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For time being in light of the mass escalation of news and events to cover, CRU will for now not be posting news stories. We are also focusing on the soon launch of a Patriot Caps and Tees Store and much more.

 The Daily Wire.  Biden Team Disables Chat On Virtual Press Conferences After Reporters Ask Tough Questions (Dec 31)

 Kevin Kiley Blog.  Newsom’s “War Council” (Dec 30)

 Breitbart.  Sen. Josh Hawley: I’ll Object to Electoral College Votes on January 6 (Dec 30)

 The Blaze.  Federal judge — who is Stacey Abrams’ sister — orders two Georgia counties to stop removing voters from rolls ahead of Jan. 5 runoffs (Dec 29)
 CNS News.  US: Chinese Woman Jailed For ‘Challenging CCP Propaganda’ Over Virus Outbreak (Dec 28)

 Twichy.  Jake Tapper reports that President Trump is retweeting mean tweets about him during the COVID-19 pandemic (Dec 28)

 Daily Mail UK.  Coronavirus pandemic is the 'biggest hit to mental health since World War 2' and the impact will last for years, top psychiatrist claims (Dec 28)

 The Daily Mail.  California Supreme Court Rules Thousands Of Sex Offenders Are Eligible For Early Release (Dec 28)

 The Blaze.  Controversial Bill Gates-funded plan to dim the sun's rays moves forward quietly (Dec 28)

 The Daily Wire.  Trump To Use Impoundment Control Act To Gut ‘Wasteful Spending,’ Try To Boost Stimulus Checks (Dec 27)

 The Western Journal.  Dr. Fauci Admits He's Been Moving the Goalposts on COVID on Purpose (Dec 26)

 CNBC*.  Attorney Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Document on Massive 2020 Election Fraud Involving Foreign Interference (Dec 26)

 CNN*.  Ancient snack stall uncovered in Pompeii, revealing bright frescoes and traces of 2,000-year-old street food (Dec 26)

 The Jerusalem Post.  Tel Aviv research: 99.9% of COVID-19 virus dead in 30 seconds with UV LEDs (Dec 26)

 The Blaze.  Republican congressman lashes out at Trump, GOP colleagues for challenging Joe Biden's win: 'An utter scam' (Dec 26)

 The Daily Wire.  California Judge Orders Video Journalists to Pay $13.6 M to Planned Parenthood (Dec 24)

 The Daily Wire.  Biden’s Team Complains: We Want Trump’s White House Twitter Account Followers (Dec 24)

 Neon Nettle.  Big Tech Faces $2.2 Million Fine Every Time They Censor Free Speech in Poland (Dec 23)

 Life Site News.  Asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 didn’t occur at all, study of 10 million finds (Dec 23)

 The Daily Wire.  Biden Claims That Past Negative Stories About Son Are ‘Russian Disinformation’ Despite Son Confirming Probe (Dec 22)

 Kevin Kiley Blog.  Growing number of Republican lawmakers vow to challenge Jan 6 electoral vote (Dec 22)

 Kevin Kiley Blog.  California’s Warning to America (Dec 22)

 People*   Top GOP Congressman Says Trump’s Last Hope to Challenge Election Will ‘Go Down Like a Shot Dog’ (Dec 22)

 Daily Wire.  Nancy Pelosi Claims ‘Faith-Oriented’ People Stalled Aid Package Because They ‘Don’t Believe In Science’ (Dec 22) - You are crazy Nancy!

 Breitbart.  Nancy Pelosi Ready to Pull Trump out of the White House ‘By His Hair’ (Dec 22) - Not gonna happen Nancy!

 Red State.  Sen. Ted Cruz Is Right: Congress Labeled End-Of-Year Spending Bill "COVID Relief" to Cover the Pork (Dec 22)

 Washington Times.  Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president (Dec 21) - Joe Biden will NEVER be OUR President.

