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We need a secure recount of votes. If it works in Vegas to catch cheaters, why not our elections?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We need a secure, transparent and accurate system to count votes. If we fail to have a system like this and do have a recount of votes or whole new elections, the election may still be stolen by fraud. Here's the gist of the idea.

1. Conduct vote counting by paper ballots only.

2. Air Livestream video of each paper ballot being tallied.

3. Have in-person and multiple auditors manually tally votes.

On a daily basis independent audit teams will review a 2nd time the recorded livestream and tally the votes again. The public livestream and vote tally software for each state and each district would be made available online for use by anyone with a website or email account to use and tally their own counts of the voting. Does not America need this vote counting system offering a secure, accurate and transparent way to achieve just elections?

What works in Vegas, in this case, should not stay in Vegas, but be used to save America.

Are we not facing potential civil war in our nation if election fraud steals our elections?

Will there be any justice any longer if there are not just and fair elections?

Why do we not utilize all the available technology to secure our elections and make them fully public to all citizens?

Why do we not remove all technology used to run electronic voting that are shown to be fraudulent?

Before a recount of votes in key battleground states we need a secure and just system to ensure election fraud is weeded out from a vote recount or a revote should the courts rule for such. Numerous accounts of election fraud have been reported. They need to be investigated and evidence thereof presented to and ruled upon by the courts. Then any illegal votes will be removed as directed by the courts and/or state election laws to hold a vote recount or a revote in key battleground states.

Do you want to see our elections be filled with fraud that makes our voting process a complete sham?

Of course, none of us should want anything to do with that, that is unless you don’t want just elections?

With many credible reports of election fraud taking place, what valid reason might you have to not investigate the reported election fraud? Read on to get full details and a deeper dive as to how any state can implement this system within only 2-3 weeks.

Without a secure and just recount or revote, there will no longer be justice in America. Any injustice will be enabled to happen. Our country will no longer have rule of law, but solely tyranny, most exclusively for Conservatives, Christians and those that supported President Trump. And when I mean tyranny, I mean that which occurs in Marxist/Socialist or Communist revolutions where millions to 10's of millions are murdered by the newly established fascist government that takes over. Indeed, this is what America is now facing.

In this article, I will not dive deep into the abundance of proof there was mass voter and election fraud. I 100% believe there is ample proof thereof. Charlie Kirk’s team is doing an admirable job of discovering and gathering reports of election fraud and I would only be repeating what they have discovered. And now, finally the DOJ has opened investigations into the reports of mass election fraud happening in key battleground states.

Let’s be in prayer for discovery of election fraud as it does appear quite evident to have taken place in our 2020 elections across America and most specifically in key battleground states and the largest cities and counties in key battleground states.

One problem we are facing is that many of the fake or illegal ballots may already have been mixed in with real ballots. Many of the paper ballots and mail-in ballots may have been destroyed. And what about the voting machine software database of voting records on Dominion software and other voting software platforms? Have these records or the software been tampered with to hide evidence of election fraud occurring in mass like in one Michigan county turning votes for President Trump into votes for Joe Biden?

Before we dive in, if you are unclear about the way our presidential election system and our government works and will play out in 2020, view this article and watch this video. And this solution was no fluke. I did not just spend the night at the Holiday Inn. :)

My background is inventing security solutions for payments and to prevent Identity Theft. In 2010, my company MobilepayUSA won TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley SF.

So how do we hold secure and just elections and hold a quick recount of existing votes cast?

It’s NOT TOO COMPLICATED to have happen. :)

Check out the brief summary below of my proposed system and see full details to follow. This article is actually a blueprint for a Secure and Just Vote Recounting/Counting of Revote System that could be amended and voted upon by state legislatures in key battleground states.

Here’s my idea for a 3-Step Process for a Secure and Just Vote Recounting/Counting of Revote System.

