a rise in Covid-19 deaths, Sweden remains near flatlined in hospitalizations and deaths associated with Covid-19.

Sweden did not mandate lockdowns of citizens or closures of schools or businesses. Last Spring, they did limit bars and restaurants to a 50-person capacity. Again, their main strategy was Social Distancing and encouraged frequent hand washing as well.

While most of the world ORDERED their citizens to OBEY the UNPRECEDENTED use of COMPREHENSIVE lockdowns and mask mandates for ALL CITIZENS to try and limit the spread of the virus, Sweden did not. Sweden trusted their citizens to keep Socially Distant and make their own decisions on keeping the virus from spreading. Sweden also did not suffer as harsh of economic crash and their lives and economy have pretty much returned to normal.

Now, Sweden did have an above average early spike in cases and deaths as compared to it’s European neighbors, but much of this was due to deaths of elderly in nursing homes, as such was the case in New York, California, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

I will offer a detailed side by side comparison of America’s strategy vs. Sweden’s strategy to combat Covid-19, but first …

Let’s recall how the lockdowns, and mask mandates issued not long after, all gained traction in America.

First on January 31, 2020 President Trump ordered ban of flights from China to America and on March 11 banned flights from Europe. In March, President Trump was advised by Dr. Fauci that if he did not lockdown the country and shutdown businesses and air travel that we’d be seeing 2 million deaths from the virus. President Trump trusted the word of the Dr. Fauci and his team and on March 13 asked America to lockdown and shutdown the economy for 2-weeks. After 2-weeks the virus was still surging and so the President asked the country for 2 more weeks. On April 3rd, the CDC first recommended the wearing of masks. BTW, the CDC recently have made clear their mask recommendation was and are only for those WITH SYMPTOMS of the Coronavirus, NOT FOR THOSE WITHOUT symptoms.

And this though in a March 8th interview on 60 Minutes (date of YouTube video clip) where Dr. Fauci said the following.

“The masks are important for someone who’s infected to prevent them from infecting someone else … Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks … When you’re’ in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask may make people feel a little better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is … and often there are unintended consequences, people keep fiddling with their mask and touching their face … when you think masks, you should think healthcare providers needing them and those that are ill.”

Watch the clip from this interview now.

Since then we’ve seen Dr. Fauci flip-flop back and forth on positions about the virus and masks.

In mid-April the President and Dr. Fauci presented a reopening plan for America. From here, President Trump handed over the management of reopening and following or not following the CDC RECOMMENDATIONS to reopen the country OVER TO THE STATES. The states since mid-April have independently made their own plans to reopen in part or not. The Democratic led states, counties and cities have had the longest lockdowns and shutdowns of businesses, schools and churches. They also have had the harshest restrictions and implemented mask mandates (with fines), beach and mountain trail closures and issued orders of closure of “Non-Essential” businesses and churches. Still today in California and many states and cities across America, schools remain closed, or if open, are under strict Social Distancing and mask mandates.

All this over a virus that CDC data shared a couple months ago now that 90% of those dying with Covid-19 are age 75 plus and have average of 2.6 other causes of death that would have killed them (or actually and most likely did) within days, weeks, months or a couple of years. May I point out the inverse is that 10% of the reported 222,000 Covid-19 deaths in America to date on October 22, 2020 (22,200), are all there have been by those under age 75. Very odd that I’m posting this article on October 22, 2020!

Did you know that in America on average 38,000 people die in car accidents and 41% of those in accidents are injured? Many are handicapped or suffer from pain or injuries for months, years or life resulting from the 2 million plus auto accidents that take place every year in America? So even a full year of Covid-19 deaths by those under age 75 does not appear will equal the number of deaths from auto accidents in America in a year. Have you stopped driving and are not in fear of doing so, yet you are fearful of this virus that is less dangerous and lethal than auto accidents to those under 70-75 years of age?

Read my story on this topic.

And in Democratic controlled states like California, harsh Covid-19 restrictions still exist. This though no true pandemic threat or emergency exists. Governor Newsom has created his own Covid-19 reopen plan in color coded stages. This is even more strict than his first plan. These 4-color stages DO NOT allow for a full reopening to return to normal pre-Covid life, but still call for mask mandates and Social Distancing. Despite all the evidence to the contrary as provided by the CDC, the governor of California and other states are extending their unwarranted, unconstitutional, executive orders to maintain autocratic control over the citizens of their state. This though no true emergency or pandemic existing.