 Breitbart.  Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Funds Hundreds of Millions in Aid to Palestinians (Dec 21)

 The Right Scoop.  MIKE LEE: Congress to vote on BEHEMOTH 5,600 page bill tonight that NONE of them will have a chance to read (Dec 21)

 The Conservative Opinion.  Ted Cruz tells Georgia crowd, it is time to take anyone who was involved in voter fraud and prosecute them (Dec 21)

 Fox News*.  Barr says he has 'no plan' to appoint election, Hunter Biden special counsels (Dec 21)

 Rumble.  Barr's Response On Hunter Biden Investigation Has Conservatives FURIOUS (Dec 21)

 The Hill*.  Birx traveled over Thanksgiving weekend after warning Americans to limit celebrations to household (Dec 20)

 Fox News*.  Overdose deaths far outpace COVID-19 deaths in San Francisco (Dec 20)

 New York Post*.  It’s ‘pretty clear’ Russia did it, Pompeo says of massive US government hack attack (Dec 19)

 Business Insider*.  Pentagon pauses transition meetings, causing concern for Biden's team as it meets 'resistance' in the department (Dec 18)

 MIT News*.  Storing medical information below the skin’s surface (Dec 18)

 Breitbart.  Report: Mark Zuckerberg’s $419 Million Non-Profit Contributions ‘Improperly Influenced 2020 Presidential Election’ (Dec 18)

 Kevin Kiley Blog*.  Gavin Newsom’s Historic Losing Streak (Dec 17)

 The Blaze.  Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville defies Mitch McConnell, opens door to Electoral College challenge in Senate (Dec 17)

 Fox News*.  Georgia secretary of state orders study of mail-in ballot signatures after Trump pressure (Dec 17)

 Daily Wire.  Mitch McConnell Warns Senate Republicans Not To Object To Electoral College Vote (Dec 16) - Really McConnell?!

 The Blaze.  Mike Rowe exposes the student debt cancellation scam (Dec 16)

 Fox News*.  Orange County sheriff refuses to release 1,800 inmates after judge's order: 'Serious threat' to community (Dec 15)

 Rumble.  Sen. Johnson: Joe Biden lied to US public about China connections (Dec 15)

 AOL News*.  McConnell congratulates Joe Biden as president-elect (Dec 15) - Really McConnell?!

 Fox News*.  Attorney General William Barr announces resignation (Dec 15)*.  US Treasury and Department of Commerce hit by major hack (Dec 15)

 CBS News*.  New York City mayor says people should brace for another possible shutdown (Dec 15)

 Daily Wire.  Judge Allows Release Of Dominion Audit Report; Report Claims System ‘Designed’ To ‘Create Systemic Fraud’ (Dec 14)

 Rumble.  Entire Town Says 'NO' To Lockdown (Dec 14)

 Breitbart.  Joe Biden Declares Gun Violence a ‘National Health Crisis’ in Sandy Hook Remembrance (Dec 14)

 The Wildfire Newsletter.  The Magnificent 7: Brave States STAND UP Against 2020 Election Fraud by Sending TRUMP Electors (Dec 14)

 The Gateway Pundit.  Sidney Powell Announces Emergency Filings in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and Wisconsin (Dec 12)

 Rumble.  WATCH: Trump Walks Into Army/Navy Game and Crowd ERUPTS (Dec 12)

 Kevin Kiley.  The “Mushrooming” Newsom Recall Threat (Dec 12)

 Fox News*.  Hunter Biden requested keys for new 'office mates' Joe Biden, Chinese 'emissary' to CEFC chairman, emails show (Dec 12)

 Fox News*.  Dem congressman suggests Pelosi refuse to seat 126 House Republicans backing Trump’s election lawsuit (Dec 11)

 EndTimesHeadlines.  48% Of U.S. Small Businesses Fear That They May Be Forced To “Shut Down Permanently” Soon (Dec 11)

 Daily Wire.  Texas GOP: Perhaps Law-Abiding States Should ‘Form A Union’ That Will ‘Abide By Constitution’ (Dec 11)

 Fox News*.  AG Barr knew about Hunter Biden probe for months: report (Dec 11)

 Breitbart.  All 3 Trump Supreme Court Appointees Decline Texas Election Case (Dec 11)


 CNN*.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris named Time Person of the Year (Dec 11)

 Breitbart.  More than 100 House Republicans back Texas election challenge (Dec 10)

 Breitbart.  17 States Support Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit Alleging PA-MI-GA-WI Elections Were Unconstitutional (Dec 9)