1. We need a full recount of all votes or a revote by counting paper ballots in all key battleground states where very thin leads by Joe Biden and ample accounts of voter fraud have been reported in Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia. All the electronic votes had paper ballots that fed into scanners to record our votes. The rest were paper mail-in ballots or paper ballots as filled out at a polling place. Now, if somehow the paper version of the electronic cast ballots are not available to recount, then why not and what happened to them? And if they are not available, then all those voters should be allowed to recast their ballots. If 100% of the paper ballots are not available for recount, then any which are not, all such voters should have the right to vote again. In summary a full recount by paper ballots or a whole new election is needed with paper ballots being guarded like cash. Taking all voting machines out of the equation in recording and tallying votes in absolutely required to have a secure and just recount of the votes. The electronic voting machines may be used in a reelection or to recast votes, but only the paper printouts will be counted.

2. We cannot, at any time, have “Poll Observers” being denied access to stand no less than 6 feet behind each person counting the votes. There should always be 2 poll observers, one for the Democratic party and one for the Republican party. The Poll Observers should always have clear and unobstructed view of the ballots. In addition, there should be two overhead cameras for each vote being counted. You know just like in casinos. These two overhead cameras should provide live-feeds open for broadcast by ANYONE thru their website, thru any Social Media platform or broadcast on any television broadcast. One camera should be installed by each the Democratic and Republican party. Each table should be labeled for view on camera by county registrar location and table number.

3. There should be appointed for each party their own auditors to count each vote. And there should be 3 independent auditing firms contracted, under oath of law and prosecution thereof for breaking election fraud laws, to accurately count the paper ballots processed. There should be also a live count going on of the ballots from the live stream via the public to tally the votes for each candidate. This software could be created as quickly as 7-10 days by top development teams. Independent firms would apply to develop their own versions of this software and submit for review. Approved versions will become the software used to tally votes of paper ballots. Up to 5 builds of this software will be approved for use by state and federal election agencies.

Now when writing this I tried to design a system by which could be deployed and keep on track our electoral college voting and certifying of election by December 14, 2020. On this date as directed by the US Constitution states legislatures will be certifying election results and casting electoral college votes.

BTW, the Constitution states that state legislatures have the control in choosing which party to cast their electoral college votes for and are not mandated to follow the popular vote of the election in choosing of the electoral college votes. In modern history the electoral votes have been cast in line with the states winner of the electoral college. Yet with all the reports of election fraud taking place, these allegations must all be investigated and if evidence found, must be submitted to the courts to rule. If Republican state legislatures have not received rulings, they will likely move not to certify election results and even move to cast their vote for their party. If Republicans did this, the Democratic State legislatures could do the same.

Which party would win this electoral partisan vote?

In 30 state legislatures Republicans hold the majority in both houses and the Democrats hold the majority in both houses in 19 states. Without doing the math on electoral count, Mark Levin has shared the Republicans would win the electoral count if all Republican controlled houses pledged their votes to President Trump. Now, that is not likely to happen and the US Supreme Court might even rule to perform new elections in key battleground states or even nationwide before allowing this to happen. That is if this is possible for the US Supreme Court to do this.

More importantly, the US Supreme Court would be interested in finding the most just solution that also would secure a peaceful transition of power come January 20, 2021. Thus ruling on evidence of fraud and the numerous affidavits already filed would result in some votes being ruled illegal or removed from the count. If this does not happen, then the Republican State Legislatures would cast all their electoral votes for Donald Trump. Either that or the court would rule that a second election is to take place across America or just in states where obvious election fraud and unexplainable data irregularities have been identified.

What ends up happening here, God only knows for sure. Though the path for President Trump to be reelected based upon there being mass voter fraud and the judges likelihood to rule to remove illegal votes or choose to hold a second election or revote, favor President Trump when the votes are all recounted. That is with fraud taken out of the recount or revote.

And US Supreme court would too also want to know there is in place a secure and just vote recounting or counting of revote system to best weed out fraud, most especially the type of the fraud reported in our 2020 elections.