When Covid-19 attributed deaths are less by those under age 75 than those in auto accidents, how could you possibly say that’s it’s a general public health crisis?

American’s are already keeping distance from and/or wearing masks around those truly at risk, those age 70+ and with serious health conditions or diseases currently threatening their lives. My daughter rarely has seen her grandparents in person the last 7-months.

These governors, mayors and county health departments claim they have such authority under the Emergency Powers Act, yet there is no general pandemic to general population under age 70. Yet in California and many states across America many schools, most churches and restaurants remain closed or are open with strict limitations of capacity and with Social Distancing and mask mandates. Well, except when people are eating in a restaurant or kids at school eating snacks or lunch. People at restaurants or kids in school have permission from their governors and mayors to take their masks off then to eat and dine together. Of course, the virus won’t spread while eating. Argh! And Governor Newsom expects Californians to put their masks back on between bites too. LOL! OK, allow me for this paragraph and next to sidetrack to the BIG, HUGE PROBLEM of social media and search platform censorship as it’s directly related. I’ve already written about such, but it’s perhaps the biggest threat to maintaining a free country, one still under governance of our Constitution and keeping it from turning into a nefariously ruled Communist State. Read my first article here and my most recent article in regards to Twitter and Facebook censoring the New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s laptop here.

BTW, the Covid-19 fatality projections were reportedly sourced from a Bill Gates funded lab. I can’t find any articles on the biggest search engine pointing to that now. There were plenty of articles back in April and May. I shared many posts thru one Social Media platform and countered the arguments of the mainstream media about Covid-19, which effectively worked to get my account permanently locked last Spring for so doing. I can assure you I posted no foul language and had sources for everything. I had one post where I slightly misquoted a Conservative media source. This was their primary basis for locking my account. And I had no website of my own back then as now.

Is it not vital to a civil society and the stability of a nation and culture to have lies confronted and free speech protected?

I’m sure those Conservative and alt-media articles are still out there, just being filtered out by the big search engine. I know people that have them, but that all takes substantial time I simply don’t have. So there went 12 years of building up professional connections and relationships. All because I spoke my opinion and mind. I guess I got the wrong people upset. BTW, this social media platform was bought by a public software company that Bill Gates founded. Guess they didn’t like me sharing Truth. In my previous article, comparing the risks and deaths of car accidents to Covid-19, I went into detail about the price paid due to America deploying a Covid-19 strategy as described in this article. You should read this other article to become more aware of ALL THE COSTS this strategy, still being deployed most strictly by mostly Democratic controlled states and cities, is harming Americans, killing more Americans in an average year from causes other than Covid-19, disturbingly emotionally and socially hurting Americans, it’s damaging relationships and making many American’s poorer, it’s greatly dividing Americans and leaving many Americans hopeless and homeless. Read this article and know that there is always hope with Jesus.

So, you ready to see proof Sweden’s Strategy worked very well to flatline the virus for the past 90-days and how it could easily be implanted and work in America?

Check out below a pro-rata comparison of America’s strategy to fight Covid-19 vs. Sweden’s strategy.

I believe Sweden's strategy is clearly the way to go for America and the world for that matter. We need to embrace this strategy soon to return to pre-Covid life ASAP. If we do not, we may suffer the consequences of being locked down again and having our freedom, liberty taken away from us altogether through this Medical Tyranny. Plus, so many more lives will be lost to UNDIAGNOSED CANCER, suicide, obesity, drug and alcohol overdoses, emotional and mental health and relationships will take a huge hit too. In America and worldwide, economies and stock markets would crash again and may not rebound without great cost of freedom and growth of Socialism and Communism. As stimulus plans fund trillions in America our dollar will be devalued and inflation will rise to possibly double digits within a year or two. This is especially true if Universal Basic Income legislation is passed by Congress.

The Covid-19 crisis sparked unmatched Federal Reserve Money Printing and launching of Infinity QE program. And we’ve already seen record stimulus packages for citizens and businesses by our Federal government.