 Breitbart.  FTC, 48 States File Lawsuits to Break Up Facebook (Dec 9)

 Yahoo News*.  'Very low' rates of coronavirus in schools, British study finds (Dec 9)

 The Verge.  YouTube will now remove videos disputing Joe Biden’s election victory (Dec 9)

 Breitbart.  Report: Hunter Biden Investigation Linked to Chinese Company in Laptop Emails (Dec 9)

 Fox News*.  State AGs file Facebook antitrust lawsuit targeting Instagram, WhatsApp purchases (Dec 9)

 Fox News*.  In letter to Trump, House Republicans call for special counsel to investigate election (Dec 9)

 Daily Mail UK.  Four trial volunteers who got Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine developed Bell's palsy - but FDA denies that the temporary facial paralysis was caused by the shot (Dec 9)

 Breitbart.  YouTube Will Remove Videos Questioning Biden Election Victory Even as Legal Challenges Continue (Dec 9)

 Daily Wire.  Top Congressional Leader Calls For Swalwell To Be ‘Removed From Congress’ After Chinese Spy Bombshell Story (Dec 9)


 ThePostEmail. Elections undecided by midnight are void & preempted by federal law – Foster v Love 97; 9-0 Decision (Dec 8)

 Axios*.  Exclusive: Suspected Chinese spy targeted California politicians (Dec 8)

 New York Post.  Suspected Chinese spy reportedly slept with, courted US officials to gain intel (Dec 8)

 Fox News*.  Texas sues 4 key states at Supreme Court claiming unconstitutional voting changes (Dec 8)

 The Epoch Times.  Michigan House Chairman Tells Dominion CEO to Appear or Be Subpoenaed (Dec 8)

 The Post Millennial.  BREAKING: Ted Cruz will argue Team Trump's case if it appears before Supreme Court (Dec 7 )

 PJ Media.  HUGE: Judge Allows Forensic Audit of Dominion Voting Machines in Michigan (Dec 6)


 Fox News*.  California sheriff tells Newsom county won't be 'blackmailed, bullied, or used as muscle against' residents (Dec 6)

ABC News*.  Orange County sheriff says deputies won't enforce SoCal's new stay-at-home order (Dec 5)

 CBS News*.  Jupiter and Saturn will come within 0.1 degrees of each other, forming the first visible "double planet" in 800 years (Dec 4)


 Rumble.  Restaurant Owner Exposes LA Mayor in Video All of America Needs to See NOW (Dec 4)

 CharlieKirk.  Rudy Giuliani Sounds Off On Voter Fraud — The Charlie Kirk Show (Dec 4)

 NBC News*.  House passes historic bill to decriminalize cannabis (Dec 4)

 Fox News*.  LA County sheriff: Deputies won't enforce Newsom's stay-at-home order (Dec 4)

 CNBC*.  Would you be willing to get a Covid vaccine in exchange for a $1,500 stimulus check? (Dec 3)  A Witness Has Alleged that Voting Machine USB Drives Had Totals Altered Overnight in Nevada (Dec 3)  AOC Receives Backlash For Selling $58 "Tax The Rich" Sweatshirt (Dec 3)


 Breitbart.  Trump: AG Bill Barr Hasn’t Found Fraud Because “He Hasn’t Done Anything” (Dec 3)

 American Military News.  Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn tweets call for Trump to declare martial law, order new US election (Dec 3)


 Fox News*.  Biden’s stern warning: ‘You cannot be traveling during … holidays’ (Dec 3)

 Fox News*.  New monolith found in Atascadero, Calif., on mountain (Dec 2)

 CNBC*. Trump Covid vaccine czar says side effects ‘significantly noticeable’ in 10% to 15% of recipients (Dec 1)

 PT News Network.  Dominion Contractor Drops a HUGE testimony in front of MI Senate Committee on Oversight (Dec 1)


 Fox News*.  Barr: DOJ yet to find widespread voter fraud that could have changed 2020 election (Dec 1)

 Brannon Howse.  Exclusive: 3-Star General McInerney Calls For Martial Law, Tribunals & Investigation of Treason (Nov 30)

 PJ Media.  EXPLOSIVE: Michigan Illegally Counted or Ignored 500K Ballots, Lawsuit Claims (Nov 30)

