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Help us grow our reach and launch our Patriot Network!*  

 Patriot Network Fundraiser 

 Goal = $5,000 in 15-Days 

Give $5-$500+ Gift/Purchase to Future Patriot Networking Party

Reward = 1-Year Freely Social Community ($10/year value)

$60 = 1 Pass to OC Patriot Networking Dinner Event w/Feature Patriot Speakers/2021 Date TBD

Pre-Purchase from our Patriot Caps and Tees Store (free shipping)

OPTION 1: Buy a Patriot Branded Cap or T-Shirt for $30

Reward = One, 1-Year Membership Freely Social Community ($10/year value)

OPTION 3: $60 - Any Cap and T-Shirt (2 items total)

Reward = Two, 1-Year Memberships Freely Social Community ($20/year value)

OPTION 3: $100 - 2 Caps and 2 T-Shirts (4 items total)

Reward = Four, 1-Year Memberships Freely Social Community ($40/year value)

OPTION 4: $300 - 2 hats and 2 shirts + 2 passes to Patriot Networking dinner party/event, w/ featured Patriot Speakers/Date of Event TBD (Event to be held in Orange County, CA)

Reward = Three, 1-Year Memberships Freely Social Community ($30/year value)


First, for this all to be a success prayer and God working is necessary. So please along with a financial donation or purchase of Patriot Caps or T-Shirts, please be praying for me to have wisdom and the proceeds from this will be blessed and multiplied many times over by the Lord. Pray as you deem best. I should net about 60% on pre-purchases and $60 donation/dinner pass.


  1. Reply to this email with amount of contribution from above or the products you would like to pre-purchase. Please provide your email address and your complete shipping address. Referred friends can email/text me.


  1. I will message you with my Venmo account and send email confirmation of your order or donation to cause. BTW, I have not formed a non-profit organization.


T-shirt’s and caps should be shipped by early to mid-February. Once my store is up, I’ll email/message you so you can place order for the T-shirt’s and/caps you like. To order you’ll simply message me or email me with shirts, caps and sizes and colors of choice. BTW, I launched my first clothing brand WetSport with Eric Leake and Jeff Wells at APU in 1990. I was in charge of operations. APU Alum may recall this. 😊

*Funds donated or for pre-purchases do not go thru a 501-C3/C4 Non-Profit Organization. Funds go directly to Randy Smith.

See below mockups for first 10 t-shirt designs and caps available.

T-shirt and Cap Designs / Front and Back of T-Shirt Theme Designs

Why are we raising money?

We are raising money to cover the costs to launch our Social Network and to promote both sites via a press releases and social media campaign. This should serve to grow site traffic and cover costs for such.

About Our New Social Network and Plans to Raise More Funds*

Our Social Media Network "FREELY" has plans to become America's Social Network. We hope to soon launch a mobile app as well. This would take 2-3X more funds to cover costs for a year. We plan on holding a crowdfunding event on IndieGoGo to raise $50,000+ right after this fundraiser is completed. We will use these funds for more marketing and we will be building a Shopify Store to sell T-shirts and Caps. We have already come up with dozen plus clever/funny political or evangelical slogans/themes including the ones above. From there we'd plan to raise another $500,000+ from another crowdfunding campaign to add staffing and marketing personal to match the growth of the site. Yes, I know a bit forward looking. LOL!


Are you tired of Big Brother Tech PLATFORMS telling you what you can say, know and what it true and false? Want to gather to share freely about supporting our Constitutional Republic or share Bible scripture or pastors sermons? Invite friends, family and co-workers to speak freely.


Our Social Network "FREELY" shall encourage Christian churches to promote our sites and share their sermons on our site. We shall also have focus of promoting small retail businesses and restaurants to drive patrons to them so they may stay profitable and even grow during restrictions ordered by state governors. These executive orders issued are seen as unwarranted, unconstitutional and not valid as there is no true health emergency that exists, nor has it been proven in any way that an actual health emergency exists. This site will welcome political posts of backing our Constitutional Republic, freedom, liberty and justice for all, most especially in regards to exposing election fraud so all of America may know there was a just and fair election.


We are asking to raise money because I've simply had a LOT of setbacks in the past decade. I also spent several years as a stay at home dad. I've put in thousands of hours into due diligence to have knowledge and experience to successfully launch and grow these sites to scale and hopefully make a big impact on helping to preserve or restore America and her Constitutional authority and our culture as a country. Our sites will serve as educational resource in regards to our Constitutional Republic and work to expose the corruption and lies of the Left.


We are all weary of seeing corruption and tyranny grow unchecked to levels never seen before in America. We the People must not give into the lies of the Left-Wing media, Big Tech and Democratic leaders. We must stand united to SAVE America and fight for our Freedom through demanding justice from our state legislatures and our state, federal judges and US Supreme Court Justices. We see either justice is done here and now or there will no longer be a FREE America, under God, under rule of OUR Constitutional Republic. Rather we would never see a FREE and FAIR election again and see the Constitutional rights of all Americans and most especially those that are Christian and in support of President Trump. We see what it now happening in America as an organized Coup by the Progressive Left Media and Democratic Party.


If you love America and our freedom granted by God and that is backed up by OUR Constitution, then you realize that we are facing serious times. If we have to take a stand together now while the cost is relatively low, we may have to take a cost that is much greater in 2021.


Please join our Social Network "FREELY" for free today at We may eventually ask members to contribute $10/year.

* is not a 501-C3/C4 Non-Profit Organization.

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