The state legislatures will decide how to proceed with securing the vote recount or revote, unless the federal or US Supreme Court rules upon this matter and if the Constitution allows for the overriding of the state’s plan for holding secure and just vote recounting or a revote.

The key here is to who controls the majority in each key battleground state. In states with Republican majority they will choose the secure and just vote recount system or revote system to eliminate the extensive fraud that definitely appears to have happened in key battleground states in our 2020 presidential and quite possibly our US Congressional and State Legislature elections.

See below which party holds majority in each state legislature.

Arizona – Republican Party

Nevada – Democratic Party

Wisconsin - Republican Party

Michigan - Republican Party

Pennsylvania - Republican Party

North Carolina - Republican Party

Georgia - Republican Party

So clearly the Republican Party will choose the recount or revote system chosen to ensure secure and just vote recounting or a revote.

Now let’s take a look at the logistics behind getting this secure and just vote counting system up and running fast.

Outline of Setting Up This Secure and Just Vote Recounting/Counting of Revote System

This system could be fully deployed in 3-4 weeks or 5-6 weeks if time permists to assure it is set up well.

The countdown clock toward holding a vote recount or a second election begins in each state with the state approving to vote for a system as proposed. From this date it will take an estimated but hurried deployment in 2-weeks. Deploying in 3-4 weeks would be more reasonable to achieve, but 2-weeks is very possible.

The next phase is the actual vote recount or revote as determined by the courts. This would be with a secure and just system to recount votes or hold a second election.

Here’s the key requirements and defined parameters for this system to work efficiently, justly and securely.

- Independent Auditors would have 2 people per camera counting votes via live feed (one person that voted for each party candidate) and then in the 8-hours after each day, the recorded video of the recount or revote paper ballots being counted, would happen in the next 8-hours to assure accuracy.

- With the poll workers recounting votes or counting of revote the first shift for vote counting is 8:00 AM to 5PM, with one-hour lunch.

- The second shift with remote auditors is from 6PM to 3AM, with one-hour break.

- Poll workers get 5-minute snack and restroom break on the 25-minute and 55-minute count of every hour.

- Each day a running count would be published to the general public on a website, after the 2nd video count is done and compared with the in-person count and independent public count via software and citizens.

- Only votes for President/Vice President, US Senate/House and State Legislatures would be recounted in-person at county registrar’s offices, via livestream and recording of recount by 3 Independent Auditing Firms in the daytime hours of 8:00AM to 5PM, Monday-Friday or until the recount for each county or state is done.

- Poll workers must be American Citizens, with half being registered for Democrat Party and half Republican Party.

- All paper ballots would be treated like cash or poker chips in a casino to ensure security.

How long would this take to set up this secure and just voting system across the country?

I estimate to set this all up would take no more than 2-weeks. Let’s break this down.

- Week one would be hiring poll workers, audit firms and for planning of deployment of equipment, setting up of facilities and gathering all paper ballots.

- Week two would setting up camera equipment and tables early in week 2. The training of poll workers and if necessary the counting total ballots at each polling location might yet be required to assure all the paper ballots match the total votes for each registered voter. Any voters whereas electronic ballots or paper ballots were missing or still provisional ballots were still not cured, would be contacted to come in on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to recast their ballot or cure their provisional ballot. Courts might also rule to allow for any American that did not vote by November 3, at 8PM to vote in this election. You never know what’s going to happen in 2020. 😊

How many poll observers and ballot processors might be required to fulfill this operation per county?

First let’s add up the total counties in key battleground states as this will be used to accurately project the number of poll workers and independent auditors needed to accurately count votes.

Arizona – 15

Nevada – 16

Wisconsin – 72

Michigan – 83

Pennsylvania – 67

North Carolina – 100

Georgia – 159

Total Counties in Key Battleground States = 512 Counties

Now let’s go over the logistical summary and then calculate the cost of deploying this system.