 WND.  Rand Paul points to 4 wild 'data dumps' that put Biden ahead: 'Fraud?' (Nov 30)

 The Epoch Times.  Three Ways America’s Mainstream Media Resemble Communist Media (Nov 30)

 Daily Wire.  Massive Islamic Terrorist Attack In Africa Results In Deaths Of At Least 110 People: Report (Nov 29)

 The Hill.  Airlines set sights on digital passports for COVID-19 vaccine (Nov 28)

 Kevin Kiley Blog.  A Case of First Impression (Nov 28)

 Fox News*.  Utah Rep.-elect Owens knocks Dems for 'hating business owners,' says GOP 'freedom force' will fight back (Nov 28)


 The Blaze.  BBQ restaurant owner defies COVID-19 lockdown, arrested, hit with 13 charges and fines; supporters stand with him (Nov 28)


 The Gateway Pundit.  It’s Happening: Pennsylvania State Legislature Files Resolution — DISPUTES STATEWIDE 2020 ELECTION RESULTS (Nov 27)


 Breitbart.  Donald Trump Calls for Section 230 Repeal as Parler CEO Says Facebook, Twitter ‘Not Neutral Actors’ (Nov 27)

 American Military News.  Photos: Iran’s father of its nuclear program assassinated in explosion and shooting (Nov 27)

 Breitbart.  PA Data Scientist: I "Personally Observed" USB Cards "Uploaded to Voting Machines" "Over 24 Times" (Nov 26)

 Breitbart.  Twitter Blocks ‘Potentially Harmful’ Links to Sidney Powell Election Lawsuit (Nov 25)


 Behold Israel.  IDF Strikes More Iranian-Sponsored Targets in Syria (Nov 25)

 Breitbart.  Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Nominated for Time ‘Person of the Year’ (Nov 25)


 Breitbart.  Trump pardons former national security adviser Michael Flynn (Nov 25)


 Fox News*.  DeSantis extends order preventing Floridians from being penalized over mask violations (Nov 25)

 Breitbart.  Thanksgiving — A Fitting Time to Recall the Mayflower Compact’s Role in Shaping Our Democracy (Nov 25)  Trump Campaign: Legislatures in PA, AZ and MI to Hold Hearings on Voter Fraud (Nov 25)

 Breitbart.  Supreme Court rules against New York’s COVID religious service limits (Nov 25)

 The Washington Times.  Election Fraud to Any Degree Destroys Trust (Nov 24)

 The Jerusalem Post.  Netanyahu meets Saudi crown prince MBS, Pompeo in Saudi Arabia (Nov 24)

 The Federalist.  5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms (Nov 23)

 Politico.  California inmates part of $1B unemployment fraud schemes, prosecutors say (Nov 24)

 Breitbart.  GSA Chief Emily Murphy Details Threats to Her Life, Family, Pets (Nov 23)

 Breitbart.  Joe Biden’s Tax Agenda Could Cost Gun Owners $34 Billion (Nov 23)

 US News.  China Threatens Retaliation Over New U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan (Oct 22)

 PJ Media.  Hunter Biden Email Reportedly Names Kamala Harris, Others as Key Contacts for 'Joint Venture' With China Energy Co. (Oct 22)

 Breitbart.  Emails: Hunter Biden Cut Deals with Shady Now-Defunct ‘House of Cards’ Chinese Company (Oct 19)

 New York Post.  Twitter, Facebook censor Post over Hunter Biden exposé (Oct 14)

 New York Post.  Pols demand answers from Facebook, Twitter over handling of Post’s Biden reporting (Oct 14)

 New York Post.  Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad (Oct 14)


 The Federalist.  CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks (Oct 12)

 Wired.  Silicon Valley Opens Its Wallet for Joe Biden (Oct 6)

 Just The News.  Google accused of censoring conservative videos, pushing right-leaning news low in search results (Sept 23, 2020)

 Fox News*.  Conservative group launches website to battle big tech companies over online censorship (Sept 21, 2020)

 AP News*.  Sweden spared surge of virus cases but many questions remain (Sept 19)


 The Federalist.  New CDC Data On Suicide Shows Americans Can’t Handle Continued Lockdowns (Aug 17)

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