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And on the 3rd Day Jesus Rose Again. Why Nothing Has Changed and Trump May Still Rise to Win.

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

And on the 3rd day Jesus rose again. Remember the evil we see is soon to end and Jesus’ Kingdom on Earth shall be established on Earth for 1,000 years and forever more in Heaven. Though corruption is winning now, they are only casting their own doom. We must continue to be the The Light to the World in spreading the gospel of salvation and Truth and Knowledge and stand for righteousness and freedom and OUR Constitution and against the evil onslaught we see happening in DC and across our country today. If we fail to do so, if we fail to unite under this cause, a Dark Winter will we see that we may never come out of, without great turmoil.

BTW, on early Monday morning in contending for Truth and faith in Christ the evening before, FB froze my account for 3 days. Now I’m rising again, dismayed, but not without hope for victory on Earth. We already know we have victory thru Jesus for all eternity, yet our call is to continue, for His will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. And is not the future of those that believe in Jesus to rule and reign with Him on Earth?

Nothing has changed as compared to Jan 4, 2021. There was mass election fraud that unjustly stole the election from President Trump. Mass tyranny continues thru medical tyranny and the Virus. All such is unacceptable if we want to see freedom and rule of OUR Constitution remain.

In regards to the violence we saw on Capitol Hill yesterday, there were a few bad apples that were rightly frustrated for the many abuses of justice of mass corruption of nefarious tyranny, yet none of that should have lead to REAL PATRIOTS or Christians taking action as such. First, remember that being a Trump supporter does not make one a Christian. Many Trump supporters simply stand for OUR Constitution and the freedom and liberty it grants us. Second, there were certainly members of Antifa, posing as Trump supporters. Third, many of those that stormed inside of the Capitol building and vandalized or will pay a price, be arrested. The woman that died paid a price of her life. That was her wrong choice to storm the Capitol building.

Yet there were up to millions of Trump supporters that protested peacefully. Trust me, if a certain group of Americans wanted to take over DC they most likely could and they may still yet do so very soon or in 2021 with mass tyranny that completely breaches OUR Constitutional rights.

And, have you seen the video where Capitol police were letting through protestors dressed in mostly all black? I’ll post it after this if the video is still up and FB will allow for it to be posted. Watch it and notice it appears the police are checking for something like a mark on people before easily letting them through.

And let us not to be quick to forget that riots happened across America in 2020. City blocks were burnt down in each city and several people were murdered, not by Trump supporters, but by those against Trump supporters. They even burned down buildings in DC, even a Church right across the street from the White House. So billions of dollars of damage was done and many people lost their incomes and small businesses because of this. You did NOT see any such actions by up to millions of Trump supporters protesting election fraud peacefully.

And here was Candice Owens tweet on topic.

Without just elections we DO NOT have a free country under the rule of honorable representatives and judges, we have a country run by those that are very corrupt and deceived of the Truth and acting with lawlessness, though now pretending to be claiming a push for law and order.

With election fraud evidence amassed to the Heavens and Dems and the media and Big Tech and judges and state legislatures and governors in swing states and now most of Congress summarily ignoring it all or pretending that mass election fraud did not happen, may come the fruit of injustice and judgement by God upon our nation. God may have allowed all such because the hearts of most Americans turned away from God and toward embracing the wicked ways and believing the evil lies of this world. Surely without justice there can be no real justice going forward, only growing tyranny and loss of freedom and liberty. That’s if We The People do nothing and just accept this has happened. That is called being complicit and acting like a coward. We are called to have courage and walk boldly with God and His Word and Truth and Knowledge and Wisdom in our hearts and minds.

And how many have more have died in the past year from suicide and drug and alcohol abuse? How many more will die in 2021-22 from not getting early cancer screenings? All this because of unwarranted, unconstitutional lockdowns and shutdown of so called non-essential small businesses, churches and schools. And if Biden-Harris take office, will we not see a massive rise in such medical tyranny? Will we not quickly see a mass acceleration of tyranny and evil and corruption take over America? And will not Big Tech and most all media back them in their efforts, just like a propaganda puppets do in nefarious Communist countries? Is this something you want to see happen? If not it’s time to boldly stand while we still can. Sadly, if we do not, we may soon see a time where we are arrested for using OUR 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

Please do not fall into the trap and lies of Satan to align Christianity with backing Trump. We Christians backed President Trump because he stood for Biblical morality in valuing the lives of pre-born babies, our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, valuing the family, OUR Constitution, Justice, our police and military. All such is bundled together under what is Good and Just. Without such we only have tyranny, corruption and evil in backing that which the Democratic Party, the Left, Big Tech and most all the media backs. All such is of Satan and is bent toward taking down America’s Constitutional Republic and so Satan may set up a one-world government, religion and commerce system after the rapture of the Church.

