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Can America heal without just elections?

We know not if the US Supreme Court will rule justly upon election fraud submitted to them.

We know not if the GOP state legislatures will decide to NOT certify the elections or if they will rightly cast their electoral college votes for President Trump (if election fraud is ruled upon justly or not).

What we do know is that time is running out and if the US Supreme Court does not rule justly upon election fraud our nation is in for a very rough ride or even another civil war in early 2021.

Here’s 3 Ways That America Can Recover Well.


1. SCOTUS rules unjustly on stacks of election fraud this week or delays electoral college vote to have more time to examine evidence presented.

2. The ruling by the US Supreme Court will lead to President Trump winning election and 2nd term.

3. All evidence presented to SCOTUS should be shared with all the public.

4. Criminal prosecutions should begin ASAP and many should be found guilty of TREASON or felonies.

5. Legislation needs to be passed by Congress to ensure there is a secure, transparent and accurate system of counting votes by paper, electronically and for authenticating only Citizens to vote once.

6. Many NEW Conservative Representatives need to be elected.

With such Americans can heal and know Justice still exists in America. Many of evil actors will be uprooted.


1. SCOTUS rules unjustly on stacks of election fraud this week or delays electoral college vote to have more time to examine evidence presented.

2. GOP State legislatures in 4-5 of 7 swing states decertify the election and/or cast electoral votes for Trump.

3. If election is not certified and no electoral votes are cast, then 12th Amendment takes over. This means the each state will vote once in the House. The new Congress starts January 3 and GOP will hold 27 to 22 majority in states. Right now it’s 26 GOP to 23 Dems. With GOP majority vote President Trump is declared next President.


1. SCOTUS rules unjustly on stacks of election fraud.

2. GOP state legislatures certify elections in more 4-5 of swing states and cast electoral votes for Biden.

3. Word of GOP State legislatures doing this sparks huge protests in America by Patriots that voted for President Trump. The protests grow and division is even greater. Pro-Trump protestors clash with Antifa and BLM protestors.

4. If SCOTUS does not step in and rule for mass investigations into fraud, then on January 6 when electoral votes are read out loud in the House to declare Biden is winner, Up to 10’s of millions Citizens all across America protest and refuse to accept the results. There will be mass clashes between rival protesters.

5. SCOTUS may finally rule to delay transition of power and order mass investigations which hopefully are publicly aired.

6. If SCOTUS does or does not step in, then President Trump in 2nd week of January will declare Martial Law and military tribunals shall present evidence of election fraud to all of America. Criminal trials shall be aired publicly, including most specifically those of high crimes of treason.

7. President Trump will begin his second term prior to March 4 deadline where Vice President Pence would take over Presidency.

And that’s only a smooth version of a bad or hard way to justly resolve the election. There will likely be along with this resolving of the election 10’s of thousands dying in January/February from rival clashes in the streets, bombs, food shortages. We’d only hope the evil actors on the Left don’t provoke civil war in trying to divide military to hostilely take control over America. If they do they will lose, but this war could last many months, even years and millions to 10’s of millions would die from war, poverty, lack of medical treatment and food shortages. In the end Patriots would prevail, but at a great cost.

We need to be praying the US Supreme Court and GOP State legislators do the right and smart thing to avoid mass clash of Left and Right and even civil war. And all the more they need to do the RIGHT, GOOD and JUST THING by JUSTLY RULING on the ELECTION FRAUD.

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