It is very possible that 5-10 million of the 30 million small businesses that were shut down last Spring will never reopen or struggle to stay open or reach profitability in coming months and years. Will they ever be able to pay off the loans granted via the Federal government stimulus?

And there’s still near 10 million Americans that lost employment in Spring of 2020 that are still unemployed or decided to retire early.

And does not all this set up America, if locked down again, to be in danger of permanently crippling or destroying our economy? And to follow our stock and real estate markets. There’s already the unrealized impact of commercial real estate crashing in value and demand thereof as directly tied to people working from home under Covid-19 lockdowns.

Does not all this set up America for being forced into becoming more and more of a Socialist State?

And with Contract Tracing and vaccines being pushed as the solutions to end this fake pandemic crisis, is not America on a path to become a Fascist Surveillance State, not unlike told of in the novel 1984?

Can rushed vaccines be trusted, most especially since they are delving into solutions to alter the very genes of people so the virus may be overcome? And can governments be trusted that are already lying to America and the world about the actual threat of the virus? That being not a true pandemic threat.

Is not our immune system much better adept at handling this virus? With a 99.6% recovery rate for those under age 70, there would appear to be little true pandemic threat that the Left-Wing mainstream media, our Democratic Socialist governors, senators, congressional representatives, mayors, county supervisors, health authorities and school district boards are pushing upon much of America?

And is this not simply setting up the fulfillment of Bible prophecy for Satan, AKA the Devil or the AntiChrist (Satan possessing a man), to rule over the world in the 7-year Great Tribulation? All these things I’ll be writing about in more detail soon.

The only way forward I see, is America embracing Sweden's Covid-19 Strategy. For this to happen in America, we must reelect Donald Trump to serve a second term in office.

That and perhaps Amy Coney Barrett being appointed to the US Supreme Court in coming weeks to months.

Unfortunately, I see the Draconian, unwarranted and unconstitutional executive edicts coming from the likes of Governor Newsom to continue even if President Trump wins the election on November 3rd or soon thereafter. Newsom will most assuredly face a recall election in 2021, but this may never happen or be fixed or fraudulent if the Democrats win in November.

Just yesterday Governor Newsom had his day in court (though he did not personally show up), as State Assemblymen Kevin Kiley and James Gallagher sued to end Newsom’s Autocratic rule. I’m not holding my breath to believe this judge will rule like in the Michigan State Supreme Court that Covid-19 was not an emergency (still or ever?) and therefore the executive orders by Governor Whitmer were overruled. This first trial yesterday in California was in a lower court and if there is not a complete victory by the Plaintiff, the honorable assemblymen forementioned, I know they will appeal and take it to the California State Supreme Court and to US Supreme Court after that if need be.

Why would this go to the US Supreme Court?

I see though President Trump if reelected will still face a battle with Democratic governors, mayors and counties to fully reopen without mask mandates or without Social Distancing (in say 2-3 months after mask mandate ends) and cede the unconstitutional and unwarranted power they have grabbed due to the false premise that Covid-19 was and still is a true pandemic threat.

The Left-Wing media have pushed a narrative over Covid-19 of fear and great danger and of undue social shaming to literally brainwash and control the actions of those that DO NOT read and believe the Right-Wing, Conservative or alt-news media sources about the true threat about the virus. And Big Tech social and search platforms have consistently censored and even silenced big and small voices and media offering the TRUE VIEW of CDC data and opinions of doctors and epidemiologists offering differing views than those pushed by the mainstream media, Dr. Fauci, or state or local government agencies.

In the end, I do see this existing "Fake Pandemic Crisis" heading to the US Supreme Court. This may be our best and quickest route to end the tyrannical rule by governors via basis of calling Covid-19 a true emergency or crisis. And the California case of Kiley vs. Governor Newsom could soon end up in the US Supreme Court, hopefully with newly appointed judge Amy Coney Barrett. If this does not happen or fails to rule to end emergency powers being used by governors, then ONLY if President Trump wins the election and begins his 2nd term do I see this Constitutional crisis ending.

Let’s be praying for the President to win in a landslide, to avoid any contesting of the election results or fraud that sways outcomes of elections and the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.

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Together our small voices may become one BIG VOICE to SAVE America.

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