Yes, this is eventually going to happen because the Bible says it will, yet we are not called to simply go along with the evil in the world like a dead log floating downstream. We are to swim upward in our fight to walk boldly for the Lord in sharing the gospel, Truth, Knowledge and standing for righteousness and for our Freedom. We are to go on living our lives freely as OUR Constitution and God grants us to do so. You can be sure that if we do not, and if the Lord tarries or allows, we will see mass persecution of Christians and of those that rightly and justly supported President Trump. If our government effectively abolishes OUR Constitution and OUR rights, and it becomes in practice like a Communist/Socialist government, we may see mass murders by our government like that which has happened several times is world history. Hopefully the rapture will happen and we will not suffer through such.

There is a line of tyranny and injustice that may soon be crossed and will not be accepted by millions to 10’s of millions of Americans. When it is, it is still very likely we will see civil war. And this line will be righteously defended and backed by God, just as when the Founders of America did so.

I for one will not be a dead log floating downstream with the current of this world. I will not lay down and allow evil to win. God surely did not call us to do this. OUR Constitution still stands as the law of OUR land. We still have OUR Constitutional rights. We must use these rights or see such rights disappear and face being arrested for acting freely and rightly.

In moving forward in America, in the spiritual battle that has surfaced in politics and culture in the past year, we must still contend to wage a war for whatever is Good, True and Just. We must not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but have our minds renewed daily, even by the minute through prayer and seeking God’s wisdom and will in all things. In so doing we shall retain a peace that surpasses all understanding, Knowledge and Truth and know our next steps and have hope despite the great evils coming upon our land even now through deception by Satan and the media, Dems and culture.

And to those reading this that do not believe in Jesus or disagree with what I have to say, let’s talk about it civilly here in the comments. If you have not the courage to do so, then perhaps it’s because you have not a firm foundation in your world perspective?

Don’t let the lies of the Left and Satan deceive you. Seek Truth, for by so doing so earnestly, you will find it in many things and you will believe in Jesus as your Savior. If you reject seeking Truth and steadfastly stay anchored to the ways and the wickedness and the lies of this world, you will be decimated by so doing and ultimately pay the price of eternal death for your sins.

In moving to close, there is abundant hope and peace found by trusting in Jesus. No matter the trials and coming persecution we face, we can know such suffering will only last a short while and be incomparable to the rich rewards we shall see in Heaven. And with ample signs of Biblical prophecy being fulfilled as we approach the last days just before the start of the 7-year Great Tribulation, we can also have a blessed hope that Jesus is soon to return to take all True Believers to the sky, in the Twinkling of an eye, to Heaven.

And to those that have yet to believe in Jesus, His return is very soon. It could be any day, week, month or year now. When Christians are raptured the world will fall into great chaos up to a billion may instantly disappear from the Earth. There will be a great lie told by the media and leaders of the world in explaining it away. Believe not such, but accept Jesus as Savior. Great evil will come upon the world under global rule of the AntiChrist (Satan possessing a man), a false global religion and diabolical commerce system in forcing all to take the Mark of the Beast to be able to buy or sell anything. Know any that refuse to take the Mark will be put to death. Also know that any that receive the Mark, CANNOT be forgiven their sins by God the Father and thus will spend eternity in Hell. Know that up to billions will suffer and die of wars, famine, earthquakes, pestilence, huge hailstones and meteors falling from the Heavens during the 7-year Great Tribulation as told of in the Bible. And know that you will never regret accepting Jesus as Savior, but if you reject Him you will forever regret doing so.

Now having saved the best for last.

Nothing is over yet. There as MASS ELECTION FRAUD and President Trump has the evidence stacked to the sky on that and incriminating evidence against many committing treason against the United States of America. I see it likely, now that all those corrupted by evil that are OUR representatives, President Trump will do the “Mega Dump” of all time to expose the mass election fraud and treasonous acts against America and all Americans to all the world. Remember Trump is still President and still has “Oath Keeping” Patriots on his staff. The cronies are now almost all revealed and few that remain will also be exposed. This will give OUR representatives, OUR Justices the choice to keep their oath or to betray it. If this is what God has planned, it is going to be EPIC and Righteous!

And now a few questions.

Why are Dems in such a hurry to impeach President Trump via 25th Amendment?

What are they worried about?

Has President Trump not always acted with honor and in service of America and keeping his oath?

Ah, that’s it! Some representatives have much to fear. They fear a “MEGA DUMP” of incriminating evidence proving MASS ELECTION FRAUD HAPPENED to unjustly overturn the election to Biden. When this comes out OUR representatives that did not take part in high crimes or treasonous acts will be forced to fully prosecute criminals that did this and most importantly of all void the election results. If this happens we may see new elections or simply the illegal votes in swing states deleted and these states would then recast their electoral votes to President Trump and that’s that. President Trump would rightly and justly have earned his 2nd term.

Look up Jesus' return draws near. We know not if Justice will be done in OUR elections or if darkness will prevail and America see a very Dark Winter and perhaps great time of turbulence or even civil war before the Lord returns. We must keep in prayer and trusting in Him and His plans for America and each out own lives.

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