Logistical Summary of Key Metrics for a Secure and Just Vote Recount/Count of Revote System

- There are 512 counties in key battleground states.

- Poll Workers would work an estimated 65 hours over 2-weeks.

- Each per table would have 1 vote counter, 2 poll observers, 1 manager = 4 per table.

- There would be another 25 managers observing 2 tables each (60 tables per location).

- 60 Tables X 4 = 240 poll workers per county

- 60 Tables X 512 Counties = 30,720 Tables

- 240 poll workers X 512 counties = 122,880 poll workers

- I would estimate there would be need for and average of 25 policemen, sheriffs or National Guard forces per county registrar office. That’s 10 inside and 15 outside building at all times.

- 6 Remote Auditors viewing livestream X 30,720 tables/people recounting votes = 184,320

- 6 Auditors viewing recorded livestream X 30,720 tables/people recounting votes = 184,320

- Total Poll Workers and Independent Auditors = 491,520 people

- Of course, volunteers might cut the cost down. Or maybe volunteers should be added first? An ID verification and criminal background check would be required to hire any auditors or poll workers. No one with felonies or over 3 misdemeanors on their record would be allowed to be a poll watcher or remote auditor working for the contracted firms or the local state or county government.

Here’s a tally of the votes for President and total projected votes left to count by battleground states as of 9:30-9:40AM PST, November 10, 2020.

Arizona - 3,335,040 votes for President + 2% of votes yet to be counted = 3,401,740

Nevada - 1,335,198 votes for President + 3% of votes yet to be counted = 1,375,253

Wisconsin - 3,292,267 votes for President + 1% of votes yet to be counted = 3,325,189

Michigan - 5,523,962 votes for President + 1% of votes yet to be counted = 5,579,201

Pennsylvania - 6,774,102 votes for President + 4% of votes yet to be counted = 7,045,066

North Carolina - 5,460,989 votes for President + 3% of votes yet to be counted = 5,624,818

Georgia - 4,988,881 votes for President + 0% of votes yet to be counted = 4,988,881

Total Votes Cast + Votes Yet Counted for President in Battleground States = 31,340,148

How long might it take to recount/count all votes using paper version of ballots and this system?

I estimate no more than 1-week.

Let’s break that down to estimate how long it might take to count all the 31,340,148 ballots cast.

- 512 counties X 60 tables X 25 ballots per hour processed by each table/vote counters = 768,000 votes counted per hour X 40 hours = 30,720,000 votes counted.

- I’m confident that 620,148 illegal ballots were cast 😊 (= difference between total votes – recounted votes). Based on this schedule all the ballots could be counted in 1-week in 7 key battleground states.


So let’s add up all the cost for deploying this secure and just system to accurately record legal votes.

Total Cost of Poll Counting Workers: 512 X 240 workers/office X 65 hours X $20/Hour = $159,744,000

Total Cost of Police/Sheriffs/National Guard Forces: 512 X 25 X 240 Hours X $50/Hour = $153,600,000

Total Cost of Installation of Camera Equipment: 512 X 65 Cameras X $500 per Camera = $16,640,000

Total Cost of Independent Auditors: 368,640 Remote Auditors X 40 Hours X $20/Hour = $294,912,000

Total Gross Estimated Cost for Secure and Just Voting Counting System = $624,896,000

624,896,000 / 331 Million Citizens = $1.89 per United States citizen

Do we not need a Secure and Just Vote Recounting/Counting of Revote System approved by the states or courts BEFORE the vote recounts begin?

If you like what I’m proposing here, please do share this article with everyone you can. Share this also with Republican State legislators in key battleground states. Share this with Charlie Kirk, with Glenn Beck, with Conservative media sources too.

Next steps, please follow CitizensReUnited on Facebook, Twitter and share about our site with friends, family, co-workers, whomever needs to hear this message or can benefit from what our site offers and expresses.

Together our small voices may become ONE BIG VOICE to SAVE America.

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