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Our Patriot Partners are organizations, companies, churches and people that align well with our mission.

See Honorary Partners below.

Contact us to partner.


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Support Our Cause and Patriot Partners

We need to unite to save our country, our personal freedom and liberty and the eternal lives of many.

Non-profit organizations and for profit Patriot Partners alike can raise fund for their cause or other CRU Causes. Read below and click here to learn more how to support us and raise funds for your cause or our partner causes.

Patriot Partners can raise funds for their non-profit organization, our cause and partner causes by promoting our sister site This site is focused on providing a personal finance, Investing 101 and Macro Economics education all for only $19.95/year (for a limited time). non-profit partners of Savvy Saver University will earn 30-50% of all membership fees as referred thru their affiliate link or code. Read bottom part of About page or visit SavvySaverU Fundraiser page and review site to learn more.

5 Ways to Support Our Cause, Patriot Partners and Causes


1. Follow/Share/Like our posts on Social Media.


2. Become member of SavvySaverU thru Patriot Partner.

3. Refer Patriots to join our cause and do steps 1-2.

4. Directly contribute to Learn more

5. Become a Gift Matching Partner. Learn more

This is how many small voices, with a common cause and focus become one BIG VOICE to help America revive again.


Our goal is to partner with and promote organizations, companies, churches and people that align well with our mission.

Any of the Honorary Patriot Partners or Partner Causes listed on our site are encouraged to make our partnership official. To do so simply send us an email confirming such. The only thing we ask is that you promote CitizensReUnited on your site and on Social Media as well. We welcome joint press releases, coordinating Social Media, fundraising events and interviews with CRU founder Randy Smith to kick off our partnership. The more Official Patriot Partners we gain, the more people find ministries, churches and connections with other Christians. So each partner that officially joins our network to educate about our Constitution and the evil workings of the Left, the sharing of the Good News and Bible teachings by our Honorary Partner pastors and teachers, the more we are united and the more people will find related sites and ministries thru our site. With such anything is possible to happen with the blessing of the Lord and Believers united behind it all.

Contact us to become a Patriot Partner. We look forward to uniting for purpose of preserving freedom in America, for connecting and calling the Church Body to return to in person fellowship and sharing of the gospel.

Honorary Patriot Partners*

Pastors/Teachers - (P) Prophecy Teacher

Pastor Jack Hibbs (P) Calvary Chapel Chino Hills YouTube Website

Pastor Rob McCoy (P) Godspeak Calvary Chapel YouTube

Pastor Tom Hughes (P) 412 Church YouTube

Pastor James Kaddis (P) Calvary Chapel Signal Hill YouTube

Pastor Barry Stagner (P) Calvary Chapel Tustin YouTube

Pastor Brandon Holthaus (P) Rock Harbor Bakersfield YouTube

Pastor Andy Woods (P) Sugar Land Bible Church YouTube

Pastor Marco Quintana (P) Community Church of Devore YouTube

John Haller (P) Fellowship Bible Chapel YouTube

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti, Discover Ministries (P) YouTube website

Pastor JD Farag, (P) YouTube church website website

Pastor Jurgen Matthesius Awaken Church YouTube

Frank Turek, Apologist, Cross Examined website YouTube

Bob Barber, End Time Dream & Vision (P) website YouTube

Don Stewart (P) Breaking News Live

Jan Markell (P) YouTube Olive Tree Ministries

Amir Tsarfati (P) YouTube website

David Tal  (P) YouTube

Vincent Matthews, President Missions COGIC YouTube  website

Abraham Hamilton III - The Hamilton Corner YouTube website

News Media/Opinion > Political/Religious/Government Policy

Charlie Kirk YouTube TurningPointUSA

Glenn Beck YouTube BlazeTV, GlennBeck

PragerU YouTube

Tucker Carlson website Fox News - Tucker Carlson Tonight

Candice Owens YouTube

Ben Shapiro YouTube website

Larry Elder YouTube

Mark Levin

Cheryl Chumley, Online Opinion Editor, Washington  Times

Liz Wheeler, OAN Network News YouTube website

NewsMax YouTube Website

Right Side Broadcasting Network YouTube

Breitbart News Network YouTube Website

One America News Network YouTube Website

The Epoch Times YouTube Website

The Daily Wire YouTube  website

The Federalist YouTube website

AM 870 The Answer website

Newsbusters website

PJ Media website

Hal Turner Radio Show website

Brannon Howse YouTube  website

Just The News, by John Solomon website

WND YouTube Website

The Jerusalem Post website

The Common Sense Show YouTube Website 

Christian Broadcasting Network YouTube

US and State Representatives (Former/Current)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz Gov Website  Personal Website

Texas US Rep Louie Gohmert Gov Website

California US Rep Tom McClintock Gov Website

Florida US Rep Matt Gaetz Website

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Gov Website  Personal Website

Michele Bachmann, Former US Representative, Minnesota

Senator Shannon Grove, California's 16th Dist. Gov website

Senator Melissa Melendez, California's 28th Dist. Gov website

Senator Ling Ling Chang, California's 29th Dist. Gov website

Patriots Partners for God, Country, Family, Law and Order and Ministry to America and the World

Sydney Powell, on Legal Team for President Trump website

Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America's Frontline Doctors website

Heritage Action Youtube website

Tony Perkins Southern Poverty Law Center  Family Research Council

Franklin Graham, President and CEO

Samaritan's Purse Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Cissie Graham Lynch Youtube Facebook website

Michael Medved, The American Miracle, Radio Show Host  website

Dr. James Dobson Youtube website

David J. Harris, Jr Youtube Facebook

Seth Gruber, a Voice for the Unborn website

Dinesh D-Souza website

Dr. Judy Mikovits website

Eric Metaxas, Radio Show Host/Speaker  website YouTube

William J Federer, Author

Curtis Bowers, Author, Speaker about Socialism Youtube

Kirk Cameron website

Ryan Higgins, Co-Creator of Non-Essential Event website

Pacific Justice Institute website 

Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO, First Liberty website

Trevor Loudon The Enemies Within The Epoch Times

Real Impact YouTube website

Town Hall Central Facebook Page

Calvary Chapel Magazine website

*Official Patriot Partner names highlighted in bold.

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